How to Migrate From Shared Hosting to VPS With cPanel

How to Migrate From Shared Hosting to VPS With cPanel

In this article you will overview each stage of shared hosting account migration to VPS with pre-installed cPanel/WHM. Every step has a link to detailed tutorial with screenshots explaining what needs to be done.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Access to shared hosting account
  • Access to VPS
  • Your domain’s management panel access

Step 1 — Transferring full cPanel backup from shared hosting account to VPS

The first thing that you need to do is generate and transfer your cPanel backup to VPS. This process is clearly described in How To transfer full cPanel backup to VPS tutorial.

Step 2 — Setting up cPanel/WHM on VPS

Once the backup transfer is complete you need to access WHM panel and run the Initial Setup Wizard. Every step of this process is explained in How to set up the cPanel/WHM on VPS tutorial.

Step 3 — Restoring backup on the VPS using WHM

In order to successfully migrate the account, data restoration is one of the essential steps. You will find all the required information in How to restore backup on VPS with cPanel/WHM tutorial.

Step 4 — Pointing domain to the VPS

The last stage involves DNS and nameserver management so your domain starts pointing to the new VPS server. You will be able to complete this last stage by following How to point a domain to VPS server tutorial.


You have just learned a hassle-free way of migrating shared hosting account to VPS with cPanel. In the process, you have been introduced to cPanel/WHM functions and DNS management which will surely help you in your further endeavors to learn!

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