7 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins: In-Depth Review + Pros and Cons 

7 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins: In-Depth Review + Pros and Cons 

eCommerce websites can be challenging to set up as they require specific features. While many dedicated eCommerce platforms are available, installing a WordPress plugin is easy.

WordPress eCommerce plugins have all the features to transform your site into an online store. If you are already familiar with WordPress, setting up an eCommerce store will be straightforward. All you have to do is pick the right one.

This article discusses the seven best WordPress eCommerce plugins and the critical factors you must consider when choosing one.

What to Look For in a WordPress eCommerce Plugin?

The top WordPress eCommerce plugins generally come with essential features like product management, shopping cart function, and a checkout system.

Other included features may vary depending on the plugin. Therefore, it’s important to check all the features to decide if it’s the right eCommerce plugin for you.

WordPress users should consider these crucial aspects when choosing an eCommerce plugin:

  • Payment integration. The plugin should have payment gateway support. Some plugins offer extensions to add more payment gateway options.
  • Product types. Every WordPress eCommerce plugin may support different product types, for example, physical goods, digital downloads, or services. Some plugins support multiple product types, giving more flexibility to your WordPress store.
  • Add-ons and integration with other plugins. Add-ons let you install extra features for your eCommerce store. Meanwhile, compatibility with email marketing and analytics plugins helps grow your online business.
  • Analytics. Many WordPress eCommerce plugins come with built-in analytics and report tools. These let you track your business performance from the plugin dashboard.
  • Support. Well-written documentation, a support team, and an interactive forum are useful when you encounter an issue with the plugin.

Top 7 WordPress eCommerce Plugins

We’ve picked the seven best eCommerce WordPress plugins.

All these plugins have the core functionality for online payments and shopping carts. However, their other features vary to suit different kinds of eCommerce stores.

1. WooCommerce

The banner of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 5+ million
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Best for: all eCommerce purposes
  • Price: free (optional add-ons start from $6/month)

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. The core plugin provides plenty of eCommerce features to build a fully-functional online store. You can always extend its features with the premium add-ons.

Since WooCommerce is a widely used eCommerce solution, many hosting providers provide dedicated WooCommerce hosting for easy and quick setup.

The plugin’s setup wizard helps you set up a WooCommerce store. Simply follow the steps and enter the required details. Next, install the optional tools if you need them and choose an eCommerce theme. Finally, your eCommerce website is ready.

WooCommerce setup wizard, showing the store details fields

This free plugin is compatible with physical, digital, and membership products – making it a very versatile platform. You can also combine physical and digital products in one listing.

Use the included WooCommerce blocks to add product listings to any post or page. Use the All Products block to display all listings. Or, group your listings using blocks like Product by Category, Newest Products, and Best Selling Products.

WordPress block editor interface, showing the available WooCommerce blocks

One downside to using WooCommerce for digital downloads is the shipping address requirement during checkout. This adds an unnecessary step to the purchase.

WooCommerce developers created the WordPress Storefront theme to ease the process of setting up a WooCommerce store. The theme also minimizes incompatibility risks with other plugins and extensions.

Various Storefront child themes are available, so you can find one that suits your online store best.

Key Features

  • Compatible with both physical and digital products. You can also combine both product types in one listing
  • Built-in analytics
  • The Storefront WordPress theme and its many child theme options
  • Setup wizard


  • Only supports WooCommerce Payment. Requires add-ons to use other payment gateways
  • Requires a shipping address when buying digital items, which is often unnecessary


2. Easy Digital Downloads

The banner of the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress eCommerce plugin

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 50,000+
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Best for: selling digital downloads
  • Price: freemium (paid plans start from $99.50/year)

Easy Digital Downloads is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin to sell digital products. It’s perfect for online stores selling eBooks, music, or software.

There are plenty of options to add new listings. For example, you can add one or multiple products to a download listing.

Easy Digital Downloads' Add New Product page, showing download price and file configuration options.

This feature is helpful for selling products with multiple versions, like software. When embedded in a post or page, visitors can choose which product version to purchase.

A sample post showing multiple products added with Easy Digital Downloads

Another key feature is bundle downloads, which lets buyers add multiple products into a single download. This is useful when offering product bundles for a special price.

Easy Digital Downloads' Add New Product page, showing product bundle option

Access the built-in analytics feature from the plugin’s dashboard to see various reports. You can see the store performance by earnings, downloads, and payment methods. Download logs are also available.

Easy Digital Downloads' reports page, showing the graph section and display options.

The customer management feature lets you track your customers without an additional extension. You can track how many purchases each customer made and how much they spent.

The plugin supports Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon payment gateways. Various extensions are available to add more payment options, including the ones from third-party developers.

Upgrade to the Personal Pass plan at $99.50/year to get email marketing tools and email support. You can also opt for the Professional Pass plan at $299.50/year to get full-fledged eCommerce features like marketplace functionality, checkout fields manager, and wishlists.

Key Features

  • Integrated payment support for PayPal and Stripe
  • Customer management panel
  • Built-in download and transaction report
  • Extension options to expand functionality


  • Only works for digital downloads


3. BigCommerce for WordPress

The banner of the BigCommerce WordPress plugin

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Best for: integrating BigCommerce with WordPress
  • Price: free (requires a BigCommerce account)

BigCommerce is a managed eCommerce platform that offers a headless solution. That means the eCommerce infrastructure will be on the BigCommerce platform, keeping it separate from WordPress core.

In essence, this plugin doesn’t add the eCommerce functionality to WordPress, as BigCommerce provides the framework for that. Instead, it connects your BigCommerce account to your WordPress website, where you can create the online store.

Therefore, this plugin requires an existing BigCommerce account to set up and manage the back-end of your eCommerce site. Alternatively, create a BigCommerce account from your WordPress dashboard after installing the plugin.

BigCommerce plugin dashboard, showing the initial setup page

Once your WordPress site and BigCommerce account are connected, you must add the products, prices, and details from the BigCommerce platform. Then, use the BigCommerce product blocks to embed the product listing easily on a WordPress page.

You must use the BigCommerce dashboard instead of WordPress to manage various aspects of the store. It includes many tools and features to build an excellent online store.

BigCommerce main dashboard, showing the product management panel

The marketing tools let you create promotions and offer discount codes to improve conversion rates. Meanwhile, abandoned cart emails minimize the risk of losing potential sales.

BigCommerce has a comprehensive analytics tool where you can view real-time data, like the purchase funnel reports and customers’ purchase history.

Key Features

  • All BigCommerce blocks make it easy to embed content from BigCommerce to any WordPress post or page
  • Supports various currencies and payment gateways
  • A solid eCommerce platform with plenty of advanced features and tools


  • Requires a BigCommerce account which starts at $29.95/month


4. Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart

The banner of the Ecwid WordPress plugin

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 30,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Best for: integrating the Ecwid eCommerce platform to WordPress
  • Price: free (requires an Ecwid account)

Ecwid is a software as a service (SaaS) eCommerce platform that works well if you want to integrate your online store with WordPress and use various social media platforms as sales channels. This plugin integrates the eCommerce platform into your WordPress website in a few clicks.

Unlike BigCommerce, the Ecwid plugin imports all the dashboard and configuration panels into WordPress – including product management, sales channels, and payment configuration.

Ecwid plugin dashboard, showing the initial setup checklist and store reports

Ecwid has a built-in Google Ads configuration panel that makes setting up an advertising campaign and selecting a Google Ads package easy.

The analytics tool requires a third-party app, but you can install it easily from the dashboard. Moreover, a free analytics app from Kliken is also available.

When it comes to online payments, Ecwid supports Stripe, Square, and Paypal. This plugin also supports manual payments, such as bank transfers, cash on delivery, and checks.

You can use both the Ecwid eCommerce platform and the plugin for free. However, the premium plans integrate with social media stores, like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. Mobile point-of-sale and Amazon integration also require a premium plan.

Key Features

  • Complete Ecwid panel integration to WordPress
  • Built-in Google Ads configuration panel
  • Both the plugin and the eCommerce platform can be used for free


  • Requires an Ecwid account
  • The configuration panel can be intimidating for beginners


5. MemberPress

The homepage of the MemberPress WordPress plugin

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 29,000+
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Best for: membership WordPress sites
  • Price: $15-$35/month

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin for creating a paid membership website. While it’s different from other eCommerce plugins in this list, it’s great for selling digital content, courses, or downloadables through a membership business model.

The plugin supports multiple pricing plans for the membership program, so you can apply any payment model that suits you best. It also has unlimited access rules, letting you block access to pages, posts, and other content based on membership tier.

The plugin uses a custom post type to create a pricing page. There are plenty of built-in page themes for the pricing table, but you can use custom CSS to match it with the overall website design.

The automated billing system reminds users when it’s time to renew their membership. The system will automatically revoke memberships if renewal fees aren’t paid.

The plugin comes with PayPal and Stripe integration. More options are available on the add-ons library, including Authorize.net, Paystack, and China Payments Plugin.

Other add-ons can also improve your membership site. For example, Cancel Override redirects customers who want to cancel their membership to a custom landing page. Here, you can offer discounts or free trials.

Key Features

  • Automated billing system and membership revocation
  • Plenty of additional features in the add-on library
  • Unlimited access rules to manage membership access to content
  • Custom post type for the pricing page


  • Limited to Stripe and PayPal payments. There aren’t many payment gateway add-ons available


6. Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store by WP EasyCart

The banner of the WP EasyCart WordPress plugin

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 6,000+
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Best for: selling different product types easily
  • Price: freemium (starts from $89/year)

WP EasyCart is a powerful WordPress eCommerce plugin that utilizes a unique plugin dashboard. It includes a comprehensive report so that you can see how your store is performing at a glance. There are also ways to customize your reports to display the data to your liking.

The basic free version limits you to retail, service, tickets, and online course product types. It also applies a 2% application fee for each transaction.

Upgrading to the premium version will remove the application fee and unlock more product options, including membership and digital downloads.

Adding new product entries in WP EasyCart is simple. Instead of using a dedicated admin page, the plugin lets you enter the product details from a sidebar pop-up. This creates a better user experience when adding products multiple times.

WP EasyCart dashboard, showing the Create a Product panel

The free version of WP EasyCart supports PayPal, Stripe, and Square payment gateways. You can get 30+ payment service provider options with the premium version.

The plugin’s settings panel provides plenty of configuration options, including design tools to customize the store’s colors, product details, product page, and cart designs. You can also add custom CSS for all WP EasyCart pages.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive dashboard with excellent user experience
  • Supports a wide range of product types
  • Built-in diagnostic tools


  • Imposes an additional 2% fee per transaction on the free version


7. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

The banner of the eCommerce Product Catalog WordPress plugin.

Plugin stats:

  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Best for: creating product catalogs with eCommerce functionality
  • Price: freemium (paid plans start from $49/year)

eCommerce Product Catalog is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. It offers various ways to transform your WordPress site into a product catalog. When setting up the plugin, you have four options:

  • Web store. Displays a product catalog with an enabled shopping cart feature for selling products directly from the website. Choose this to create an eCommerce site.
  • Inquiry catalog. Enables the quote cart feature to let visitors ask for prices. It’s helpful if you have tailored pricing for each customer.
  • Affiliate catalog. Sets up the affiliate button to let visitors click on the affiliate products.
  • Simple catalog. Preview products with no transaction functionality.

You can use the classic or block editor to edit product entries. If you are more familiar with the block editor, you can fully utilize WordPress blocks to write compelling product descriptions.

There are three display options for the catalog design – modern grid, classic list, and classic grid. You can define the grid layout’s number of products and categories per row.

eCommerce Product Catalog dashboard, showing the catalog design settings.

This plugin includes five blocks for inserting the catalog and categories into a post or page. Use the Show Catalog block to display all the product listings in a simple catalog.

WordPress post editor interface, showing the use of Show Catalog block

You need to purchase a specific extension to install a payment gateway unless you get the most expensive Professional plan, which costs $399/year. The Professional plan also unlocks access to all premium extensions, including ones yet to be released.

Key Features

  • Various catalog mode options
  • Built-in design tool
  • Classic and block editor options are available for editing product entries


  • Requires a premium extension to set up a payment gateway if you’re not using the Professional plan



WordPress eCommerce plugins make it easy to run an online store using the content management system.

While these plugins have essential functions for eCommerce sites, choosing the right WordPress eCommerce plugin for your business can still be challenging. Each plugin has a different set of additional features.

To recap, here are our picks for the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress and what they are most suitable for:

  1. WooCommerce is the best overall eCommerce plugin for WordPress, especially for eCommerce stores with multiple product types.
  2. Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect eCommerce plugin for selling digital goods like eBooks, online courses, and media files.
  3. BigCommerce WordPress plugin integrates BigCommerce to WordPress but requires a BigCommerce account. Therefore, it’s best for when you want to use BigCommerce functionality in the WordPress ecosystem to manage the website’s front-end.
  4. Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart integrates the Ecwid eCommerce platform to WordPress. It brings all Ecwid eCommerce panels and its features to WordPress. This is an excellent option if you want a free eCommerce solution.
  5. MemberPress is the best eCommerce plugin for selling content through membership subscriptions.
  6. Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store by WP EasyCart offers a unique user interface and comprehensive plugin dashboard for a better user experience.
  7. eCommerce Product Catalog is one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins for creating product catalogs that can be easily upgraded with online payment features.

Remember that most of these WordPress eCommerce plugins have a free version, so try them out before deciding which one to use for your site. We also recommend using a staging site when testing any plugin before implementing it on the live website.

Leave a comment to let us know your favorite eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

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