How to Use Hostinger Pro Panel to Manage Client Websites and Earn Money 

How to Use Hostinger Pro Panel to Manage Client Websites and Earn Money 

If you’re a freelancer or a web agency seeking a streamlined approach to manage multiple client websites and unlock your earning potential, Hostinger Pro Panel is the solution you’ve been looking for.

This new powerful tool is an all-in-one platform to efficiently handle your clients’ hosting services and websites from a centralized dashboard.

In this definitive guide, you’ll learn how to use Hostinger Pro Panel, mastering the ins and outs of this intuitive tool to manage your clients’ Hostinger accounts and websites. We’ll also explore how you can leverage it to potentially add a new revenue stream to your business.

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Why Use Hostinger Pro Panel

Hostinger Pro Panel is a robust and valuable addition to Hostinger’s innovative control panel, hPanel.

This new tool is specifically designed to cater to the needs of freelancers and web agencies, enabling them to handle multiple websites easily. It also provides an opportunity to expand potential earnings through commissions generated from the services your customers purchase on Hostinger.

Let’s explore the key factors that make Hostinger Pro Panel a must-have for efficient client management.

One Dashboard to Manage Them All

Hostinger Pro Panel is an integrated solution for agencies and freelancers looking to streamline client management.

The user-friendly dashboard is designed so you can conveniently manage all services for clients. Here are some tasks you can do with the centralized interface:

  • Browse through all clients, websites, and their hosting plans and services
  • Stay organized with bulk management capabilities for WordPress websites
  • Conduct performance tracking through customer reporting tools (coming soon)
  • Utilize our invoicing & billing system (coming soon)

Easy Monitoring of Overall Website Performance

Website management with Hostinger Pro Panel is a seamless process. The tool offers excellent monitoring capabilities that help you track performance of all the sites you manage. These insights help ensure your clients’ websites are running as expected.

Key monitoring features include:

  • SSL certificates’ status checks to ensure proper data encryption
  • A malware scanner to identify any security issues
  • Daily and weekly backup indicators
  • A performance score feature for each website

Simple and Secure Access Management

Being a centralized tool, Hostinger Pro Panel offers simple and secure access management features. This enables you to control access to services and sections with ease.

With it, you can:

  • Request access to client accounts and their purchased services
  • Quickly access clients’ websites and products securely
  • Set up services and hosting plans for clients and transfer invoices to them for payment
  • Configure user roles for people on your team and restrict access to websites and billings (coming soon)

Hostinger Partner Program

The new Hostinger Pro Panel also facilitates an easy way to join the Hostinger Partner Program.

This free-to-join initiative is specifically curated to work with the Hostinger Pro space to optimize customer management and take your web development business to the next level.

As a Hostinger Pro Partner, you can:

  • Get commissions for any new clients you bring in
  • Earn recurring commissions when your clients renew hosting plans or purchase services
  • Transfer existing client websites to Hostinger with our free automatic migration tool

How to Use Hostinger Pro Panel

Now that we’ve covered some of its benefits, let’s dive into a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to use Hostinger Pro Panel for the seamless management of clients’ websites.

Setting up Hostinger Pro Panel

Let’s begin by exploring the setup process for this new dashboard on hPanel.

1. Get Started

If you’re accessing Pro Panel from your Hostinger account for the first time, you will be greeted with a welcome screen.

Click on the Get started button to access your new dashboard.

The Get Started screen when you open Hostinger Pro Panel for the first time

2. Payment Method

After that, proceed with setting up payment methods.

The Add Payment Method section in the Hostinger Pro Panel dashboard

Here, you can select either PayPal or Wire Transfer to receive rewards through the commissions system.

Important! Make this decision carefully – once you’ve added your preferred payment method, it cannot be changed.

Navigating the Hostinger Pro Panel Interface

You’ll now have access to the Pro Panel dashboard, so let’s dive deeper into navigating its features and functionalities.

1. Overview

The Overview section has been carefully designed so that you can easily access all the essential elements of Hostinger Pro Panel in just a few clicks.

It gives you direct access to websites and clients from the menu on the left.

Meanwhile, the real-time payments tracker lets you monitor upcoming payments from commissions and view your total earnings at a glance.

The Overview section in the Hostinger Pro Panel dashboard

2. Websites

The Websites section can be accessed through the Overview tab or the sidebar menu.

Here, you can see all of your clients’ websites and Hostinger account information. The section also has options to perform bulk WordPress actions, add new websites, connect a personal website, access Atarim integration, manage individual sites, and make purchases for your clients.

It also provides an overview of the technical and security status updates of clients’ websites. These include SSL certificates, malware scanners, backups, the availability of WordPress updates, and WordPress vulnerabilities.

The Websites section in the Hostinger Pro Panel dashboard

3. Clients

Similar to Websites, web professionals have the option to access the Clients section directly from the Overview tab or via the left-hand menu.

Here, you’ll see details of all the clients you currently manage with your Hostinger account. The section lets you add new clients, remove existing ones, and buy hosting plans for customers.

Moreover, you can individually access a client’s Hostinger account through the Manage functionality.

The Clients section in the Hostinger Pro Panel dashboard

4. Upcoming Payments and Earnings

The upcoming payments and earnings section can be accessed through the Overview tab. It is designed to conveniently monitor your earnings with Hostinger Pro Panel.

The feature is divided into two sections:

  • Upcoming Payments – useful for tracking upcoming payments you have earned but are yet to receive from the commissions system
  • Earnings – helpful for tallying your Hostinger Pro Panel rewards earnings

This menu streamlines billing management for clients’ purchases, ensuring you can stay on top of your financials with ease.

The Upcoming Payments and Earnings section in the Hostinger Pro Panel

5. Domains

The Domains section of Hostinger Pro Panel presents a list of all your clients’ domains along with their statuses and expiration dates.

If a domain on the list is nearing expiration, you have the option to access the relevant Hostinger account to handle its renewal.

The Domains section in the Hostinger Pro Panel

Accessing Owned Services with Hostinger Pro Panel

To help you streamline operations, we’ve provided a quick access feature on the dashboard. This simplifies managing services of your own account, covering hosting plans, websites, domains, and Hostinger email accounts.

This quick access feature, called My services, can be found in the sidebar menu. Expanding the dropdown list presents you with these options:

  • Hosting – takes you to the Hosting section of your Hostinger account
  • Domains – leads you to the Domains section in your Hostinger account
  • Emails – directs you to the Emails section of your Hostinger account
The My Services drop-down list in the Hostinger Pro Panel

Adding and Managing Clients with Hostinger Pro Panel

We’ll now review the Clients section and discover how to use Hostinger Pro Panel to manage existing clients and add new ones.

1. Adding New Clients

Agencies, freelancers, and developers can effortlessly add new clients to the Pro Panel using our intuitive interface. Navigate to the Clients section and click the Add new client button.

The Add new client option in the Clients section of the Hostinger Pro Panel

After that, you’ll be taken to the following screen:

The Add Client section in the Hostinger Pro Panel asking you to specify the type of client

Here, select whether you want to onboard a completely new customer or an existing customer with a Hostinger account that you do not manage.

If the customer is new to Hostinger, you’ll have to fill in their details, choose a web hosting plan for them, and send an invoice to their email. The Pro Panel interface will guide you through the process step by step.

The Add a New Client window on the Hostinger Pro Panel

For existing Hostinger account holders, the process is slightly different. You’ll need to provide the client’s registered email address and submit a request to access and manage their services and make purchases on their behalf.

2. Managing Clients

Managing clients on Hostinger Pro Panel is very efficient. The tool offers you seamless access to the client grid, which displays their hosting account details and access status.

An Active access status means you have full control over the client’s hosting account and services.

Meanwhile, a Pending confirmation status indicates that the client hasn’t granted you full access yet. In such cases, we encourage you to contact the client to approve the access request so you can easily manage their account via Pro Panel.

Other than that, the section provides convenient client management features for onboarding new clients and shopping for client services.

The grid will also provide you with a Manage option for clients you have successfully onboarded. It takes you to the client’s Hostinger account, where you’ll then be able to manage the client’s purchased services and adjust their settings through hPanel.

The Manage client button in the Hostinger Pro Panel

To return to your own account’s dashboard, click on the Go back to my profile option on the top-right of the screen.

The option to go back from your customer's hPanel to your own account

3. Creating a Shopping Cart

Purchasing services for your clients by generating carts is one of the standout Hostinger Pro Panel features.

You can create the cart by clicking on the shopping cart symbol next to their Manage button and selecting Make a purchase for your client.

Pro Panel options to make a purchase for your client

You will then be able to generate a shopping cart for your client by selecting a hosting plan that matches their requirements.

The Hostinger service store you see when generating a cart for your client

After you select the preferred hosting plan for the client and add it to their cart, the page will take you to the cart summary.

Here, you can add a personal note to your client explaining the purchase and send it to their email as an invoice. Alternatively, it’s possible to send the cart to your clients using a unique link.

Once they pay for the service, you can start working on the project.

A generated shopping cart for a client

There is also the option to let clients shop for hosting plans and other services independently through the Use referral link option. This feature gives clients the freedom to make their own purchases while still allowing you to earn commissions.

The use referral link option that web pros can send their clients if they wish to make their own purchase

Managing Websites With Hostinger Pro Panel

Let’s move on to the Websites section and explore the Hostinger Pro Panel services that will help you manage clients’ websites.

1. Creating a Website

If you need to create a completely new site for your client, head to Websites on Hostinger Pro Panel and click on Add website → Add new website.

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to select a client. After that, click on Select plan and follow the outlined steps.

The Add website button in the Websites section

Hostinger Pro Panel for web professionals also integrates with Atarim, a visual collaboration and workflow tool. The feature enables a direct exchange of feedback between you and the client.

Clients can use the feature to view websites under construction and leave design suggestions directly on the web pages. You can check their feedback while working and make changes to the site accordingly.

It nurtures better client communication and enhances the site creation experience for all parties involved.

To access it, click on the Atarim icon next to your client’s Manage button and site creation platform logo.

The Websites section showing the Atarim functionality option

2. Managing Websites

Managing websites with Hostinger Pro Panel is a seamless experience. The dedicated Websites grid provides all the relevant information you need to check your clients’ sites.

You have the option to control what websites you see in the grid using the connect personal website feature.

The connect personal website feature that allows you to filter the websites you see on the grid

Meanwhile, the Bulk actions feature helps you carry out common WordPress tasks such as updating plugins, themes, and WordPress versions for multiple websites simultaneously.

The Bulk actions and website search feature in the Websites section of Hostinger Pro Panel

You can easily find out which WordPress websites have pending updates or vulnerabilities by looking at the WordPress tab.

The grid also features a Performance score tab that provides insights into the overall condition of clients’ websites.

Click the Manage button to access your client’s Hostinger account and use their hPanel to perform detailed operations, such as managing disk usage, installing WordPress, and running security checks.

The Manage website button in Hostinger pro Panel

Optimizing Operations with Hostinger Pro Panel

Let’s explore some resources that are available within your Hostinger account. These Pro Panel features will help you optimize workflows and elevate your service to the next level.

Optimized Performance

Experience maximum site speed and performance using LiteSpeed Web Server technology, advanced LSCWP cache, dedicated resources, performance-driven hosting plans, and cutting-edge features like HTTP/3 and IPv6.

Free Website Migration

Seamlessly transfer your clients’ websites to Hostinger using the free automatic migration tool with dedicated support, ensuring a smooth transition within 24 hours.

24/7 Support

Receive round-the-clock support from our expert Customer Success team through email and live chat. Our learning resources, step-by-step video walkthroughs, and extensive knowledge base of tutorials are also available if you want to solve issues independently.

Advanced Security

Leverage unlimited free SSL certificates, Cloudflare-protected nameservers guarding against DDoS attacks, and automatic backups to ensure robust security for your clients’ websites.

Reliable Uptime

Hostinger offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring all of your clients’ websites remain consistently available. That way, you can deliver smooth and uninterrupted services for your clients.

Earn Money With Hostinger Pro Panel

Here’s a quick overview of how the rewards system works under the Hostinger Partner Program:

  • You earn rewards when your customers pay for their first Hostinger hosting plan for a period of 12 months or longer.
  • Rewards are not applicable for purchases of domains, emails, and cPanel hosting.
  • To qualify for rewards, the referred client must remain active for at least 45 days after they pay for the service without initiating a refund.
  • You will receive a 20% commission on the price of the hosting plan your client purchases.
  • Additional purchases, upgrades, or plan renewals by your customers earn you a 10% commission.
  • You will receive commission payments via PayPal once you collect $50 from your referrals.
  • Commission payments through wire transfer are made after you collect $100 from your referrals.

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Hostinger Pro Panel is a game-changing tool for web professionals, freelancers, and web agencies seeking efficient client website management for revenue generation.

Its user-friendly interface lets you manage clients’ websites and Hostinger accounts, purchase services for clients, and keep track of your earnings – all from a single dashboard.

You also get access to comprehensive resources such as optimized server performance, globally positioned data centers, managed WordPress hosting, a free website migration service, 24/7 expert support, advanced security, and reliable uptime.

Since Hostinger Pro Panel is a brand-new addition to hPanel, our developers are working consistently to come out with even more features that will benefit you and your clients.

Don’t forget to join our Hostinger Partner Program and leverage the new Pro Panel to drive revenue and take your business to new heights.

How to Use Hostinger Pro Panel FAQ

Let’s review some of the most common questions about Hostinger Pro Panel.

What Is Hostinger Pro Panel and Who Is It Designed For?

Hostinger Pro Panel is a new client management tool addition to hPanel that is designed to help you efficiently manage multiple clients and websites from a single interface. You can easily add clients, shop for hosting plans and other services, and create and maintain clients’ websites – all from one Hostinger account.

Can I Make Money With Hostinger Pro Panel?

Yes, Hostinger Pro Panel is designed to work with the Hostinger Partner Program, which unlocks opportunities to earn commissions from your clients’ Hostinger purchases. Moreover, you can earn recurring commissions from client transactions when they renew hosting plans or purchase other services.

Does Hostinger Pro Panel Provide Any Security Features for Client Websites?

Absolutely. Hostinger Pro Panel offers comprehensive security for clients’ websites. We offer free SSL certificates, Cloudflare-protected nameservers, automatic backups, and malware scanners. Additionally, our multilingual Customer Success team and 99.9% uptime guarantee provide peace of mind, ensuring round-the-clock support and stable performance.

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