Launch Your Amazon Affiliate Website Easier With Hostinger

Launch Your Amazon Affiliate Website Easier With Hostinger

Starting your own affiliate marketing website just got a lot faster and easier, thanks to Hostinger Amazon Affiliate plugin and theme for WordPress.

With these two brand-new tools, you can get a pre-built Amazon affiliate website and edit it to suit your preferences. There is no extra charge for them – both are available for free with our Managed WordPress Business and higher-tier hosting plans.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting various products and services for a commission. The industry is worth $15.7 billion and continues to grow at an 8-10% annual rate.

Amazon Associates is the most popular marketing program in the world, with over 48% of the global market share. It’s no wonder that Amazon affiliate marketing is so popular among WordPress users looking for ways to make money online.

This is why we, together with Romuald Fons, our trusted partner from BIGSEO, have developed two essential tools for WordPress users who want to earn more with Amazon affiliate marketing.

The first one is the Hostinger Amazon Affiliate plugin. It lets you easily pull products from the Amazon marketplace and present them on your website, as well as add affiliate links. As a result, you can easily build your own affiliate marketing website and start earning money through sale commissions.

Besides the plugin, we offer a custom-built Hostinger Affiliate theme for a faster website launch. It is designed to help you rank higher and drive more organic traffic.

Simply put, you can create your own personalized affiliate marketing website with minimum effort by using the plugin and theme.

How the Plugin and Theme Work

The Hostinger Amazon Affiliate plugin is available for new WordPress users who select the Affiliate Marketing or Blog website type.

If you already have a website you want to promote Amazon products on, you can find and install the plugin from the hPanel’s WordPress overview. Go to WordPress → Overview from your sidebar and install the plugin from the Suggested plugins section.

Hostinger Amazon Affiliate Plugin in hPanel's Suggested plugins section

Our plugin implements a simplified interaction with the Amazon Product Advertising API, which allows retrieving product data from Amazon’s catalog. Note that to earn money this way, you must join the Amazon Associates program and get the Product Advertising API from Amazon.

Once the plugin is installed, the process of incorporating affiliate links into your website is as simple as adding a new paragraph to a blog post. You can insert a single product, lists of products, or a comparison table inside the WordPress Block editor. You can also customize these elements, for example, change the title, write your own description, or set an engaging call-to-action button.

Step-by-step guide for the Hostinger Amazon Affiliate plugin.

The second part of the package is our Amazon Affiliate theme for WordPress. It’s an exclusive WordPress theme focused on organic ranking enabling you to easily build a website with a pre-made integration with Amazon marketplace.

The search engine optimization (SEO) part is extremely important because ranking higher in search results helps you get more visitors. This leads to selling more and, consequently, earning more money.

Templates on Amazon Affiliate theme for WordPress.

In addition to the theme, you can use our WordPress AI tools to create SEO-friendly content to fill your website with useful and relevant articles.

This is just the beginning – we will continue to improve and refine these products so that you can make more money online with Hostinger.

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