Make Your WordPress Sites Run Smoothly With Our Compatibility Checker

Make Your WordPress Sites Run Smoothly With Our Compatibility Checker

With around 60 thousand free plugins and well over 20 thousand themes, WordPress is one of the most flexible content management systems in the world. But there is a downside to having a wide choice: incompatible plugins can cause websites to crash or slow down. This is where our latest development comes in: WordPress Compatibility Checker.

Available for all our Managed WordPress hosting clients, this tool is a valuable ally for website owners and developers alike. It identifies and addresses compatibility issues between PHP and WordPress versions, plugins, and themes.

This means you will always know that everything on your website is working smoothly and your visitors are getting the best possible experience.

Continuous Surveillance of Your WordPress Environment

WordPress software is constantly being updated to fix bugs, vulnerabilities, improve performance, or add new features. But a new version of PHP, WordPress core, theme, or plugin may be incompatible with other software you use.

Also, certain add-ons may interfere with each other. A common issue is the simultaneous use of multiple plugins or themes serving the same purpose, which results in a conflict.

If you don’t spot compatibility issues in time, your websites can slow down or, even worse, crash. This is where WordPress Compatibility Checker comes into play.

Here’s what it automatically checks:

  • PHP and WordPress compatibility. The tool ensures that your website’s PHP version is compatible with its WordPress version, and vice versa.
  • Plugins and themes. Our Compatibility Checker identifies and flags plugins and themes that may conflict. Additionally, the checker will alert you if you try to enable a plugin from hPanel that may cause conflicts.
  • Pre-installation compatibility. Our tool conducts pre-installation compatibility checks to ensure that suggested plugins from hPanel meet the WordPress and PHP version requirements and won’t disrupt your website’s operations.

Once Compatibility Checker detects an issue, it will notify you via hPanel. You will also get suggestions to fix it quickly.

Learn how to change the PHP version of a website and why it’s important.

More Value at an Unbeatable Price

WordPress Compatibility Checker is yet another valuable resource for millions of website owners and developers within our Managed WordPress hosting platform.

It works in tandem with our other tool, WordPress AI Troubleshooter. The checker proactively screens for possible incompatibility issues before anything happens, and the troubleshooter detects and fixes actual website errors.

Check out some other features that contribute to the quality, reliability, and speed of your WordPress websites:

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