Indonesia: Hostinger and Niagahoster Rebuilt a School to Improve the Quality of Education for a Local Community

Indonesia: Hostinger and Niagahoster Rebuilt a School to Improve the Quality of Education for a Local Community

Continuous learning and gaining new skills are inevitable in the technology era. However, in some remote and suburban areas, it still seems like a challenging process. For this reason, in early May 2021, Hostinger and Niagahoster started providing better and more proper education facilities in Indonesia by rebuilding Wali Ate Middle School. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact on the Local Community 

The school facility is located in Wali Ate, Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Sumba is one of over 550 islands of Nusa Tenggara Timur and is considered one of Indonesia’s most impoverished and underdeveloped areas. Most households have no electricity, running water, or adequate sanitation. As a result, children lack the opportunity to access proper education. 

Therefore, choosing Indonesia was not accidental. Furthermore, Hostinger and our subsidiary Niagahoster are fortunate to build a school in a country where we have our offices. We recognize it as an opportunity to be close to the local community and see the direct impact on the learning environment. 

Collaboration With Happy Hearts Indonesia

With the help of implementing partner Happy Hearts Indonesia, children in Sumba, Indonesia, will receive education in a safe, earthquake-resilient school building. To achieve this goal, many renovations were carried out, from rebuilding classrooms, sanitation, toilets to providing books and stationery for teaching and learning purposes. After reconstruction, Happy Hearts Indonesia will conduct WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) as well as disaster readiness training to educate students, teachers, and communities. Additionally, teacher and school management programs together with literacy courses for students will be run for five years to guide each school toward self-sustainability.


The spirit of #BuildSuccessOnline and unlocking the power of the Internet is the incentive of Hostinger and Niagahoster to develop products and share their technology and benefits with millions of people worldwide by giving them tools and facilities to learn, create, and grow.

We hope this great initiative is only the beginning of our future endeavors! 

More information about this initiative by Entrepreneurs For Knowledge is here.

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