Hostinger Sustainability Report 2023: Making a Social Impact

Hostinger Sustainability Report 2023: Making a Social Impact

At Hostinger, we recognize social impact as a fundamental component of sustainability. While environmental efforts often come to mind first, true sustainability also encompasses how we affect positive changes in society.

In this latest Hostinger 2023 Sustainability Report, we’re proud to share the ways we’re pushing forward sustainable development and making a positive social impact. Let’s take a peek at our ongoing efforts.

Hostinger 2023 Sustainability Report

Download the Hostinger 2023 Sustainability Report to see how we’re turning commitment into action across all areas of our business.

Leveraging Technology for Socioeconomic Impact

As a company, we believe our role extends beyond providing services – we are an integral part of society. It has always been our mission to empower entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals to launch their ideas online, harnessing the full potential of the Internet.

With our accessible digital solutions, we contribute to socioeconomic development by bridging the technology gap. Our user-friendly products help people establish online businesses, generating new streams of income and creating job opportunities.

We also provide 000Webhost, a free hosting platform that can be a starting point for learners and aspiring developers. Without spending a dime, anyone can start learning and experimenting with website development with it.

Additionally, we provide resources to help people maximize what they can do online. Our Hostinger Tutorials website and Hostinger Academy YouTube channel are among those resources.

We’re always excited to celebrate our clients’ accomplishments and share them far and wide. People can read their journeys and successes through our Client Stories project. The series showcases the real impact of our client’s visions when supported by our services.

Hostinger's booth at WordCamp Europe 2023 that displayed our Client Stories videos in our huge video background

On top of that, this past year has been huge for us – we’ve reached new milestones with more than 5.3 million websites hosted globally. Our commitment to customer satisfaction continues to strengthen, as proven by our Trustpilot score, which rose from 4.2 in 2021 to 4.6 in 2023.

These achievements reflect our dedication to meeting the expectations of our clients and improving continuously. Just like two of our 10 Principles – Customer Obsession and Highest Standards – we always strive to give our clients the best service possible.

Education as a Catalyst

We aspire to inspire positive changes in the industry we serve. One of our ways to do this is by providing people worldwide with the tools and facilities to unlock the power of technology.

However, we are aware that access to technology can be challenging in remote and underserved areas. For these parts of the world, access to education is still a significant challenge, let alone access to technology. Therefore, we want to help break down these barriers through targeted initiatives that make a tangible, long-term difference in such communities.

In 2023, we supported the Groundbreaker Talents program, providing scholarships in Software Engineering for underprivileged Ugandan women. This support included funding, mentoring, and educational resources, in an effort to foster the next generation of IT talent.

A Groundbreaker Talents participant during one of the learning sessions

For the 2023 initiative, Nisha Yadav, a Video Content Creator at Hostinger, will jump at the chance to mentor for Groundbreaker Talents.

“Through this mentoring program, I aspire to foster a nurturing and insightful experience for my mentee, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the IT field,” Nisha says. Her goal is to see her mentee become a successful IT professional and a future leader who can contribute innovatively and ethically in their domain.

This initiative is part of our ongoing collaboration with Groundbreaker, a non-profit organization that connects donors with small local initiatives in the Global South.

Previously, in 2021, we collaborated with Happy Hearts Indonesia to rebuild a middle school in Indonesia. Groundbreaker helped pave the way for that collective effort. This reflects our commitment to not just start projects but also to grow and sustain them over time.

We have also supported the Unicorns LT Association in organizing the national IT Exam in Lithuania, as well as donating to the initiative. Our team contributes by reviewing exam tasks to ensure they are challenging and up to standard for students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

Impact Beyond Numbers: Bias Towards Supportive Actions

Our approach to corporate social responsibility has always been about being agile and responsive. We are ready to mobilize our resources and expertise to meet emerging challenges. This flexibility allows us to engage meaningfully in global issues, such as our support for our neighbor, Ukraine.

We have been supporting Ukraine since 2022. Initially, we contributed over 150,000 euros to various causes supporting the country. Our efforts continued into 2023 with a donation of 50,000 euros to non-governmental organizations VšĮ Mėlyna ir Geltona and Ukrainian Refugees.

Hostinger's drone workshop participant assembling his drone

This year, we continue our partnership with Ukrainian Refugees to scale up the production of first-person view (FPV) drones, which are essential for Ukrainian defense efforts. To make this happen, we held five workshops at our offices in Lithuania, where our team members rolled up their sleeves to put these drones together. One workshop in April welcomed employees’ friends and family members to join. Moving forward, we’re open to other companies to learn and scale this initiative together.

Empowering Team Members Through Personal Development

Here at Hostinger, we’re as passionate about empowering our clients as we are about supporting our team. These talented individuals play vital roles in driving our achievements, that’s why we make it a priority to create a workplace where everyone feels supported and has room to grow.

This commitment shapes our approach to personal and professional development. We invest in comprehensive training programs, prioritize a healthy work-life balance, and encourage ongoing professional growth. It’s about creating opportunities that not only build skills but also promote overall well-being, which includes personal fulfillment and job satisfaction.

Hostinger employees joining Woof Yoga

Our dedication to nurturing a positive work culture is reflected in our 2023 Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which came in at a stellar 65 out of 100.

To put this in perspective, the average eNPS in the IT sector is 26. Achieving an eNPS of 50 or above is generally considered excellent, indicating that our team members view Hostinger as a highly recommended place to work.

This improvement also becomes a testament to the health of our company culture and our efforts to promote employment sustainability. By ensuring our team feels valued and supported, we’re not just improving our company – we’re creating social impact from within.

Commitment Continues: The Path Forward

We strive to not only create social impact but also work on the environment and governance. Our 2023 Sustainability Report lets us share the full scoop on our efforts to keep our operations green and our governance accountable, offering stakeholders a deeper understanding of our progress and dedication.

The report also covers our measures to reduce our environmental footprint, such as energy conservation, prioritizing renewable energy in our operations, and our application of circular economy principles. It details our governance practices, including our structure, ethical standards, and compliance mechanisms that bolster accountability and transparency.

Our journey toward more significant social impact doesn’t end here – it’s an essential part of our daily operations and every decision we make at Hostinger. We will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainability, and we look forward to sharing this ongoing journey with you.

If you have questions or feedback about the report or our sustainable practices, feel free to contact Rūta Grigaliūnaitė, our Sustainability Manager, at

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