Hostinger Culture That Fuels Personal and Global Growth

Hostinger Culture That Fuels Personal and Global Growth

Culture Flows From the Core Principles

Once in a while, we get a question about how Hostinger’s company culture was created. While it’s tempting to share all the great things that contribute to it, it is not possible to do so, as we are a 1000 culture ambassadors company. Hostinger culture is an outcome of people’s everyday behavior. If you encourage the right conduct in every step of a person’s actions, great culture is a natural outcome. If you promote ownership for every person, then you’ll have a culture of ownership. If you endorse learning and reading, then curiosity will be built into the culture. If you encourage candid feedback, you’ll have a culture of openness and progress. If you let your colleagues understand that mediocre work is worse than no work at all, you’ll have a culture based on high standards.

Over time, we have recognized what we value the most in each other and have defined this set of behaviors and skills as what we call “Hostinger’s Principles”. That is how we, here at Hostinger, define what most companies call the “cultural fit.” We follow our Principles in every step of the way to decide who gets hired, rewarded, promoted, or let go.

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Start With Why

Simon Sinek, a British-American author and inspirational speaker, once said: “Start with why”; so at Hostinger we continuously strive to find the answer to this question and to make our work as meaningful as possible.

Our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of the Internet by giving them tools to learn, create, and grow online. This allows us to understand the scale of our work and the global impact of it on a daily basis.

As a customer-obsessed organization, we are persistently trying to find out what our clients need the most. We have a mission to make life easier for website developers and their customers. Our company idea supports this mission by offering stable, fast, and simple website hosting solutions, at a price so low that nobody can beat it.

Living by Hostinger’s Principles empowers us to move towards our vision and mission faster. How? We believe that people make decisions based on two things: information they have about the subject and by the principles they follow. Given that all information is transparent within the organization, we assume that knowing and living by Hostinger’s Principles helps everyone in the organization to be owners and to make decisions quicker by overcoming “corporate politics” and “hierarchies”. It also pushes us to experiment and hop on trends early. This decision-making framework not only allows Hostinger’s people to become leaders but also allows us to succeed in our number one priority – making sure our customers experience that “wow moment” even faster.

Hostinger’s Principles in a New Light

Since Hostinger doubled in size in the past years, reaching our 1000th employee, our culture has evolved. With our Principles, it has worked wonders resulting in enormous company growth. 

What has changed? Actually, the concept and the basics have remained the same. We are still a customer-obsessed organization. That means we start with the Customer and work backward to deliver the best results.  A company’s culture is a living organism, something that evolves over time. Initiatives such as the Manager’s Academy are bright examples of our evolution, giving Hostinger employees the chance to develop their skills, learn more and become better professionals.

We also added explaining statements to each of the Principles so that it would be easier for everybody to align themselves with our conduct and follow it in everyday work.

Here are the Updated Hostinger Principles

Execution is everything

These Principles are not something new or magically invented. In some ways, we can even call them common sense. But as John Doer says: “Ideas are easy, execution is everything.” These principles really are special to all of us here at Hostinger as we live by them day by day. For us, it is what makes the difference between scaling and failing. If the culture is weak, there is no belief in the company, neither from the customers nor from employees.

We believe that encouraging our employees to follow our Principles in every step not only helps Hostinger scale but also brings success to our Customers and fellow colleagues!

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The author

Gabriele Z.

Gabriele is part of Hostinger's People Team and is responsible for spreading and exemplifying company principles and culture. She also consults and coaches managers and their teams. In her free time, Gabriele likes to sing and play the piano