How to Automate WordPress Backups to Dropbox using UpdraftPlus Plugin

How to Automate WordPress Backups to Dropbox using UpdraftPlus Plugin

Your website’s data is important and valuable. It is necessary to protect it and backup regularly. This tutorial shows you
how to automate WordPress backups to Dropbox your account.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

Step 1 — Installing UpdraftPlus Plugin for WordPress

Open up your WordPress Admin Area and navigate to Plugins section. Click on Add New and fill the search bar with UpdraftPlus:

Installing UpdraftPlus Plugin

Click on Install now and Activate Plugin on the following screen:

Activating plugin

Step 2 — Configuring UpdraftPlus Plugin

Go back to Plugins section and find recently installed UpdraftPlus plugin. Click Settings:

Navigating to Plugin's Settings

Navigate to Settings tab in order to set up the plugin.

  • Backup schedule sections describe how often backups are taken. Choose weekly in order to make backups every 7 days.
  • A number near retain this many scheduled backups defines how many recent backups to keep. Chose 2-3. Keep in mind that larger number requires more space in your Dropbox account.
  • Finally, highlight Dropbox logo to set it as the destination for the backups.

Setting up UpdraftPlus

Step 3 — Authenticating with Dropbox

Scroll down and save changes:

Save Changes for UpdraftPlus

Locate Authenticate with Dropbox section and click the provided link:

Authenticate with Dropbox

You will be taken to Dropbox login screen where you should log in and then Allow access for UpdraftPlus on the following screen:

Log in to Dropbox

If you don’t have a DropBox account, you will need to register first

After the authentication you will be taken back to UpdraftPlus plugin screen and notice the backup is already in progress:

UpdraftPlus backup in progress

Backups will appear on your Dropbox account under Apps/UpdraftPlus folder:

Backups appear in Dropbox under Apps folder


Now you know how to set up periodic WordPress backups and automatically send them to your Dropbox account.

UpdraftPlus plugin also offers many other backup destinations like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Furthermore, you can customize
the backup process by choosing what to backup and how often.

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