Black Friday Week: 7 Ideas To Make Every Day Count

Black Friday Week: 7 Ideas To Make Every Day Count

Black Friday week is almost upon us, and if you have prepared your website, there’s not a lot more you can do. Or is there? Of course, there is! This is one of the most crucial weeks for eCommerce businesses in the entire year, and we won’t let you miss the chance to capitalize on every single opportunity, every single day.

Here are 7 ideas, one for each day of the week, to help you improve even more your Black Friday offers and sales.

1. Multiple Offers on the Same Day

During Black Friday, people are bombarded with information, making it hard to grasp and keep their attention. To create a sense of urgency, a good idea is to present more than one offer on the same day. 

It could be one in the morning and one in the evening or offers separated by one or two hours. By doing so, you’re sending a signal to clients that there will be something new for them at different times within the day. You’re encouraging them to return to your website, check back, and re-engage.

2. Create Product and Services Bundles

Certain products are meant to be bought together, but customers usually don’t have the budget or the time to buy them as packages. Create bundles, packages, or stacks of your products and services at a reasonable price and help customers get more of what you have to offer.

This is not just a great way of selling more of your products but an opportunity to show people how they can combine things in future purchases. Sometimes, you don’t know you need something unless you see it. Offering your customers products as a bundle could be the beginning of more upsells in the future.

3. Gamify the Experience

One of the holy grails of owning a website is getting people to engage with your content. Driving traffic to your website is excellent, but it all goes to waste if people don’t click or spend time on your pages. A great way to do that is by sprinkling gaming elements into the whole experience.

Imagine someone lands on your website, and a pop-up invites them to click on a wheel of fortune to get a discount code or to pick one of six hidden boxes to receive a gift card. How many people would resist the urge to play a simple game with a reward for them on the other side? Not many. 

PS: Make sure the pop-up designs are consistent with your website and overall branding, as you don’t want to push people away thinking it’s spam.

4. Offer Rewards for Minimum Spend

A huge discount is hard to say no to, even for the most careless buyers. What if that discount came with a minor condition? Announcing at the beginning of the week that your big discount happening on Black Friday is eligible for people who spend a minimum amount during the week can play a huge role in your overall sales and marketing plans.

It’s not even about getting people to spend money during the week in order to claim the big offer on Friday. It’s about getting new potential customers. Even if someone only spends $10 to claim the big 50% discount, they are now part of your future re-marketing efforts.

5. Free Shipping Thursday 

According to Statista, 73% of people are more likely to buy an item if it includes free shipping. The announcement is simple, and the results will be immediate. “The day before Black Friday, anything you buy from our website includes free shipping.” Free shipping is probably the most significant incentive for potential customers to click the buy button. 

Give them an entire day to enjoy this offer and see your cart abandonment stats reach their lowest levels ever.

6. Offer Value in a Different Way

Gifts, discounts, and offers are the most direct and effective ways to get people to your website. They are what the whole Black Friday idea is built on, after all. But what if you could give your customers the same satisfaction, the same thrill, and willingness to buy without necessarily addressing those three pillars? Here’s what you can do. 

Depending on the nature of your products or services, you can include a unique, one-off element related to them. If you sell books, offer signed copies from the authors. If you sell clothes, suggest a design that only comes out on Black Friday, with a limited amount of pieces that won’t be restocked during the year. If you have a cooking website, offer a masterclass with a known chef – you get the idea. 

Value is not only measured by money. Offering people the opportunity to access something unique can be an equally powerful driver.

7. Extend the Offers

Giving people a chance to capture the magic of Black Friday the following days is a power move. The chaos happening on the day might not allow them the opportunity to buy something even if they had the intention of doing so.

Pop an email the following morning and tell them they didn’t miss their chance. The offer still stands for another day or two, and they can shop with the peace of mind they need. That way, you can make the weekend following Black Friday count as much as the actual day.

The Week in Review

One could argue that trying to do too much might overload or confuse people. While that might be true for some instances, the Black Friday week is not something you should take lightly or treat like any other occasion.

It’s the time of year that you, as a website owner, need to go all out. Pull out every ace, trick, and offer you have under your sleeve and make every day count. Keep people engaged, excited, and keep them guessing. Stay active during the entire week and see your website get flooded with traffic and purchases.

Good luck!

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