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CyberPanel VPS Hosting: The Ultimate Web Hosting Control Panel

Powered by LiteSpeed, CyberPanel empowers users to perform tasks in a faster, more secure and efficient way.

CyberPanel VPS Hosting: The Ultimate Web Hosting Control Panel

Choose the Best VPS Hosting Plan for Your Site

Payment terms

Simple, Fast, and Reliable Virtual Private Servers

Plan Features
VPS 1 $ 3.99 /mo
VPS 2 $ 5.99 /mo
VPS 4 $ 10.99 /mo
VPS 8 $ 77.99 /mo
1 Core
2 Cores
4 Cores
8 Cores
Memory (RAM) Memory (RAM)
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
16 GB
SSD Storage SSD Storage
20 GB
40 GB
80 GB
250 GB
Multi-Core Geekbench Score Multi-Core Geekbench Score
1 770
3 800
Bandwidth Bandwidth
1 TB
2 TB
4 TB
12 TB
Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address
Full Root Access Full Root Access
100 Mb/s Network 100 Mb/s Network
Weekly Backups Weekly Backups
LSCache module LSCache module
GIT Deployment GIT Deployment
Auto Installer Auto Installer
ModSecurity ModSecurity
One click backup/restore One click backup/restore
Free SSL Free SSL
Docker Manager Docker Manager
Web Based Terminal Web Based Terminal
HTTP/3 support HTTP/3 support

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CyberPanel Features


LiteSpeed Cache offers a built-in module with plugins for dynamic content building. Speed up your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, and more.

GIT Deployment

Connect your Github and GitLab repos and deploy code in a few clicks via GIT webhooks.

Auto Installer

What does it take to install WordPress (with LSCache), Joomla and Prestashop on CyberPanel? One click.

Multi-object Caching Support

Object caching integration made simple. With CyberPanel you can Integrate objects such as Redis, Memcached, or LiteSpeed Memcached (LSMCD).

Easy backup and restore

You can backup and/or restore from Google Drive, AWS S3, remote SFTP or local machine in one click.

HTTP/3 & QUIC Support

The latest HTTP protocol ensures better performance for fetching multiple objects at the same time, fast connections, retransmission of lost packets and lowest latency.

WordPress Staging

Avoid unnecessary risks associated with testing on your live site. Experiment, test and change things on staging before pushing it live.

WordPress Staging

Intuitive Setup

Server management is easy and effortless. By utilizing OpenLiteSpeed for the webserver, you have access to all the LiteSpeed features.

Intuitive Setup

Web Based Terminal & Command Line Interface

For those that like to work in a terminal, the CyberPanel affords you the luxury of a command line interface. That allows you to replicate the work you do in the control panel via CLI. With Web Based Terminal, you can access your VPS SSH server and perform tasks from your browser with ease.

Web Based Terminal & Command Line Interface


OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed Web server



Pure-FTPD file transfer server



MariaDB database server



GIT version control system

Docker Manager

Docker manager simplifies Docker Container and image management. Search and pull images from Docker Hub or create Containers from available/pulled images in a few clicks.

Docker Manager

Embedded Security

CyberPanel comes with SpamAssassin to stop email spam and a default FirewallD installation for a heightened sense of protection and security.

Embedded Security

Servers Around the Globe

Enjoy lowest latency and unmatched reliability as we deploy in globally connected Tier-3 datacenters.

Servers Around the Globe

CyberPanel VPS Hosting FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about CyberPanel VPS Hosting

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How To Install SSL In CyberPanel?

How CyberPanel Is Better Than Other Control Panels

How To Enable Multisite In WordPress CyberPanel?

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