Customer Success Rockstar: Marisa Aprilliyana’s Performance on and off the Stage

Customer Success Rockstar: Marisa Aprilliyana’s Performance on and off the Stage

Meet Marisa Aprilliyana, a true rockstar shining both on stage and Hostinger’s backstage. As a Customer Success (CS) Specialist and an aspiring singer who recently became X Factor Indonesia 2024 finalist, Marisa’s story shows how you can balance tech with music. Read more to uncover the connection between her musical journey and enhanced performance at work. 

Melodies and Milestones

Marisa has been singing for as long as she can remember, “Singing allows me to express myself freely; whether I’m sad, angry, annoyed, sleepy, or excited, I sing.” 

She even began writing songs to express her emotions. However, Marisa didn’t consider singing professionally. She was afraid this one thing she liked would fade away along the way; she was also not ready to sing in public.

Finally, after 27 years of avoiding the spotlight, Marisa felt that the time had come.  Encouraged by her supportive family and friends, she mustered the courage to audition for the X Factor Indonesia.

This decision proved to be a turning point. 

“Auditioning and participating in X Factor was more of a mental challenge than a singing contest”, – she said. The experience taught her resilience and stress management, and she learned to handle public scrutiny and criticism. 

Impressively, Marisa reached the Top 5 in X Factor Indonesia 2024, performing at Gala Live Show 10 – an outstanding achievement, especially considering this was her first-ever singing competition.

Marisa Aprilliyana performing

Supportive Work Environment

Having worked for almost five years at Hostinger, Marisa deeply resonates with the company’s principles. She is particularly motivated by the balance between Deliver Results and Freedom and Responsibility, which emphasizes getting things done your way.

Marisa Aprilliyana performing

She also values the culture of candid feedback driven by the Courage and Candidness principle that fosters continuous improvement and growth. These values have also been instrumental in pursuing her hobby with the same dedication and enthusiasm. 

During the five-month journey through the X Factor competition, Marisa seamlessly integrated participating in the contest into her work. “Before joining the competition, I made sure to discuss my plans with my manager and team. They were incredibly supportive; kudos to my colleagues for helping swap shifts, which made it possible to manage both work and the competition,” – explains Marisa.

“Some of my fellow contestants had to quit their jobs to participate, but Hostinger’s principles empowered me to balance my professional and musical aspirations effectively.”

Lessons From Music

Marisa believes her hobby has significantly improved her emotional intelligence, helping her be more empathetic when talking to customers. She explains that singing has always been a way of expressing her emotions, “When I get upset, singing helps me release those feelings and improves my mood”. This has been crucial in her role as a CS Specialist, where managing emotions is key. 

“The TV show was like a mental boot camp. It helped me learn a lot about myself and how to handle real-world challenges. This has made me appreciate my work environment even more.” 

The mental fortitude she developed through the X Factor competition has enhanced her ability to manage emotions and criticism constructively, making her a better CS Specialist.

Marisa Aprilliyana performing

Harmonizing Professional and Musical Dreams

Balancing a tech career with a passion for music might seem challenging, but Marisa Aprilliana makes it work. Her strategy? Working in a supportive environment and taking one step at a time. 

“Right now, my main focus as a CS Specialist is achieving my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at Hostinger,” – Marisa shares. Meanwhile, her musical goal is to release her own songs. 

Marisa encourages others to embrace their passions, “You only live once, so live! You better try everything while you still have the chance.” 

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