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Angie is a content writer at Hostinger. She specializes in all things WordPress and loves to help people learn about this CMS.

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10 May • Marketing

7 Tips for Writing Good Website Content

Your website’s content can determine your online business’s success. If the copy doesn’t resonate with the site’s visitors, they won’t...

By Angie V.

06 May • Marketing

How to Choose the Right Domain Name?

A domain name is what the visitors will write into the search bar of their web browsers to access your site. That’s why it’s essential to ensure...

By Angie V.

28 Apr • Marketing

Do I Need a Location to Run a Business?

If you finally decided to quit your 9-to-5 job and start your own business, you must be prepared for what’s ahead. You should have a clear plan of...

By Angie V.

21 Apr • Marketing

Is Instagram Enough For My Business

An Instagram for Business account is a must for every online brand. It’s a great way to gain visibility for your business and build a community of...

By Angie V.

05 Feb • eCommerce

How to Sell Online and Make Money: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Studies estimate that by 2023 online retail market share will account for 22% of retail sales worldwide. That’s a 6.5% increase compared to 2020,...

By Angie V.

05 Feb • eCommerce

How to Start a Business 101: Complete Guide From Zero to Profit

Conducting in-depth market research and choosing the best organizational structure are just some of the steps in the business preparation process....

By Angie V.

05 Feb • eCommerce

How to Start an eCommerce Business: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide 

COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s buying habits. According to one report, the social distancing requirements accelerated the online market’s...

By Angie V.

27 Jan • Domain

How To Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is how people will find your website online. That’s why it must be memorable and easy to spell. It should also be related to your...

By Angie V.

27 Jan • WordPress

How To Install WordPress in 3 Simple Steps

The process of installing WordPress depends on the hosting provider. Some will need you to download and install WordPress manually. Others will...

By Angie V.