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How does a 99 cent domain 
help you succeed?

First Impressions

First Impressions

The quality of your domain is what people will remember your service by. You might have an excellent service, but in the 21st century - brand is king. Make sure your domain builds your brand the right way! A 99 cent domain can be one of the best investments you make.

Build your brand

Build your brand

A good domain works together with your brand or product. It’s the easiest way to make sure users can find your product or brand easily.

Increase your SEO rank

Increase your SEO rank

Fun fact - a domain name can contain a keyword. Significantly increase your SEO rank and stand out from the competition. Be king of the search results with an investment to a 99 cent domain. Sit back and watch your traffic grow.

Expand your possibilities

Expand your possibilities

Make a great impression by using a domain-based email solution! Promote and represent your brand with style! Build trust and a positive image! A 99 cent domain brings you more than you can imagine!

Why register your domain name with Hostinger?

A Registrar you can trust

We’re a registrar accredited by ICANN and proud of it. Choosing Hostinger, you get an established and trustworthy registrar.

The most competitive prices

We provide a low price service because we believe that the power of the internet should be accessible to everyone. We work for your success.

More than a Domain

We think of everything, including privacy. Get privacy protection that hides your contact details from public databases like WHOIS and many other features.

Choose the best TLD for you

XYZ Logo

.xyz - widely considered to be the next .com! Stay ahead of the curve! Get the latest trending TLD with a 99 cent domain.

Online logo

.online - get the domain name that will work for any project. eCommerce, personal portfolio or a business website.

Tech Logo

.tech - make your message clear! Running a blog about technology? Selling tech-related goodies? Choose a 99 cent domain that shows what you’re about.

Store Logo

.store- it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, .store shows that you mean business! Stand out from the competition!

Site Logo

.site - simple, catchy and easy to memorize. Secure the perfect one-size-fits-all domain.

Space Logo

.space - as the name implies, the sky is no longer the limit. Launch your presence into orbit with a TLD that will perfectly fit any forum, board or portfolio.

Website Logo

.website - the obvious classic in the making of this list. Simple, easy to remember and can cover any brand or business.

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