WordCamp Sevilla: Meeting the Spanish WordPress Community

We are honored to sponsor WordCamp Sevilla as part of our commitment to the WordPress community.

If you know anything about websites, you probably have heard about WordPress. Many swear by its plugins and themes, but I would argue that the main thing that sets WordPress apart is its supportive and close-knit community.

And there is no better way to get the most out of this community than attending a WordPress WordCamp.

On November 5th, we did exactly that. A group of Hostingerians, myself included, took part in WordCamp Sevilla to learn, share, and connect with others passionate about improving WordPress.

Why WordCamp

With over two-thirds of our clients using WordPress, we have a very real and up-to-date idea of what users love about the platform – and of its shortcomings.

Since WordCamp events are informal and community-driven, we connect with new users and experienced developers. We get a good idea of how different types of users approach our services and who they need more support from – either their web host or the WordPress community.

It’s also a learning experience, as these events help us provide the best possible WordPress experience for our clients. From performance-specific conversations to up-and-coming releases and features, there is something for everyone at WordCamp.

Making Connections at WordCamp Sevilla

At WordCamp Sevilla, our main message was customer obsession. Since it’s one of our company principles, sharing our experiences of customer interviews with the audience was a no-brainer. During our time on stage, we discussed that simple and honest yet effective communication with clients is key to achieving results in business.

This led to many great conversations with the attendees at our booth later. We discussed topics like the pros and cons of cPanel and our custom-built control panel and the hosting needs of web agencies.

Attendees could also get some of our memorabilia and participate in our sweepstake. Four lucky winners walked away with hosting plans, backpacks, and jumpers.

We also gifted WordPress hosting plans for educational organizations that teach how to get the most out of WordPress. This way, we hope to do our part to bring WordPress closer to everyone and help them succeed online.

Why WordPress

We firmly believe that there’s a reason WordPress is so popular and successful. Behind nearly half of all the world’s websites, WordPress makes it easy for anyone to realize their dreams online.

From thousands of plugins and themes to choose from, the open-source nature of this CMS brings the community together in an unprecedented way. Web agencies, communities of sustainable farmers, and even fetish eCommerce stores use WordPress – it’s great for any business niche.

We are also part of the Five for the Future initiative, meaning that we are contributing 5% of our company resources to developing and improving WordPress.

What does that mean in reality, though? Every week, 27 of our experts collaborate with the WordPress development teams, working on various projects ranging from back-end development to support, documentation, marketing, and more.

Where Are We Headed Next?

We’ve been to WordCamp US, and now we have interacted at WordCamp Sevilla. It’s only natural to wonder where you can catch us next.

Our eyes are on WordCamp Zaragoza to meet the rest of the Spanish WordPress community in January 2023.

The author

Gustavo B.

Gustavo es un apasionado por la creación de sitios web. Se enfoca en la aplicación de estrategias SEO en Hostinger para España y Latinoamérica, así como la creación de contenidos de alto nivel. Cuando no está aplicando nuevos trucos en WordPress lo puedes encontrar tocando la guitarra, viajando o tomando un curso online.