37 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes to Skyrocket Your Online Sales

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Choosing the best WordPress eCommerce theme for your business can be challenging since thousands of WordPress themes exist on the market. All of them offer powerful features and stunning designs – your job is to find the one that best suits your needs. 

To make this process easier, we’ll show you 37 of the best eCommerce WordPress themes that can help you boost your sales

We will also provide you with some tips and a checklist of must-have features your new theme should come with.

Why Do You Need an eCommerce Theme?

An eCommerce theme can have a direct impact on your sales. It only takes around 0.05 seconds for your site’s visitors to decide whether they want to stay or leave your online store

Therefore, it’s essential to impress them with an attractive design and a smooth shopping experience quickly. If you use WordPress, those two goals can be achieved by installing an eCommerce theme.

What’s more, building an online store using an eCommerce theme doesn’t require any coding knowledge. You can do it yourself without hiring a web designer or developer, which can save the cost for building a website.

There are two types of WordPress themes – free and premium. Here is a list of 15 best eCommerce WordPress themes that are free.

Top 15 Free WordPress eCommerce Themes

Free WordPress eCommerce themes have no hidden prices. They may have fewer features and updates, but free themes are sufficient to help you start your first eCommerce store.

1. Astra

Astra WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 1,200,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of online business
  • Price: free (premium version available from $59/year to $523/year)

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce themes currently available. It’s compatible with many page builders, including Elementor, Visual Composer, and Beaver Builder. 

This theme is highly customizable and has various eCommerce templates, catering to multiple eCommerce market niches. Astra also comes with many add-ons and custom widgets to add more features to your site.

As a lightweight theme, Astra has a super-fast performance – it loads in less than 0.5 seconds

This theme allows you to create a multilingual website so that you can reach more potential global customers. Translate any language with .po and .mo files so that people in various regions can view your website in their own language.


2. Leto

Leto WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 2,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: beginners, eCommerce stores with lean inventory
  • Price: free (premium version available for $59/year)

Leto is a WordPress theme with a simple design that’s perfect for beginners. It may not have lots of customization options, but it has essential eCommerce features and built-in WordPress widgets that can help your store to be up-and-running in no time. 

The first time visitors come to your online store, they will immediately see a big header image, which you can use to showcase your promotions or sale announcements.

This theme also includes free access to a selection of Google Fonts to help your site load quicker and look better. 


3. Rife Free

Rife Free WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 30,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: fashion or design stores
  • Price: free (premium version available from $39/year to $219/year)

Rife Free is one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes on the market for fashion and design stores. It’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme that mainly aims at online businesses that require many visual elements. 

Its compatibility with WooCommerce serves well for an eCommerce store, and its selection of seven design demos provides an excellent base for customization.

The Live Preview feature allows you to see the changes you make to your site in real-time. It also makes it possible to schedule changes for future releases, helping you organize new product launches and other significant events more effectively.

You can also upgrade to Rife Pro to get more advanced features, like a custom HTML 404 page – one of the often-overlooked parts of a website.


4. SparkleStore

SparkleStore WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: free (premium version available from $59/year to $399/year)

SparkleStore theme can be fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin to turn any website into an online store. 

This WordPress WooCommerce theme is suitable for any kind of product, ranging from retail to digital downloads. It can also serve a more comprehensive audience range, thanks to its compatibility with multilingual plugins and RTL (right to left) language support. 

SparkleStore’s compatibility with the Gutenberg block editor as well as page builder plugins like Elementor, and Beaver Builder, allows for easier and faster store customization. SparkleStore also offers lifetime updates and advanced support without additional charge, ensuring your site to be up-to-date and secure at all times.


5. Shops

  • Downloads: 400+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: free (premium version available for $39/license)

Shops is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. It’s compatible with Gutenberg, making it easier for you to customize your eCommerce site straight from your WordPress dashboard. 

This theme also supports the WooCommerce plugin. It offers adequate customization, including a header logo to show your brand’s identity and a back-to-top button that helps your customers quickly get back to your site’s top.

A premium version is available with advanced features, such as product zoom for a closer look at your products, parallax image options for a more attractive home page, and a testimonials section to provide social proof for your potential customers.


6. OceanWP

Ocean WP WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 3,400,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: free (premium version available from $39/license to $129/license

OceanWP can cater to any industry as it has outstanding built-in eCommerce features that can be a great asset to any online shop. This WordPress theme is WooCommerce-ready and is compatible with eight different page builders.

OceanWP theme is also incredibly fast, fully responsive, and retina-ready – qualities that can significantly improve the user experience. 

You can enhance the customer’s buying journey by using features like a Floating Add to Cart Bar, and an ever-present Add to Cart button. 


7. Sydney

Sydney WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: stores that need extra customization 
  • Price: free (premium version available for $59/year)

Sydney is a business theme that can cater to any eCommerce website’s needs. 

This WordPress eCommerce theme offers lots of customization options and gives you access to the entire library of Google Fonts. The theme options panel also allows you to change your eCommerce site’s appearance by changing the theme layout and colors.

Sydney provides a sticky header that helps your customers reach the menu bar and shopping cart at any time during their shopping journey since it will always be visible at the top.

It also includes social media features in the form of social icons so that your site visitors can find you on other platforms. 

Both free and premium versions include regular updates, covering bug fixes and new features. The premium version also includes shop demos and access to 24/7 customer support.


8. Castell

Castell WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 100+
  • Best suited for: stores that only require necessary customization
  • Price: free

Castell is designed primarily for corporations and agencies. However, its multiple-section homepage can also display selections of products, so it’s possible to use this multi-purpose WordPress theme for an eCommerce store as well. 

Castell theme is fast and completely free of charge. Its simple design includes lots of customization options, allowing you to adjust theme elements such as the background, page layout, and slider to suit your preferences.

Castell supports all popular WordPress plugins, including the WooCommerce plugin. It also comes with some SEO features to help you improve your site’s search engine ranking.


9. Storeship

Storeship WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 600+
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: free (premium version available from $59/license to $599/license)

Storeship is a versatile WooCommerce WordPress theme. Its sleek design is suitable for eCommerce stores within various industries, ranging from fashion clothing to online food stores. 

This theme supports live editing with its own customizer, where you can see the changes taking place as you’re making them. It’s also fully responsive, meaning it looks just as good on mobile phones as on desktops.

Storeship shows Add to Cart buttons on hover, so buyers can add the items to their cart right away without leaving the product pages. It also offers the option within the theme options panel to show a secure payment badge. This will assure the visitors that transactions on your website are safe and protected.


10. Woostify

woostify WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 8,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: multi-vendor stores
  • Price: free (premium version available from $49/year to $129/year)

Woostify is a lightweight WordPress theme that’s fully compatible with multi-vendor plugins, like Dokan and WCFM Marketplace. These plugins allow you to display items from multiple vendors in your store, making this theme an ideal solution for an online marketplace.

Woostify is built on a modular architecture, allowing you to disable the modules you don’t want to use to improve your site’s speed. It also supports custom widgets and product swatches, enabling customers to see their favorite products in the exact colors available.


11. ShoppingCart

Shopping Cart WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: shops with numerous product categories
  • Price: free (premium version available from $59/year to $99/year)

ShoppingCart is an extensive eCommerce WordPress theme. It offers easy-to-use customization settings, such as multiple social and navigation menus, logo display options, and a large variety of widgets.

In terms of social media features, this theme has various social icons that allow people to share your products and follow your social accounts.

However, to get access to quick support, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium plan.


12. Zigcy Lite

Zigcy WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 3,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: online stores with clean design
  • Price: free (premium version available for $50/license)

Zigcy Lite is a flexible WordPress WooCommerce theme that is suitable for building any type of eCommerce store. 

With its Customizer feature, you can preview your site live as you build it. It currently has five built-in demos that you can import with just one click. It’s also compatible with a large number of plugins that can improve your eCommerce site.

The slider and promo section of Zigcy Lite can help you highlight your products that are currently on sale. However, this theme’s free WordPress version doesn’t include a search function within the control panel and is instead available in the premium version.


13. Zakra

Zakra WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 50,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: free (premium version available from $69/year to $299/year)

Zakra theme provides more than 50 pre-built design demos – an abundant number of free theme options. 

It’s a lightweight eCommerce WordPress theme that is already integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. The focus of Zakra is two of the most critical qualities for an eCommerce site – speed and excellent shopping experience.

Zakra is also AMP-ready, which means your website is mobile-optimized right away. This feature is something that search engines favor when it comes to ranking for SERPs. 

The menu layout design for mobile devices is also highly customizable, but you need to upgrade to the premium version to access this feature.


14. GeneratePress

Generate Press WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 3,100,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: free (premium version available for $59/year)

GeneratePress is a lightweight eCommerce WordPress theme that emphasizes speed and usability. A default install of this theme is only 10 KB, which means it won’t be a burden on your page’s loading times. 

GeneratePress also supports accessibility features based on WCAG 2.0 standards, enabling more people with various disabilities to browse your online store. 

The free version of GeneratePress doesn’t include any demo designs that can save you a big chunk of time to build your website. However, they are available with the premium version. 


15. ChocoWP

ChocoWP WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 200+
  • Best suited for: food and beverage stores
  • Price: free, subscription-based additional plugins

ChocoWP is a WordPress eCommerce theme that best suits online food and beverage stores. 

It comes with WooCommerce integration, enabling you to turn your website into an online store with ease. ChocoWP is also bundled with the Elementor page builder and various widgets, making it easier for you to edit and manage your content and design.

You can apply an animation effect on your header, which can be a point of interest for your visitors.

This theme comes with free updates – a rare quality for free WordPress themes. ChocoWP also offers subscriptions for paid plugins if you need to add more functionalities.


Top 22 Premium eCommerce Themes

Paid eCommerce themes usually come with more features and auto-updates compared to the free themes. If you start with a free eCommerce theme, it’s wise to upgrade to a premium theme to support your online store’s growing needs.

Here is a list of the best eCommerce WordPress themes that are paid.

1. Divi

Divi WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 700,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: shops that require greater creative control with lots of design options
  • Price: $89/year or $249/license

Divi is the number one best-selling WordPress WooCommerce theme on this list, thanks to its stunning design and powerful features.

It comes with the Divi Builder – a drag-and-drop page builder designed to help you customize your site’s layout and design. It also features some pre-built layouts to help you get set-up faster.

Divi offers excellent control over website design by allowing you to manage all of the elements on your website. Its searchable settings will also save you time when looking for options that you want to change.

Divi is also integratable with Slider Revolution, which further expands the customization options of this WooCommerce theme. This additional feature can improve the display of the visual content of your site, increasing the user experience.

If you find that Divi’s abundant element options are overwhelming, use its built-in split testing system to test different designs against each other. That way, you’ll see which one has the best performance for your needs. 


2. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 31,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $59/license

The Shopkeeper theme is a popular WordPress eCommerce theme that integrates with WooCommerce. 

If you want to use your website for cataloging or for showcasing your products, Shopkeeper provides the option to turn off your site’s eCommerce function by enabling the Catalog Mode. Once you’re ready to sell online again, turn it back on.

Shopkeeper’s package comes with WPBakery Page Builder, including a number of its premium plugins. This theme is also compatible with WordPress’s Gutenberg editor, Elementor page builder plugin, and Visual Composer, allowing you to have more options when it comes to customizing your site’s layout.


3. TheGem

The Gem WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 53,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $59/regular license or $2900/extended license

TheGem supports two of the most popular drag-and-drop website builders – Visual Composer and Elementor. It lets you create layouts that suit your preferences and needs. TheGem also comes with access to hundreds of templates for various purposes, including eCommerce templates.

The design of this WordPress theme has a beautiful storefront, with an impressive rollover effect that reveals an alternative image when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail. It’s also lightweight, easy to use, and comes with excellent performance and speed. 

What’s more, TheGem is also easily translatable into any language with its WPML integration.


4. Savoy

Savoy WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: shops with modern and minimalist design
  • Price: $59/license

Savoy’s modern and minimalist design is excellent for displaying more modern types of products. This WordPress theme is built to enhance the feature-rich WooCommerce platform, offering a cohesive package to start your online business

You can create almost any design you want with the Visual Composer and showcase your goods more engagingly with the Slider Revolution plugin. The vast customisation options of this WooCommerce theme is sure to improve your product pages and entice your customers.


5. Metro

Metro WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 2,100+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: multi-vendor shops with minimal design
  • Price: $29/regular license or $3000/extended license

Metro is one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes in the minimal design category. 

Its straightforward interface enables a smooth user experience for your shoppers. The classy and simple design allows your content to stand out, so your visitors can stay focused on the products. 

The Metro theme comes with several WooCommerce premium plugins, such as Variation Swatches Pro. It’s used for enhancing your product pages to be more engaging by allowing visitors to see the color variation available.

This WordPress eCommerce theme also has seven unique multi-page templates that will allow you to spend less time creating the layout design from scratch. 

If your online store displays multiple vendors, Metro supports the Dokan Multivendor plugin. It works to facilitate online marketplace-type of stores and complicated order management that comes with it.


6. Flatsome

Flatsome WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 150,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $59/regular license or $2950/extended license

Flatsome is one of the best WordPress WooCommerce themes on this list. It comes with lots of built-in eCommerce features, which means users don’t need to download additional plugins.

This WordPress eCommerce theme comes with the WooCommerce plugin, which will turn your website into an online shop with just a few clicks. Flatsome’s UX Builder will help you customize your website’s elements, including custom dropdowns and live search.

This eCommerce theme also has an extensive design and element library called Flatsome Studio. It offers more than 300 pre-defined layouts, sections, and elements that you can add to your online store with a single click.


7. Nitro

Nitro WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 4,800+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $59/regular license or $2950/extended license

Nitro covers any eCommerce site’s critical needs – an intuitive user experience, light-speed performance, and functionalities that can boost sales.

Nitro has many stunning eCommerce templates covering a wide range of industries, ranging from jewelry to electronics. All of the designs have the same minimalistic and clean flair, which encourages your content to be the center of your visitors’ attention. 

Nitro’s developers also add three new demo designs each month for free, providing you with more design options as the time goes. 

This theme also comes with powerful eCommerce functionalities. It has several built-in features, such as promo popups, live search, wishlist, and other custom widgets that can improve your store.


8. eLab

elab WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 800+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Best suited for: multi-vendor marketplaces, electronic online stores
  • Price: $59/regular license or $2000/extended license

eLab is a WordPress theme designed for online stores that sell electronic technology. It comes with many popular WooCommerce extensions, including WC Vendors, enabling you to create a multi-vendor marketplace.

As product pages are the main attraction of any eCommerce website, eLab offers several product page layouts optimized for making conversions. It also has a feature that specifies discounts for related products when bought as part of a bundle with the product the visitors are currently viewing.

eLab also has an auto-complete search feature that can be very useful to search electronic items, which often have numerical codenames. That way, you’ll help your customers find their desired items without memorizing the exact device codename.


9. Merchandiser

  • Downloads: 2,300+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Best suited for: web stores with minimalist design
  • Price: $59/license

Merchandiser is a WordPress theme with a minimalistic design. Its focus on efficiency results in a neat theme that is designed to display your products effectively.

Use Merchandiser for any type of product – digital downloads, physical items, or affiliate products. This theme has the best WooCommerce features, such as stock management, business reports, and tax calculation, which enable you to control everything related to your online shop on one platform.

Merchandiser utilizes the WPBakery Page Builder plugin for the design functionalities. Its product pages are distinctively big, bold, and clear, which is a great way to grab your potential customers’ attention. 

This WordPress theme also gets updated regularly, making sure your online store is functional and safe.


10. Halena

Halena WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 1,500+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: Clean, minimal, modern, Nordic-inspired store
  • Price: $49/license ($2950/extended license)

There are many minimal, modern themes on this list of the best eCommerce WordPress themes, but not many are designed with the Nordic style in mind like Halena.

This WordPress theme offers four demo layouts suitable for eCommerce stores that sell classic Nordic-inspired goods. It’s possible to mix these demos’ content and settings with one another, which means you have more design options to try. 

Halena also supports Visual Composer, an easy-to-use website builder that will allow you to build your WordPress eCommerce store with ease. You can also use short video clips or 360-degree images of your products to let visitors check out your product from every angle.


11. Lotus

Lotus WordPress eCommerce ThemeWordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 100+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: stores with lots of categories
  • Price: $59/regular license or $1800/extended license

Lotus is a simple and clean WordPress eCommerce theme that has a full-width header slider. It’s perfect for showcasing your most visually-attractive products, making them the center of visitors’ attention. 

This theme is compatible with WooCommerce, and it also has a testimonials section on the homepage. This feature can reinforce your business’ credibility through real people’s positive feedback about your business. 

If your store has many product categories, use the Lotus’ mega-menu so that buyers can browse through your products more conveniently. You can also apply the Product Wishlist feature to entice buyers to come back to your online store and complete the purchase.


12. Artemis

Artemis WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: modern stores with a sleek design
  • Price: $59/regular license or $3550/extended license

Artemis is an excellent choice for online stores that sell high-end goods with its classy and stylish design and aim to attract specific audiences. It has a variety of modern design demos and comes with several useful eCommerce features. 

One of these features is the Slider Revolution – it allows you to create product slideshows and interactive presentations for promotional content.

Artemis also offers free updates and technical support for its customers.


13. Galleria

Galleria WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Best suited for: lifestyle brands and clothing stores
  • Price: $39/license

The stylish Galleria theme best fits eCommerce stores that sell fashion or design products. It has a minimalistic design that places focus on your content. It’s also retina-ready, so your images will appear sharp on any device. 

Galleria offers an eCommerce-focused homepage, which can display Product Categories, New Arrivals, and Featured Products. This theme is also compatible with several WooCommerce extensions, allowing you to customize your store’s functionality.


14. Hongo

Hongo WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 1,900+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: eCommerce stores with blog content
  • Price: $59/regular license or $3000/extended license

The multi-purpose theme Hongo has ten store demos designed for different types of products, ranging from jewelry to furniture.

This eCommerce WordPress theme also has a reliable product filtering feature that helps your customers find the products they’re looking for quickly and includes quick view features as well.

Hongo also has various blog templates that you can use to announce the release of new product collections or upcoming events, such as seasonal discounts.

With its fully-responsive and search-engine-optimized qualities, Hongo is suitable for creating a WooCommerce store, a company website, and a professional blog.


15. Rhodes

Rhodes WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Best suited for: online fashion store
  • Price: $79/license

Rhodes is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that is an excellent choice for online retailers. It’s fully integrated with WooCommerce. Therefore it comes with many useful eCommerce features.

This includes full access to the entire Google Fonts library so that you can match the design of the fonts to your brand. The customization features also cover logos for the transparent header and sticky menu, enabling your visitors to navigate the site easily.

Rhodes is also a localization-ready WooCommerce theme. Meaning, it provides many language options for potential buyers to widen your customer base.


16. Tonda

Tonda WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 1,200+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Best suited for: premium products and high-end experience
  • Price: $75/regular license or $2950/extended license

Tonda is a WordPress eCommerce theme designed with premium products in mind. If you plan to sell fashion, jewelry, or artisan goods, the Tonda theme may be the perfect option. 

This theme also comes with numerous eCommerce features, such as an interactive store locator widget that can help people find your brick-and-mortar store. Additionally, there’s a user login widget and pop-up newsletter signup to boost customer loyalty.


17. Restoration

Restoration WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $79/license 

Restoration is an elegant WooCommerce WordPress theme. It utilizes a mobile-first design, which means this theme was primarily optimized for mobile viewing. 

This WooCommerce theme comes with user-friendly store demos that you can import with a single click. Combined with WordPress Gutenberg page builder, you’ll be able to set up your homepage and product pages in a short time. 

Restoration is compatible with the Jetpack plugin, which can help increase your traffic via automatic social sharing. It also gives an extra layer of protection to your website through features like secure logins.


18. Blance

Blance WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 500+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any kind of store
  • Price: $59/regular license or $2800/extended license

Blance is an eCommerce WordPress theme powered by the most powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress – WooCommerce. 

You can promote the most popular products by using trending products and the product quick view features. Because of their easy accessibility, these features allow visitors to see the products at any point of their shopping journey.

Also, Blance’s Sticky Header enables visitors to use the menu without scrolling up to the top, which significantly improves the user experience. And if in the future you want to experiment with your layout and get rid of the sticky header, it can be easily disabled or enabled again from the theme options panel.


19. Storelikes

Storelikes WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 30+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Best suited for: fashion stores
  • Price: $110/regular license or $2600/extended license

Storelikes is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that is especially suitable for fashion stores. It supports a mega menu feature, which makes this theme ideal for branded stores or retailers alike, thanks to its ability to display broad categories of products.

It also has a quick view and very helpful comparison features, especially for fashion stores. These features allow potential buyers to have a closer look at the products and compare one item with another. 


20. Block Shop

Block Shop WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $59/license

Block Shop is a Woocommerce WordPress theme that is easily identified by its distinctive vertical menu. It comes with built-in eCommerce features, like order tracking, color swatches, and out-of-stock notifications.

Choose between three pagination styles that you think will best suit your audience – infinite loading, classic numbered pagination, or load more buttons.

You can also enable customer reviews and ratings to enhance your business credibility and customer trust.


21. Jayla

Jayla WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 300+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: any type of store
  • Price: $59/license

Jayla is an eCommerce WordPress theme with a minimalistic and modern design. 

It’s a fully responsive and flexible theme that provides more than ten product-focused demos, which you can customize to suit your needs. 

Its easy-to-use features like the drag-and-drop page builder, header and footer builder, and one-click install design demos are an excellent choice for beginners.

You can also use video as your background, which is a pretty unique feature. If you aspire to use the parallax effect on your WordPress eCommerce website, this theme can be your go-to choice. 


22. Ordo

Ordo WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Downloads: 400+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Best suited for: online cosmetics store
  • Price: $53/regular license or $2600/extended license

Ordo was designed with beauty cosmetics stores in mind. Its elegant layout comes with a 360 degrees product viewer that enables potential buyers to view items in full detail. 

This theme supports multi-vendor plugins, like Dokan and Marketplace, which can be an excellent option for cosmetics shops that sell more than one cosmetics brand. It’s also powered by WPBakery Page Builder, enabling you to build your online shop easily with its drag and drop function. 

Ordo also has AJAX retail filters that will allow people to filter items at your store page with multiple query choices. This way, the users can find items that match their preferences with ease. 

With free lifetime updates and a 98% page speed score, Ordo is undoubtedly one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes on the market.


What to Look for in an eCommerce Theme?

Some themes offer more features than others, but you should focus only on what you need. There’s no point in overcrowding your eCommerce website with unnecessary functions that will only clutter and slow down your site.

Keep in mind that WordPress and eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce have their own native features, so try to look for a theme with unique features and eCommerce templates that both WordPress and your eCommerce platform don’t cover. 

We’ll help you narrow down the list by naming must-have features your eCommerce theme may need:

  • Stunning design. Give the best first impression to your visitors with a design that appeals to them. Keep your target audience in mind and use tools to encourage them to explore your site further.
  • eCommerce platform integration. WordPress eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify, will provide you with eCommerce-related features. These include payment gateways, checkout pages, shopping carts, and others.
  • Drag-and-drop page builder compatibility. Drag-and-drop builders can save you time and money, as you can build your eCommerce store yourself.
  • Pre-built page templates. Using pre-made templates can make your website creation process much easier and more efficient.
  • Mobile responsiveness. People increasingly prefer to shop from mobile devices, so make sure your online store is easily navigable both on small and large screens. Keep in mind that Google favors mobile-optimized sites too.
  • SEO support. Check if your theme includes SEO plugins, like Yoast. It can help you create metadata for each image and meta description for each page, boosting your site’s SEO performance.
  • Interactive shopping carts. Shopping carts should be auto-updated as your customers add more items to their cart. They should also provide a comfortable and effortless checkout process. Bonus points if it also sends cart abandonment emails to your shoppers.
  • Easy navigation. Your online store’s navigation ideally reflects your inventory classification system. If it’s hard to navigate, people will be reluctant to shop in your store.
  • Product reviews. Reviews affect purchase decisions. Make sure visitors can see your product ratings in the products’ thumbnails.
  • Social sharing tools. Build a buzz around your products by enabling people to share your store’s content on their social media. This feature includes two elements – social sharing buttons and social follow buttons. 
  • Fast load. Pages that take more than three seconds to load lose 53% of visitors. Fast loading speed means higher conversion rates. 
  • Compatible with all browsers. Facilitate people to and whatever browsers they may be using.
  • Security. Ensure your customers’ data is protected from any cyber threats, such as data breaches or system hacks.

Tips on Choosing the Right Theme for Your Online Store

You know what to look for in an eCommerce WordPress theme. However, you may still have doubts about which one you should go for. 

Here are some tips to help you decide on the right theme for your online store:

  • Understand your target market. Decide the best way to capture your audiences’ attention. For example, if you aim to sell streetwear for urban youth, you may want to use a modern layout design with big, bold elements. Cursive fonts and pastel colors won’t suit this audience, as those two qualities are more appealing for jewelry stores.
  • Choose your preferred eCommerce platform first. Research which eCommerce platform caters to most of your needs. Once you know what to expect from the platform, start looking for themes that work with it.
  • Research competitor websites. Get insights into what people do in your industry, and see what you can do better. 
  • Figure out your budget. There are many reliable free WordPress eCommerce themes out there, but investing in a premium theme can give you more features. See what you can afford and keep that in mind when making your choice.
  • Minimize plugins. Choose a theme that has built-in features that suits your needs. If you overload your theme with too many plugins, it can slow down your website.
  • Test the speed of the live demo. Use tools like GTMetrix or PageSpeed Insights to get the complete speed report. 


Investing your time and resources to find the best WordPress theme for your business can serve you well in the long run since it’s going to be the face of your store.

Make sure your chosen theme comes with the features you need and allows adequate customization for future adjustments as your eCommerce store grows.

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