Reaching a million databases – 000Webhost Phenomenon

Reaching a million databases – 000Webhost Phenomenon

Percona Live Open Source Database Conference is an industry-leading event for the best database engineers all around the globe and covers such topics as database architecture, design and security, solution scalability and performance.

000Webhost at Percona Live Europe 2017

000Webhost has more than 17 million unique users on almost a million databases. Our head of engineering, Balys Kriksciunas will be giving a talk on the difficulties met in the way. “We will show why we got rid of traditional web server – to – database server stack and started to use a more powerful and effective solution. In the talk, we will present the roadmap of test and trial for various changes.” – says Balys when asked about major changes realized. He will also be talking about the outcome of our partnership with the creator of ProxySQL – René Cannaò and will present our new architecture.

Balys is our head of engineering and has been working on 000Webhost since the beginning. 000Webhost one of the biggest projects at Hostinger. Before his work at Hostinger, he was a data engineer at Rackspace.

Due to these new complex solutions implemented, 000Webhost is now able to scale much faster with better performance and serve much more users at once. Our automated solution will migrate users (without downtime) between nodes which are running out of space or are overloaded.

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