How to Setup Email on Android


If you have an email account with your domain like and want to setup this email on Android device then this tutorial is exactly for you.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Email account
  • Android device

Adding new email account to Android

You can use any email client that you have available on your Android device. For our example, we are going to use Gmail mail client, but most steps will be almost the same on other mail clients as well.

Firstly access your mail client app on Android device and go to Settings > Add Account section.

Add new account

Select Other from the list to add your custom email account.

Add other

Enter your email address and click Next.

Enter email address

Select which type of incoming server you want to use – POP3 or IMAP. Generally, it is advised to use IMAP so you could synchronize all emails across multiple different devices. However, if you suspect that mail size that your provider allows you to use might not be enough, then select POP3 instead. You can contact your mail provider to make sure that both protocols are supported. Exchange option should be chosen only if you are using Microsoft Exchange mail service.

select incoming server

Enter your email account password and click Next.

Enter password

Check if all incoming server settings are filled in correctly.

Incoming server details

  1. Username – your email address.
  2. Password – your email account password.
  3. Server – Usually you can use your domain name or . To be sure, you can contact hosting provider for such details.
  4. Port – Ports can depend on the hosting provider as well, but the default ports for POP3 and IMAP are:
    • 110 POP3 without SSL
    • 143 IMAP without SSL
    • 993 IMAP with SSL
    • 995 POP3 with SSL
  5. Security type – This option should be used if you want to use mail services with SSL/TLS certificate. If no certificates are used then select None.
  6. Delete email from server – If you want to remove emails from the server when you remove them via your mail app then select When I delete from Inbox option. If you do not want to remove emails from the server then select Never.

If you are not sure what settings to use, contact your hosting provider.

When you fill in all the details click Next.

Outgoing server details

Fill in outgoing server details the same way you did with the incoming server. Default SMTP server port without SSL is 25 and 465 with SSL. When all details are entered click Next.

Account options

Select time intervals that you want to synchronize your emails with the mail server. If frequent mail synchronization is not necessary then it is advised to select a higher number in order to reduce battery usage. Additionally, you can select to be notified when an email comes, to sync emails from this account and to automatically download attachments when on Wi-Fi. If all settings were accepted then you will receive a confirmation message.

Account successfully created

That’s it, now you can use your personal email address with your mail client on Android device.


Following this tutorial will help you setup email on Android device. Now you can read and answer emails on your phone.

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