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Security of data transactions made between a client and data server is vital in today's digital world. Gaining customer’s trust & highest SEO rankings are essential for all type of websites. By getting cheap SSL certificate you comply with SSL/TLS protocol and your business transactions instantly become secure. It has never been easier to secure your website and boost SEO rankings with cheap web hosting. You are one click away from the installation of SSL/TLS certificate and gaining trust of your potential customers or visitors. Buy cheap SSL certificate and don’t worry about protecting your customer’s data. Lifetime SSL certificate is the cheapest SSL choice in the market, pay once - get security for a lifetime!

What is https & SSL certificate?

Free SSL fron hostinger will protect your clients personal data

HTTPS is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, the secured version of standard & popular in the past HTTP unsecured protocol. These protocols are used to send data between a website (server) and browser (client) & the 'S' at the end of HTTPS means that connection is secured and encrypted. Websites with https, contrary to HTTP, are protected by SSL security. Hostinger’s cheap SSL certificate is designed to provide you with all these bullet-proof security features.

Choose the Best Cheap SSL Certificate for your Website

Https vs. Http: cheap SSL certificate provides you with a lot of benefits for a very small investment. Buy SSL/TLS and beat your competition! When you're hosting your own site, it is important to think about every aspect of your business. With SSL security there is one less thing to worry about, as it provides your business with an instant shield from data theft, message forgeries, and eavesdropping. Get SSL protection together with your cheap web hosting plan and stop losing potential clients and visitors, gain trust, boost your SEO rankings & beat your competition now!

Website with no SSL


Your website is highly unsecure, vulnerable to data theft & low SEO...

  • - Type: No SSL installed
  • - No data encryption used
  • - Website is highly vulnerable
  • - Very weak for SEO
  • - Not trustful by visitors
  • - No Green Lock in address bar
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Lifetime SSL Security

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SSL security for lifetime! Pay once - secure forever with no annual fees.

  • + Provided for: Lifetime!
  • + Type: Standard LE SSL
  • + Levels of encryption: Strongest
  • + Encryption: up to 256 bit
  • + Compatible with: 99.9% browsers
  • + Mobile browser support: Yes
  • + Best for SEO: Yes
  • + Green lock in address bar: Yes
  • + Best for visitor's trust: Yes
  • + For personal & e-commerce use: Yes
  • + Money back guarantee: 30 days
  • + Level of security: Standard

PRO SSL Security

$ 7

Professional SSL Certificate for the strongest web security & businesses.

  • + Provided: Annually
  • + Type: Comodo PositiveSSL
  • + Levels of encryption: Strongest
  • + Encryption: up to 256 bit
  • + Compatible with: 99.9% browsers
  • + Mobile browser support: Yes
  • + Best for SEO: Yes
  • + Green lock in address bar: Yes
  • + Best for visitor's trust: Yes
  • + For personal & e-commerce use: Yes
  • + Money back guarantee: 30 days
  • + Level of security: Professional
  • + Relying party warranty: $10,000

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6 vital reasons to buy SSL / TLS Certificate with cheap web hosting

1Website security. Websites protected by cheap SSL certificate transfer all website bullet-proof encrypted data between a visitor and a server securely.

2Must-have for SEO. With Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) you will boost your website’s SEO traffic instantly! Google officially announced that SSL security is one of the major search ranking factors.

3Brand credibility. Increase your brand’s credibility as secured service long-term, by simply protecting all of the payments through your website.

4Increase your sales. Cheap SSL price is peanuts but benefits are huge! This is the cheapest way to boost your sales with almost zero investment.

5Gain trust. According to the latest web research, people buy on websites with SSL 10x times more than without it. Secure cheap web hosting will increase your revenue instantly because of the trust.

6No lawless incidents. Avoid cyber-criminal incidents that may lead into troubles with law & paralyze you from your business by using SSL/TLS protocol.

https VS http: how SSL encryption works

Https vs Http: cheap SSL certificate secures the path between website’s data server and client’s computer. Easily add a layer of security to your website by getting SSL encryption. SSL/TLS security features will improve your revenue as SSL security builds trust around your website. Websites with secure socket layer (SSL/TLS) rank higher on all search engine results too. Buy SSL to protect your client’s data & beat your competition today.

http: No Encryption (no SSL)

Free SSL fron hostinger will protect your clients personal data

With HTTP: Data traveling through a website without SSL security becomes vulnerable. It is easy for hackers and "man-in-the-middle" to steal all sensitive information from a website without SSL encryption. By getting cheap SSL certificate you protect your visitor's and client’s information from the loss of sensitive information, message forgery, and lawless intrusions. It’s a very small investment but can mean a lot for your business. All unsecured HTTP based websites will show a gray unlocked lock icon in browser address bar as a signal of unsecured connection.

https: Secure Cheap SSL Connection

Free SSL fron hostinger will protect your clients personal data

With HTTPs: Websites with SSL/TLS protocol are protected against data theft, it builds trust in your business and increases organic traffic. Transport layer security is a layer of security designed to encrypt all sensitive information and decrypt it only when it's safe. With SSL/TLS encryption you're able to protect not only e-commerce platforms, but small or medium websites like WordPress blogs or self-built portfolio websites. All secured https based websites will show green locked lock icon in browser address bar as a signal of a trustyworthy connection.

Why buy cheap SSL security?

Advance your cheap web hosting with cheap SSL certificate. Get the same solid website security with the industry's cheapest SSL price!

Boost your SEO ranking instantly

Https vs. Http: websites with SSL/TSL protocol climb to the top search results in all of the search engines faster than those without SSL. In fact, those without, are almost invisible as they're not on the first pages of the search results. It is essential for all business’ to be visible and easily accessible for their clients. Make sure your website stay on top of your competition!

Become a trustworthy brand

A lock icon and green URL address bar of web browser indicates a website people can trust. Websites with SSL encryption are trusted more than websites without it. An increased credibility in your brand will boost your sales effortlessly. Don’t be afraid to invest a little more on transport layer protocols as it will only bring you benefits. Build a brand that everyone can trust!

Stop illegal online activity

Businesses not protected by transport layer security (SSL/TLS) are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hackers. Weak websites are often used for data theft, message forgery, and eavesdropping. This then can be used to gain financial benefits from you or your visitors. Get cheap SSL to protect your website from hackers, do not let them paralyze your business.

Dominate your competition

Have a brilliant product but not enough people to buy it? Get SSL encryption and increase your website’s traffic. It’s easy to beat the competition with SSL certificate as your SEO ranking boosts together with the credibility of your brand. SSL is one of the major reasons why clients will buy from you, not from your competitor.

Let your clients trust you

It is no secret that websites with encrypted data transactions are trusted by potential buyers more than websites without the encryption. No need to lose any more clients, as SSL encryption carefully encrypts the data passed to your server from a client and safely decrypts it once it reaches your server. Trust will always convert into sales!

Make everyday your Payday

By using transport layer protocols (SSl/TLS) you increase SEO traffic to your website as the path between you and your client becomes trustworthy. Increased traffic & assured secure payment systems boost your revenue instantly & bring you a steady flow of money constantly. With almost no investments into real trustful sales.

How does cheap SSL/TLS certificate work?

Wonder how does SSL work? In a few words: visitors computer will ask for secure SSL connection, the server will provide SSL certificate & public key backup, then the computer will send to server an encrypted key and server will decrypt it with established secure connection. Websites without SSL/TLS protocol are exposed to easy data theft, message forgery, and eavesdropping. With cheap SSL certificate not only do you gain security & your customers’ trust, but also improve your SEO ranking, therefore your revenue doubles in no-time! Bring your website to the next level by buying SSL encryption.

How secure SSL connection works
Visitors computer
Hello, is your connection secure?
Sure, I'm sending my certificate now!
How secure SSL connection worksServer
How secure SSL connection worksVisitors computer
Great! Ready to establish a safe connection?
I will encrypt the path now and decrypt it when it's safe!
How secure SSL connection worksServer

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It is no secret that Google and all other search engines, rank all websites that have SSL certificates better than those without it. Start your website with SSL secure cheap web hosting and shoot two birds with one stone: gain high SEO results and success your sales by beating your competitors.

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