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10 Jun • Website

Domain vs Hosting: Definition and Differences

Domain names and web hosting services are essential elements of a website. In essence, a domain name serves as a site’s address, while a hosting...

By Nabilla R.

12 Nov • WordPress

How to Install WordPress Plugins

As one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), WordPress offers high flexibility and numerous customization options. It offers a wide...

By Nabilla R.

13 Sep • WordPress

How to Remove Query Strings From Static Resources in WordPress

A website URL (Uniform Resource Locator) consists of several different components – a protocol (HTTP or HTTPS), a domain name, and a path. All of...

By Nabilla R.

28 Mar • Glossary

What Is SEO? A Comprehensive Guide for 2021

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a practice of optimizing your web pages to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP). SEO...

By Nabilla R.

13 Feb • WordPress

How to Find and Fix Broken Links in WordPress

Finding a 404 Error on your website is a very frustrating sight for both webmasters and site visitors alike. According to statistics, whenever a...

By Nabilla R.

08 Feb • WordPress

WordPress Theme Editor: A Beginner’s Guide

A WordPress theme refers to a bundle of files that includes images, style sheets, and code. It defines your website’s visual appearance and...

By Nabilla R.

13 Jan • WordPress

11 Best WordPress LMS Plugins for Your eLearning Site

Many people seek more interactive and practical ways to learn, be it learning how to play a musical instrument or mastering web development. This...

By Nabilla R.

30 Dec • WordPress

WordPress Featured Images

Including visual elements in your WordPress site is a great way to capture the attention of your visitors. Moreover, when paired with a comprehensive...

By Nabilla R.

18 Dec • WordPress

30 Best Free WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Blogging has become an effective solution in digital marketing strategies for businesses all around the world. When it comes to blogging platforms,...

By Nabilla R.

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