Hostinger’s Access Logs: Filter Traffic Based On Your Needs

Hostinger’s Access Logs: Filter Traffic Based On Your Needs

All Hostinger users have the ability to try out the handy Client Access Logs. 

The feature lets you see who is accessing your website and filter out traffic accordingly. 

Use it to monitor access based on the information the log provides and gain insight into how your website could be improved.

Constantly Striving for Better 

It’s in the small details that huge improvements can be felt towards website security. Using Access Logs, traffic can be limited to specific IP addresses or countries. 

What’s more, the tool displays 5xx and 4xx website errors, allowing you to fix issues and improve the SEO of a website.

How Does It Work?

Access Logs are available for all Hostinger users via hPanel. To use the tool, click on the Access Logs icon in the Websites section of your utilities.

hpanel showing where to find the access log

Here are the options that are available under Access Logs:

  • Analytics (Total requests, Unique requests, and Bandwidth)
  • Access logs (filters by IP address, country, and type of request)
  • Error code 5xx (All errors with code 5xx recorded on client domain name)
  • Error code 4xx (All errors with code 4xx recorded on client domain name)

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