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Looking for the best web hosting platform for your Joomla! Website? Get cheap Web Hosting with one-click Joomla! Installation.

Look no further. Hostinger will provide you with the best platform to develop, manage and grow your Joomla! website. Easy one-click installation, automated updates and 24/7 Customer Support will make it effortless for you to run your business. Here’s why you should host your Joomla! website with Hostinger.

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Free Domain

Personalize your Joomla! website even more. With every Premium or Business cheap web hosting plans you get a free domain name. Turn your brand into a well-known name with a personalized domain name and grow your Joomla! website with ease. It’s easy to kickstart your online journey with an easy to use Joomla!

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Intuitive Media Manager

Joomla understands that managing all your files and media can be difficult at times, therefore it has developed an industry leading media manager. Upload, organize and manage any type of files and folders effortlessly. Integrated Article Editor will also let you access all other media files for easy management.

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Banner Management

Become an affiliate and earn money online with smart banner management provided by Joomla! Tips and tricks on how to place your banners, make them yourself or take advantage of multiple banners. Banner Manager will help you monetize your website quickly and with ease as it is created and developed by users to users.

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Technical Support

Joomla! as well as Hostinger has a large community of developers and internet enthusiasts. All queries regarding web hosting with Joomla! will be answered efficiently, with tamely manner. Endless amount of tutorials and forum threads will provide useful information on setup, development and upbringing of your website, blog or business.

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