The 19 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools to Increase Sales and Drive High-Quality Traffic

Thriving in the competitive affiliate marketing industry takes more than joining an affiliate program and creating content. Having the right tools is necessary to step up your affiliate marketing game.

However, given the many options available, determining which affiliate marketing tools to use may be challenging.

To help you select the most effective solutions, we have listed the 19 best affiliate marketing tools for various purposes – from tracking ad campaigns to analyzing a competitor’s profitable keywords.

What to Look For In an Affiliate Marketing Tool

When compiling the list, we tested the most popular affiliate marketing tools and considered the following factors:

  • Ease of use. We looked for user-friendly affiliate marketing tools that don’t require technical knowledge.
  • Pricing. We compiled cost-effective solutions for online hustlers and businesses – a few even offer free tools for affiliate marketing.
  • Support. Whether via live chat, resource pages, or a discussion forum, the affiliate tools listed provide user assistance.

Here are the top affiliate marketing tools to help you generate leads, sales, and traffic.

1. CJ – Affiliate Marketplace Tool

Landing page of CJ, an affiliate marketplace.

CJ is among the largest, most trustworthy affiliate marketplaces, with thousands of merchants of varying sizes and niches – such as Grammarly, Office Depot, and GoPro.

You can sign up for CJ for free. After setting up an account, apply for an individual affiliate marketing program and start promoting the products.

Since commission rates vary on each affiliate program, your affiliate income will depend on the selected merchants.

CJ lists each affiliate marketing program based on its earning potential – such as network earnings, 7-day EPC, and 3-month EPC. Just filter the searches accordingly to select brands with a higher commission rate.

From its intuitive and visually appealing dashboard, you can easily see real-time reports whenever a customer makes a purchase.

All in all, CJ is a great option to help new affiliate marketers start their affiliate marketing journey.

2. Voluum – Affiliate Ad Tracking Tool

Voluum: The All-in-one Affiliate Software.

Voluum is a reliable and easy-to-navigate affiliate tracking software. It enables you to conveniently monitor ad campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, and profit from one dashboard.

This affiliate marketing tool works with multiple traffic sources, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It also supports tracking for various advertising formats, like native ads, social media ads, display banners, search ads, and push notifications.

Apart from its tracking features, Voluum’s trend analysis tool provides data on market trends to help you create an up-to-date digital marketing campaign strategy.

In addition, affiliate marketers can prevent suspicious traffic with its anti-fraud kit that detects bots and blocks them right away.

To start tracking affiliate campaigns with Voluum, purchase a paid plan, starting at $89/month.

3. Tapfiliate – Affiliate Tracking Software


Tapfiliate is a cloud-based software that helps boost sales through effective affiliate partnerships. You can track and manage affiliate conversions easily with its intuitive platform.

With Tapfiliate’s detailed analytics, businesses can observe real-time interactions, fine-tune their commission structures, and optimize their overall affiliate strategy. All of these features help you focus on your affiliate efforts, leading to increased traffic and higher-quality leads.

Tapfiliate offers multiple commission models to suit your business needs, whether you prefer one-time payouts, recurring commissions, or performance tiers. Tapfiliate also allows integrations with various eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and CRM systems.

Tapfiliate’s pricing plans start from $119/month with the recommended Pro plan. This plan includes unlimited leads, multi-currency support, and an API. You can try Tapfiliate risk-free for 14 days with their free trial.

4. Google Analytics – Web Analytics Tool

Google Analytics' welcome page.

Google Analytics is one of the top affiliate marketing tools, providing web performance insights for optimizing affiliate sites and increasing lead generation.

With the Google Event tracking feature, users can track on-site engagement and see who clicks on their affiliate links. From the Google Dashboard, you can also check the amount of time a visitor spent on your affiliate marketing site and identify pages that generate the most or the least traffic.

It’s also possible to create new custom audiences from existing segments, helping to improve audience retargeting and experiment with different campaign strategies.

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5. Partnero – Partnership Management Tool

Partnero homepage

Partnero offers a comprehensive management tool to help businesses optimize their partnership programs. Thanks to its clean interface, business owners can easily create programs, customize the general settings, and track performance.

Partnero allows businesses to onboard and manage up to an unlimited number of partners and transactions. It lets partners set individual commission structures, ensuring flexible compensation models.

Each partner will have access to a customizable partner portal where they can track their unique affiliate links’ performance. It also comes with marketing materials, flexible customization, and payout information. Regarding third-party integration, Partnero supports MailerLite, Zapier, and Make

In terms of payment, Partnero offers zero transaction fees and allows an automatic payout feature through PayPal Mass Pay. The platform also offers an analytics tool to help track metrics about the program payouts and rewards. Partnero offers three plans tailored to different budgets and feature requirements, with its starter package costing $399/month. This platform also has a 60-day trial version, so business owners can explore it before making a purchasing decision.

6. AffJet – Affiliate Network Performance Tool

Homepage of the affiliate network performance tool AffJet.

For affiliate marketers joining multiple programs, monitoring performance might be a hassle since it requires individually logging in to each platform.

AffJet allows users to do all that from one affiliate dashboard. It combines data from hundreds of affiliate networks, providing a detailed, downloadable performance report of affiliate earnings.

Users only need to add their current affiliate networks and import all data into the dashboard. It’s also accessible from mobile, so users can check their figures anytime and anywhere.

AffJet's affiliate dashboard displays total commission.

In addition to tracking network performance, AffJet identifies trends and detects poor-performing links to help you optimize affiliate marketing campaigns.

AffJet offers a free plan, limited to monitoring 75 transactions/month. For more transactions, upgrade to the premium plan, starting at £5/month.

7. iSpionage – Competitor Ad Insights Tool

iSpionage: Steal Your Competitors' Traffic & Uncover Their Conversion Strategy.

iSpionage is a competitor analysis tool that helps affiliate marketers analyze the competitors’ ad campaigns, including how many PPC ads they’re running and which keywords they’re bidding on.

Its campaign watch feature provides a detailed weekly report highlighting the changes in the competitor’s campaigns. For instance, users can monitor their A/B test results, search engine marketing (SEM) performance, and landing page strategies to understand their best practices.

In addition, iSpionage helps users find well-performing, profitable keywords by giving a keyword effectiveness score based on the keyword’s potential to generate traffic.

Meanwhile, the Ads Effectiveness Index allows users to identify competitors’ profitable ads. Analyzing them will help you write ad copy that stands out and generates clicks.

iSpionage’s free version offers 10 competitive reports/day and three competitor alerts. For unlimited research and more data exports, opt for its premium plans, starting at $59/month.

8. WordStream Google Ads Performance Grader – Website Ad Performance Tool

WordStream Google AdWords Performance Grader's landing page.

WordStream offers several free affiliate marketing tools, such as the Google Ads Performance Grader.

The tool analyzes users’ ads according to the best practices of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. It generates an easy-to-read report featuring an overall performance grade and individual scores based on spending, quality score, impression shares, and account activity.

The report also includes actionable steps to improve the given score and boost ad performance.

Moreover, WordStream’s Google Ads Performance Grader evaluates your mobile advertising efforts to ensure all ads are optimized for mobile devices.

Apart from Google Ads, WordStream also offers a free keyword tool and a grader for Facebook Ads and websites. These tools enable users to check ad performance, estimate cost per click (CPC), and gain insights into their digital presence.

Pretty Links' landing page.

Link cloaking is a vital step in optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts, as it makes links more appealing, improves trustworthiness, and streamlines link management.

Pretty Links is a link cloaking plugin that helps you manage all links from the WordPress admin dashboard.

It has a built-in link automation feature that turns a long, complicated URL into a shorter, memorable one. Users can also set up various types of URL redirects to increase the click-through rate, including 301, 302, and JavaScript options.

In addition, this plugin provides a comprehensive report on how each affiliate link performs. Its tracking features enable users to see the number of unique clicks and their details – including IP address, remote host, and referring site.

Pretty Links is a freemium affiliate link cloaking tool, starting at $79/year.

10. AdEspresso – Affiliate Ad Campaigns Tool

AdEspresso: Pinpoint Your Ideal Client.

AdEspresso is a cloud-based advertising platform for creating, managing, and optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns.

The tool enables users to create Google, Instagram, and Facebook Ads without switching platforms. With its built-in A/B testing feature, they can experiment with ads and select the best ones for their affiliate marketing campaigns.

It facilitates optimization by providing actionable in-app tips and automatically promoting organic posts. Users will have full control over the campaign by setting up filters based on keywords, post type, and engagement.

AdEspresso also analyzes ad performance and pauses underperforming ones to optimize spending.

In addition, streamlining data processing is easy as the tool links users’ Facebook ad accounts to other affiliate marketing tools and CRM platforms. This gives them more time to focus on creating high-converting campaigns.

AdEspresso has three pricing plans, starting at $49/month – each comes with a 14-day free trial.

11. Ahrefs – SEO Optimization Tool

Ahrefs SEO Tool: Everything You Need to Rank Higher & Get More Traffic.

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool to help increase traffic and boost search engine ranking. Its key features include site SEO audit, complete backlink analysis, and keyword research.

Ahref’s audit feature crawls the websites and identifies major issues dragging down its SEO. Then, it will compile a detailed report evaluating speed metrics, organic traffic, ranking progress, and backlink growth. The report also includes actionable suggestions to solve those issues.

Furthermore, it provides a complete list of new and lost backlinks for any domain. This allows users to eliminate harmful backlinks and inspect a competitor’s linking strategy. Apart from that, Ahrefs tracks internal links, helping to avoid keyword cannibalization.

Users can also perform keyword research for Google, YouTube, and Amazon. The tool details each keyword difficulty and shows the competitor’s profitable keywords.

With the premium plan starting at $99/month, it can be a costly investment. If you’re on a budget, Ahrefs’ free tools are a great option to streamline SEO tasks.

12. Buffer – Social Media Affiliate Marketing Tool

Buffer: Grow Your Audience on Social and Beyond.

Buffer is a simple yet reliable affiliate tool to manage social media accounts and automate social media posts.

Buffer’s queueing feature enables users to schedule content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Editing scheduled posts is also possible using its drag-and-drop interface.

From Buffer’s simple dashboard, users can monitor social media RSS feeds, read replies, and add comments to boost engagement. Moreover, they can track social media performance metrics and engagement data such as shares, clicks, mentions, retweets, and followers.

Starting at $12/month, the premium plans come with a link shortener, individual post analytics, and audience demographics reports.

For beginner affiliate marketers, Buffer has a free version that can connect to three social media accounts and schedule up to 10 posts.

13. CoSchedule – Calendar Tool

CoSchedule: Bring Together All Your Marketing in One Calendar.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar is an editorial calendar tool to streamline content creation, scheduling, and publishing.

With a drag-and-drop interface, the calendar enables users to easily arrange every step of any affiliate marketing campaign, from creating to-do lists and project updates to content ideas. That way, users won’t miss any important deadlines or updates.

It works well for both individual use and team collaboration. You can add feedback, edit scheduled dates, and automatically assign recurring tasks to other people in the team.

For WordPress users, the CoSchedule plugin automatically syncs with the calendar tool, so editing and publishing posts from the calendar is also possible.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar is a freemium affiliate marketing tool, starting at $29/month. Upgrading to the premium plan allows you to use customizable task workflow templates and manage calendar access.

14. Flippa – Domain and Website Buying Tool

Flippa: #1 Marketplace to Buy and Sell SaaS Business.

For affiliate marketers who want to skip creating a website from scratch, buying an established affiliate site in an online marketplace like Flippa is an option.

Flippa lets users list their online businesses, domains, apps, and websites for sale.

Website sellers provide information about the site’s age, monetization method, and revenue. Meanwhile, prospective buyers only need to scroll through a list of sites in various niches and bid on those that pique their interest.

A list of websites for sale on Flippa.

Furthermore, thanks to its partnership with Semrush, it provides the site’s authority score, number of backlinks, total number of keywords, and top organic keywords. This enables users to select well-performing sites with a strong backlink profile.

Compared to other website marketplaces, Flippa has the most affordable listings. While it charges a listing and success fee for sellers, it is completely free to register as a buyer.

Important! Before buying an affiliate website or domain, make sure to do thorough research and conduct a backlink audit to avoid falling for a scam.

15. AnyTrack – Conversion Tracking Tool

AnyTrack: Conversion Tracking & Attribution.

AnyTrack is an affiliate marketing platform that brings all your conversion data to one place.

Users can instantly track, categorize, and evaluate marketing metrics across various funnels in real time – including affiliate links, form submissions, and ad returns. A better understanding of each conversion funnel helps to create a data-driven marketing strategy.

Integrating with other marketing tools, AnyTrack can sync and attribute conversion data from various sources. This includes eCommerce platforms, authority blogs, CRM software, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and over 50 different affiliate networks.

Also, it automatically sends conversion event data to the analytics tool to improve audience building. Automating such a process allows users to focus on creating content and building a successful online business.

AnyTrack is among the most affordable affiliate tracking software, with the premium plan starting at $50/month. For those on a budget, this affiliate tool offers a free version with limited functionality.

16. HubSpot Email Marketing – Mailing List Tool

Landing page of HubSpot Email Marketing Tools.

HubSpot offers a marketing automation tool that enables users to create and schedule new emails conveniently.

Whether it’s sending a thank-you email, a new product introduction, or a reminder for upcoming discounts, users can automate the process by creating customized workflows.

In addition, they can personalize each email to automatically add the recipient’s first name in the greetings to improve engagement and lead generation.

Along with a drag-and-drop visual editor, this tool offers ready-to-go templates to set up email marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

Moreover, it’s integrated with other HubSpot marketing features, enabling users to create a centralized contacts database, as well as manage and track email performance.

The free tool offers users the basic functions of creating and scheduling emails. For more advanced features, the Marketing packages start at $45/month.

17. Grammarly – Writing Assistant Tool

Grammarly: Great Writing, Simplified.

Grammarly is a must-have writing assistant for reviewing content and improving its quality.

Whether it’s creating social media copy, email campaigns, or a blog post, Grammarly helps users communicate more effectively by highlighting errors and offering real-time suggestions.

This tool is easily accessible on various devices and document types. It has a web version, browser extension, desktop, and mobile app – enabling users to create quality content anywhere.

The free version covers basic content review, including checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

For more elaborate writing suggestions, get the premium version starting at $12/month. It points out writing inconsistencies, unclear sentence structures, tone, wordiness, and overuse of words.

18. ManyChat – Chatbot Tool

ManyChat chatbot tool: Engage Your Customers Instantly.

ManyChat is an affordable chatbot tool with live chat integration that can generate personalized conversations across multiple platforms. This includes Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

This tool can help an affiliate marketer engage with customers in real-time by generating conversation flows. They can automate pre-built responses for instant customer support or direct them to live chat when necessary.

Using a chatbot tool also streamlines the compiling of customers’ phone numbers and emails. Users can easily deliver newsletters, offer coupon codes, and relay other information following a conversation on social media.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface and pre-existing templates for a number of functions, you don’t need coding knowledge to use this messaging bot.

The free version offers unlimited custom flows with up to 1,000 contacts on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. To integrate the chatbot with SMS and email, purchase the premium plan starting at $15/month.

19. AAWP – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tool

AAWP: Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates.

AAWP is among the essential WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates.

AAWP simplifies the workflow by automatically updating all affiliate links to correspond with the newest product updates, as shown on the official Amazon website. Hence, users won’t miss out on earning commission regardless of the changes.

This popular Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin has several core functions to customize product layouts and streamline user experience. This includes dynamic text links, multiple product boxes, an automated best-seller list, and product comparison tables.

With a flexible and easy configuration, enhancing a WordPress website using AAWP doesn’t require coding knowledge. Simply purchase one of the four plans, starting at €49/year.

While AAWP doesn’t offer a free version, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Using the best affiliate marketing tools, digital marketers can streamline their workflow, maintain a successful affiliate site, drive high-quality traffic, and eventually increase sales.

We’ve listed affiliate tools for different purposes:

  • CJ – join multiple affiliate networks and monitor your campaigns from a single platform.
  • Voluum – track your Google Ads and Facebook Ads affiliate campaigns.
  • Tapfiliate – track real-time affiliate performance and scale growth through seamless integrations.
  • Google Analytics – get insights to optimize your affiliate site and generate leads.
  • Partnero – management tool to help businesses optimize their partnership programs.
  • AffJet – track your affiliate income and monitor it from one dashboard.
  • iSpionage – track your competitors’ performance and see what keywords are trending.
  • WordStream Google Ads Performance Grader – a platform with several free tools for affiliate marketing, including the Google Ads Performance Grader.
  • Pretty Links – manage your affiliate links from the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • AdEspresso – create and manage affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Ahrefs – conduct keyword research, backlink analysis, and audits to improve on-page SEO.
  • Buffer – manage your social media accounts and affiliate posts in one place.
  • CoSchedule – create, schedule, and publish affiliate content.
  • Flippa – purchase an existing affiliate site or domain.
  • AnyTrack – track all your affiliate channels and conversion data.
  • HubSpot – create and schedule emails for your marketing campaigns.
  • Grammarly – as an affiliate marketer, ensure your content is free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • ManyChat – automate conversions on Messenger, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • AAWP – a WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.

When selecting tools for your affiliate marketing business, consider your knowledge, goals, and budget.

Remember that most of them have a free plan you can take advantage of. As for the premium options, consider getting a free trial to explore their setup and functionality.

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