How Hostinger Manages To Offer The Highest-Quality Web Hosting Services At Unbeaten Prices

How Hostinger Manages To Offer The Highest-Quality Web Hosting Services At Unbeaten Prices

At Hostinger, our target as a company is simple: we aim to change the world by empowering everybody with the opportunity to unlock the power of the Internet – all through providing our users with the world’s fastest web hosting services at unbeaten prices.

Since we were founded over a decade ago, we have delivered on our target each year. We are still unbeaten in providing the world’s cheapest web host services, and we are consistently receiving amazing Hostinger reviews from our customers and online publishers.

You may be asking how a company with over 1.2 million customers worldwide manages to constantly perform at the highest possible level. Well, the answer is simple. We have built the Hostinger brand around making our customers our biggest priority and providing highly affordable products. As a company, we are also practical, innovative, and efficient. Think of us as the IKEA of the web hosting world, except we aren’t Swedish, and we don’t sell flat-pack furniture.

Read on to discover the secrets to our success, and how we have developed trust amongst our loyal customer base over the years.

The Customer Is Always #1

The customer is the main cornerstone of our success. Without gauging their feedback, we would not be where we are today. We simply ask them what they want, and we work towards delivering on their wants and needs based on their feedback. We are always working to implement best practices from the world of education and business in our customer service. In 2017, we introduced an innovative approach to improving customer relations by applying a method taken from the Montessori method of teaching to our peer reviews. If you are struggling with any aspect of your Hostinger product, our dedicated team of Customer Success agents is on-hand to help solve your problem. Whether you want to contact us through social media, forums, or the Hostinger website, just get in touch, and we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible!

If you didn’t know, our dedication to customer service is so strong, that EVERYONE working at Hostinger HQ spends at least one day per month working with our Customer Success department to better understand the customer’s needs and develop our brand accordingly.

Efficiency And Practicality Rock Our World

At Hostinger, one of our golden rules is to not waste resources. We do not waste money on expensive software, and we do not spend unnecessarily on hiring staff we do not need. We only hire the best in the field, and we work on the basis that one extremely competent employee is able to do the job of two-to-three mediocre workers. This streamlined and “non-bureaucratic” approach means our teams work in small, efficient clusters that focus on the tasks they are assigned to, whether it be customer support, engineering, or marketing and communications. Our lack of red tape means we can react faster to our customers’ needs than some larger competitors. This is because we are able to quickly set up new Key Performance Indicators, roll out changes to our products, and make changes based on customer feedback. Our approach to using open-source software means our employees are the happiest in the web hosting business because they are able to simply get on with their work without fear of software crashes.

We Never Stop Learning

Lifelong learning has been a major part of Hostinger consistently delivering the best possible service to its customers over the years. All of us at Hostinger believe that ongoing self-improvement is crucial to improving as professionals. As a way of self-improvement, we encourage our employees to attend the world’s best conferences in order to network, learn, and absorb new knowledge and working practices. We believe in reading to improve, and we are unafraid to ask questions to help each other grow as employees. We are not fans of “pseudo harmony”, and we believe that constructive criticism is the way forward as individuals and as a business. Our healthy working culture and emphasis on employee freedom keep our teams across the world motivated. Motivated employees are those who will work tirelessly to keep Hostinger at the very top of the web hosting game whether they be engineers, creatives, or Customer Success agents.

We Support You, The Innovators

Hostinger admires innovators, which is why we want to give you the power to create what you want on the Internet for as little money as possible. Over the years, we created 000webhost, a free website hosting platform that helps those on a seriously tight budget take their first steps online and bring their web-based ideas to life. Most recently, we helped to launch BitDegree, the world’s first blockchain-based incentivized Massive Open Online Course provider. We are also not afraid to give shoutouts to other online innovators, as you can see in our recent blog post about the .XYZ domain name. If we can help you realize your dreams with Hostinger, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out. That’s what builds customer trust, right?

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