How to Cross the Atlantic Ocean While Working Full-Time: Luz Celeste’s Story

How to Cross the Atlantic Ocean While Working Full-Time: Luz Celeste’s Story

Imagine working in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Most would say it’s a dream, but for Luz Celeste, a Customer Success Agent at Hostinger, it’s a reality. Continue reading to find out how she sailed over 5,000 nautical miles and entered the tech industry. 

Attention, Luz Is Aboard!

Luz has always been inspired by stories about sailors, being in the water, and watching starry nights.

Ironically, she realized she wanted more freedom in life on a sunny day: “The day looked perfect from the big windows… But I was there, behind them.” 

Finally, after taking vacations in Peru and the Amazon, she decided to quit her job as a manager at a large bank in Mexico. With a degree in Economics and over 5 years of experience in finance, she felt that it was time to pursue her passions.

She sold all her stuff – even plates and cups – and set off to travel the world. Everything changed in Kenya, where she decided she wanted to cross the seas. Then, she went to the harbor to meet sailors to understand where to start her journey and take the first regatta course. 

Since then, Luz has turned her dreams into reality and:

  • Visited more than 40 countries;
  • Lived in over a dozen countries;
  • Sailed in the Mediterranean as a First Officer;
  • Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 16 days, from Cape Verde to Grenada.
 Luz Celeste on a boat

Entering IT Waters

Luz was eager to learn something new related to the IT field and align her career with her personal values. To do this, she had to find an IT company that values freedom. Luckily, almost two years ago, she found Hostinger on LinkedIn.

“Hostinger looked like the best shot,”  – says Luz.

Hostinger has fully remote positions in various fields that give employees the opportunity to work from anywhere. The company also provides the right tools to learn and develop your career fast. 

 Luz Celeste working on a boat

Luz joined the Hostinger team right before starting to cross the Atlantic, blending her love of travel with her curiosity for the IT world. “The freedom and adventure I found at sea are now integral to my approach to life and work,” – she shares.

Interested in working at Hostinger? Check out our Career page and apply today. 

Sailing Success: Lessons From the Journey

As a solo nomad, Luz faced numerous challenges that taught her invaluable lessons, which she now applies in her work as a Customer Success agent. “Visiting places where I didn’t know anything made me highly adaptable and resourceful. I had to communicate with whatever tools were available, think quickly, and multitask to ensure my safety and peace of mind.” 

A memorable experience for Luz was living in the Middle East, where she had to adapt to a culture vastly different from her own. This taught her the importance of cultural sensitivity. 

 Luz Celeste wearing traditional clothes

Additionally, participating in regattas and sailing across the Atlantic helped her learn how to work closely with others, be open-minded, and handle unexpected challenges while respecting people from various backgrounds.

“These qualities are essential in Customer Success. Understanding diverse customer needs, effectively communicating, and providing tailored solutions are crucial for building strong relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. The resilience, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity I developed during my travels directly contribute to my ability to support and empower customers in their own journeys,” – says Luz.

Navigating Tasks and Waves

Balancing life at sea with work requires three essential elements:

  • Good internet connection;
  • Efficient time management skills;
  • Flexibility.  

Luz uses Starlink for the internet, which works great in calm weather but can be unreliable in bad conditions. Despite preferring less connection, she understands the need for SIM cards to notify her team quickly if something goes wrong, allowing her to adjust her schedule accordingly. 

Having effective time management skills, Luz sees travel as a lifestyle. “It’s about finding a place with a good internet connection and a comfortable workspace, whether it’s by the sea, in the jungle, or somewhere else. This setup allows me to balance my responsibilities effectively while still enjoying beautiful surroundings.”

 Luz Celeste next to an elephant

A Hearty Blessing From the Seas

Luz Celeste’s adventures navigating the seas have enriched her personal life and equipped her with unique skills for her role as a Customer Success agent.  Her story emphasizes that every step taken toward a dream is an opportunity to learn and grow. 

She says that anything is achievable if you are in the right place. For those who dream of similar adventures, Luz advises: “I know it sounds cliché, but follow your heart because those who have done so will never tell you not to.”

The author

Rafaella Teixeira

As part of the Communications Team, Rafaella is responsible for building the best Employee Experience for LatAm and Remote teams. When off duty, she likes to explore the benefits of a nomadic life by discovering new cities and embarking on culinary adventures in her kitchen.