WordPress for Beginners: A Guide to WordPress Security 

WordPress for Beginners: A Guide to WordPress Security 
If you find yourself a little lost when it comes to WordPress security, worry not – we got you covered!

Making your WordPress website secure should be your number one priority.

By default, WordPress offers plenty of security measures right out of the gate. However, it is up to each user to implement them on their websites, which can become a hassle for many web-creators.

Only making your website secure is not enough either. A web creator should always know how to react in case the security of their website has been compromised.

If the topic about WordPress security sounds interesting and is important to you – join our webinar on Thursday, 12th of August. Our guest Filip from Hostinger’s Customer Success team will share his knowledge about:

  • How to identify possible WordPress security issues
  • How to prevent WordPress security breaches
  • How to fix your WordPress website if it was hacked
  • How Hostinger can help you deal with security breaches
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Filip Ziger

Filip has joined Hostinger 8 years ago and has seen the company grow a lot since then. He is currently leading a Customer Success team - he loves helping his team grow and overseeing such an important operation of the company.

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Kęstutis K.

Kęstutis started out as a Customer Success agent working at Hostinger. His passion of helping people reach success assisted him in gathering heaps of knowledge useful in solving various WordPress issues. If instead of useful website improvement tips you're looking for some new music to listed to, Kęstutis has got you as well.