Best 9 WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Best 9 WordPress Newsletter Plugins

WordPress newsletters are great for sending content directly to subscribers’ emails. Your subscribers are already interested in what you have to offer. So if you launch a new product, or release new content, you’re marketing it directly to your target audience! To make the job easier, we listed our nine favorite WordPress newsletter plugins.

Before starting, you should know that newsletters are different from an RSS feed. Newsletters send exclusive content to people who are on your mailing list, while RSS only informs them about new posts.

The Best 9 WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Running a newsletter service requires both an email marketing plugin and a form builder. We’ll walk you through the list and help you choose the best WordPress newsletter plugin.

1. Sleeknote

sleeknote email marketing
Type: Email marketing
Standout feature: Advanced page-specific targeting
Price: Free (7 days), Basic ($57), Plus ($112), Pro ($265), Premium ($435), Enterprise ($647) *per month

Sleeknote comes packed with building tools for your email marketing. With its advanced page-specific targeting, you can display personalized on-page messages to particular visitors on your site.

Take a step further and easily target users based on where they fit in your marketing funnel. Use Sleeknote to hide from subscribers as well. Avoid annoying your visitors by hiding campaigns from your existing subscribers.

Be on top of the game by checking your analytics and insights. Easily track your performance and calculate how much your emails are worth.  The interface makes it easy to track the performance of each campaign by views, leads, and conversion rates.

Take advantage of the Use Case features and offer hot deals and discounts, competitions and giveaways, or simply upgrade your content.

2. Newsletter

wordpress newsletter plugin
Type: Email marketing
Standout feature: Fair pricing plans (powerful free plan)
Price: Free, Blogger ($65), Agency ($249) *one time

It’s in the name! The WordPress newsletter plugin offers everything for a newsletter campaign. With its drag-and-drop composer, you can create the content, send unlimited newsletters, and track the results with ease.

You can also send automated notifications about new content. However, make sure that it doesn’t overlap with your RSS Feed.

The newsletter plugin is free unless you need premium features: 1-year support, multiple site integration, and 18+ pro extensions.

Bear in mind that this plugin is an email marketing service. That means you will have to install another plugin to create a call-to-action form. By default, it is integrated with Contact Form 7. You can easily switch to other form platforms if you need to.

The plugin is continuously evolving, with new features always on the horizon. In the meantime, create your subscription form, place it as a widget, and watch the number go up!

3. MailChimp for WordPressmailchimp plugin for wordpress

Type: Email marketing
Standout feature: All-in-one feature, great community support
Price: Free, Pro ($10), Grow ($199) *per month

MailChimp is known for its email builder, which lets you create stunning templates easily. However, this plugin is more than a pretty face. Without leaving its panel, you can create various marketing tools – templates for social media ads, landing pages, postcards, and subscription forms.

The WordPress newsletter plugin integrates well with other form builder platforms like Ninja Forms, BuddyPress, and Event Manager. It also allows customization by modifying code snippets, some of which are available in the Github repository page. For further assistance, the online community is always willing to help.

MailChimp is free for lists up to 2000 subscribers, which is perfect if you’re just starting. The free plan offers technical features like A/B testing and basic segmentation. If you go premium, you’ll be rewarded with more support channels and advanced segmentation.

4. Jackmail Newslettersjackmail newsletter plugin

Type: Email marketing
Standout feature: Built-in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Price: Free (3000 emails/month), Premium ($39-$389/year), Business ($429-$779/year)

The Jackmail Newsletters WordPress newsletter plugin allows you to access all of its features directly from your Dashboard. You don’t need to use an Email Service Provider either, as the plugin has its own SMTP service. Managing newsletters with this plugin will be fast and easy.

You’ll get 48 free newsletter templates which can be modified through its builder. Campaign management is also well arranged. You can replicate any successful past campaigns.

There’s no need to get overwhelmed with statistics either. The analytics feature shows easy to understand reports.

You can send up to 3000 emails per month using the free plan. The more you pay, the more emails you can send, ranking up to 600.000 emails per month.

Other notable free features are contact management, automated workflow, and an intuitive form builder. However, you have to go premium for in-depth analysis options and priority support. A/B testing is not available in both plans.

5. OptinMonster

optinmonster plugin for wordpress
Type: Form builder
Standout feature: Beautiful templates, advanced features, solid track record
Price: Basic ($9), Plus (19$), Pro ($29), Growth ($49) *per month

OptinMonster is a WordPress newsletter plugin that gives you both form and function.

It helps create various visually stunning forms – popups, slide-ins, sidebar widgets, and more. No coding required as it uses an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

The plugin uses exit-intent technology. It tracks user mouse behavior and displays the form before they leave the page. Not sure which form to use? Conduct an A/B test. You can also set up targeting parameters to narrow down your audience.

In contrast to the previous, this plugin is a form builder. You will have to integrate it with an email marketing plugin if you want to run a newsletter campaign. Luckily, it works well with almost anything.

The plugin boasts that it can increase conversion rates up to 785%. With 780.000+ users and a Fortune 500 portfolio, it’s hard not to believe the claim!

6. Icegram

icegram plugin for wordpress
Type: Form builder
Standout feature: Easy to use, no brand name attached, flexible customization
Price: Free, Pro ($97), Max ($147) *per year

Icegram specializes in creating beautiful opt-in forms and call-to-action buttons. The default available options are popup forms, header/footer bars, toast notification, and slide-in messengers. Everything can be done without coding. But, if you’re a power user, the sky is the only limit.

Remember that the Icegram WordPress newsletter plugin is a form builder, so you will need an email marketing plugin to send newsletters. The developer provides you with 2 recommended companions, namely Email Subscriber (newsletter service) and Rainmaker (template builder).

Many people choose Icegram’s free plan because of how easy it is to use. In addition, the plugin won’t show the usual “powered by brand name” line anywhere on your form. While targeting options are also available for free, A/B testing and exit-intent are only available with Pro and Max plans.

7. Popup Builder

popup builder plugin for wordpress
Type: Form builder
Standout feature: a built-in newsletter management panel
Price: Starter ($49.95), Business ($99.95), Agency ($199.95) *per year

If you use popup forms frequently, consider using this WordPress newsletter plugin. Despite not having a free plan, Popup Builder rewards you with extensive options and premium add-ons like video popups iframe popups, and contact popups.

Not only does it let you create stunning designs, but it also adds animated effects. You can set your popups to appear after your preferred time period or scroll length. More importantly, it has a built-in newsletter feature – you won’t need to use any email marketing plugins.

Each pricing plan differs in the number of sites you can install this plugin to. You will get all the features and extensions in each plan, including Advanced Closing, Advanced Targeting, and Analytics.

8. Thrive Leads

thrive leads plugin for wordpress

Type: Form builder
Standout feature: Powerful built-in features (Thrive Architect, SmartLinks)
Price: 1 license ($67), 5 licences ($97), 15 licences ($147) *one time

Thrive Leads was designed based on the best conversion and growth hacking practices. Using its targeting features, you can expect to gain significant growth in no time.

The WordPress newsletter plugin’s special builder, called Thrive Architect, focuses on both aesthetics and user experience. Designing professional looking forms will be easy – you can choose one of 10 available models, with each being customizable. The A/B testing feature is equally easy to use, with it you can test your design, content, triggers, and form types.

Furthermore, the SmartLinks feature can differentiate your visitors – whether they have subscribed or haven’t. The form shown to each group will then be different. Regarding campaign management, Thrive Leads integrates perfectly with 30 newsletter services, including MailChimp and Google.

9. WP Subscribe Pro

wp source pro plugin for wordpress
Type: Form builder
Standout feature: lightweight, has a popup trigger control and popup animations, unlimited colors and high customization
Price: $19.00 *one time

WP Subscribe Pro should be your choice if you prioritize the price-to-value ratio above everything else.

This WordPress newsletter plugin is cheaper than most competitors but still is a strong contender. It is built for optimum speed. The fact that it is compatible with many caching plugins will make it even faster. Then, it’s one of the few builders which encourage the use of SEO. As a result, the rise in traffic should be expected, especially if you combine it with some SEO plugins.

The plugin also won’t let you down in the design department. Beautiful designs and animated effects are available. You can also set the trigger and time settings for your form, so it won’t be intrusive. Although A/B testing is not provided, you can still preview how your form looks before going live.

The best thing is, they’re currently distributing the plugin for free for WordPress users.


WordPress can be a great platform for creating and sending newsletters. You can get everything from subscription forms to mailing services in a single package, or pick and choose different plugins for that perfect mix.  The key is knowing what you need.

Now, which plugins should you choose? Let us summarize.

Email marketing plugins

  • Sleeknote. Use the advanced page-specific targeting for personalized marketing to your sites’ visitors.
  • MailChimp. The top of mind email marketing service. If you’re fine with its price, this is the all-in-one option.
  • Jackmail Newsletters. This WordPress newsletter plugin is a great all-in-one solution that provides all the features even in the free version. You do get a limited number of emails you can send with the free plan.
  • Newsletter. This is perfect for a beginner, as it comes with both solid features and cheaper price plans.

Form builders

  • OptinMonster. The most well-rounded choice for general use. A flexible and easy to learn option.
  • Icegram. If you want to easily create beautiful designs without any brand names tagged on it, this should be your choice. Pro users can further optimization in the settings.
  • Popup builder. The built-in newsletter panel will eliminate the need for installing another plugin. Pick this if you want to keep it simple.
  • Thrive Leads. Known for unique targeting features, this is recommended for anyone whose main concern is conversion.
  • WP Subscribe Pro. For the budget-conscious starters, this plugin will save you a lot of money without losing any important features.

There you go, we’ve guided you through our favorite WordPress newsletter plugins. Now, it is your turn to start building that email list!

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