More Opportunities for Your Online Growth: Introducing a New Data Center in Boston, USA

More Opportunities for Your Online Growth: Introducing a New Data Center in Boston, USA

Give your customers in the US and Southern Canada an even better experience and faster speed by choosing our newly launched data center location in Boston, Massachusetts.

That means you can now pick from three data centers in the US, depending on where your audience is. The logic is simple: the closer the server is to the visitors, the faster the website loads.

The Golden Trio: Fast, Reliable, and Green

For an online business, whether it’s a side hustle, a mom-and-pop store, or simply a portfolio page, a reliable and available website is vital. To ensure this, we invest in state-of-the-art server technologies for our servers. The new Boston data center is no exception.

Its notable features for delivering top performance and reliability include:

  • Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage for blazing-fast read/write operations, enabling websites and their components to load instantly.
  • The industry-leading AMD EPYC processors ensure minimal latency and maximum stability.
  • Double Data Rate 5 (DDR5), the latest random access memory (RAM) technology, enables higher data transfer rates and capacities, crucial for handling data-heavy websites.
  • RAID data storage configurations protect against data loss caused by disk failures or other system issues.

All this gear is housed in a highly resilient data center managed by Digital Realty, the world’s leading carrier-neutral data center company. The facility features redundant power and cooling systems, multiple network connections, and robust security measures, all to ensure the reliability and uptime of your websites.

The data center is SOC2, SOC3, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001 certified, confirming that it meets the security, reliability, and compliance standards. In other words, it ensures data protection and trustworthiness for our clients.

Furthermore, the Boston data center adds to Hostinger’s commitment to putting our environment first by practicing sustainability and social responsibility in our daily operations. The new facility runs entirely on 100% renewable and carbon-free energy.

A Strategic Data Center in North America at Your Service

The location was chosen for a reason. The closer the server is to the client, the faster the website runs, which leads to a better user experience and, potentially, more sales.

Boston is near major American and Canadian cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. With over 16 million people living in these cities alone, business opportunities abound.

The first servers in our Boston data center are already connected, configured, and tested, and are ready to receive customers.

Given the rapidly growing demand for high-quality yet affordable hosting services in the US, we expect to host hundreds of thousands of websites in this data center within this year. Moreover, we are ready to increase the number of servers, so that millions of people will be able to host their blogs, online shops, business websites, or apps here.

Both existing and new web and cloud hosting customers can move their websites to the Boston data center. For virtual private server (VPS) hosting clients, the servers will become available within a few months.

Try and See for Yourself

Want to give the Boston data center a try? Learn how to transfer your hosting plan to a different server.

11 Data Centers Worldwide and Counting

The data center in Boston, Massachusetts, marks our 11th location globally. With servers across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, you can rest assured that target audiences will reach your websites smoothly and quickly.

For global businesses, take advantage of our in-house Content Delivery Network (CDN), provided for free with Business web hosting and all cloud hosting plans. Extensive testing confirmed it speeds up websites by up to 40%.

Whatever your online needs are, Hostinger is here to answer them.

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