15 Nov • MySQL

How to Allow Remote Connections to MySQL Database on RHEL/CentOS

In this article, you will learn how to allow remote connections to MySQL on an RHEL/CentOS server or VPS. This way, you can manage your MySQL database...

By Edgaras G.

31 Oct • MySQL

SQL Server vs MySQL: Overview, Similarities, Differences

SQL Server vs MySQL is a hot argument since both are the two most popular database management systems out there. In this article, we will explain what...

By Domantas G.

25 Oct • MySQL

How to Create MySQL User and Grant Privileges: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to understand the basics of MySQL operations? Read on, as this article will show you how to create a user in MySQL. You’ll also...

By Domantas G.

27 Mar • MySQL

SQLite vs MySQL – What’s the Difference

A core part of any website or development design is the database. There are several databases available on the market. SQLite, as well as MySQL, are...

By Edward S.

14 Dec • MySQL

What is MySQL: MySQL Explained For Beginners

If you want to learn about technical terminology more easily, without frustrations, you’ve come to the right place. We make web hosting easy,...

By Richard Boyett

07 Feb • MySQL

How to Use HeidiSQL to Connect to a MySQL Database

HeidiSQL is an all-in-one tool for database management, development, and administration. You may use HeidiSQL to remotely connect to a database...

By Domantas G.

30 Nov • MySQL

How to Copy a Database with phpMyAdmin

You may need to copy (duplicate) an existing database in order to test changes on your website or for a similar reason. This tutorial shows you how to...

By Domantas G.

28 Sep • MySQL

How to Optimize a MySQL Database Using phpMyadmin

Databases can grow quite large, particularly on websites with a lot of content. In such cases, optimizing a database should help improve the...

By Domantas G.

01 Jun • MySQL

How to Export MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

The easiest way to backup or migrate your website’s data is by exporting your database. If you’re managing a MySQL database, phpMyAdmin can...

By Domantas G.

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