Why We Believe .XYZ Domain is The New .COM

Why We Believe .XYZ Domain is The New .COM

At Hostinger, our company mission is to provide our 29 million customers in 178 across countries across the world with complete freedom of online expression. Over the last decade, we have succeeded in fulfilling our goal year-in-year-out by providing our users with the fastest web hosting around at unbeaten prices.

As a business, we gravitate towards the innovators who are transforming the Internet into a creative hotbed for everyone. Furthermore, we want to build on our existing relationships with companies who keep their prices low to ensure nobody with an Internet connection is excluded. In short, Hostinger surrounds itself with those who share our vision of how and what the Internet should be: accessible, inclusive, and a space for learning.

In line with our idea that the Internet should be a space for everyone, one company that we believe shares our vision is the .XYZ domain registry.

With the .XYZ domain name available from just $0.99, we would absolutely recommend it to our Hostinger customers who are interested in taking their first steps towards buying a premium domain name, and/or are currently considering what domain name to choose.

Made available for the general public in June 2014, the .XYZ domain was created by then 27 year-old Internet Marketer Daniel Negari. It was designed to break into the generic top-level domain business, or gTLDs, and provide an alternative to the .com domain. This desire was motivated by the fact that while the internet may sometimes seem like an infinite space for creativity (or cat memes, if that’s your thing!), it’s not.

Daniel Negari and Arnas Stuopelis
Daniel Negari and Arnas Stuopelis

Much like in the offline world, Internet real estate is growing increasingly limited. This is partly down to the fact that up to 99 percent of .com addresses domain users search for have been gradually taken over the decades. This presents problems for new domain users – such as those using Hostinger services – who simply want to take their first steps in building a website, start a programming project, or do whatever they want online – all they want to do is to give their online baby an easy-to-find address.

xyz infographic

Yet for Negari, the .XYZ meaning is more than a solution to the problem of an increasing lack of domain space. Writing on his personal blog, Daniel explains that the .com domain is associated with the first generation of online innovators. “We [the next generation of internet entrepreneurs and innovators] deserve the chance to have a short, memorable, and affordable domain name too,” he wrote.

The message of .XYZ representing self-determination, affordability, and a step into the future has clearly resonating with Generation Y and Z, of which Daniel and the bulk of our users are. In the article “Thanks to Google’s Alphabet, .XYZ Will End .com Dominance” Wired reported that .XYZ was getting 3,000 new registrants per-day and was on-track to exceed 10,000 after the time of writing.

The ultimate validation of .XYZ’s forward thinking came in 2015 when Google reorganized its interests to become a conglomerate called Alphabet and used the ABC.XYZ domain as its URL. Hostinger believes that should Google adopt Daniel’s brand, then users who are considering purchasing a .XYZ domain need not worry about web search rankings – as we wrote in the previous blog post about why we use a certain method adapted from Montessori schools in our peer reviews, “if it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for us!”

If you are an existing Hostinger customer and you have any questions about choosing the right domain name, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help you!

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Daugirdas Jankus / @daugirdasjankus

Chief Marketing Officer @ Hostinger

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John Waddell Reply

February 26, 2020

Hi guys. Does Hostinger have anyone set up in Japan to deal with Japanese-language based potential and existing customers? I am a New Zealander who has been here in the Tokyo area for over half my life . I look forward to your emailed reply.


    Andrius S.

    Replied on March 18, 2020

    Hello John! You can check out our plans at hostinger.jp. And our Customer Success team is here to help with any more questions if needed.


webs.coupons Reply

March 28, 2018

Thank you!


Firmadi Libra Reply

January 21, 2018

in my country Indonesia, domain .xyz only $ 1

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