29 Fresh Blog Ideas to Get You Started in 2024

Starting a blog is an excellent way to share your passion and find a following of like-minded people. 

If you gain a following large enough, you can even build an online community, where people gather to have discussions and learn from each other.

Blogging can also be a useful marketing tool for your business or a way to earn additional income. 

However, coming up with fresh and new blog ideas can feel like a challenge, especially for beginners who want to start blogging without any previous experience.

To help you figure out what to write about, we’ve put together the best blog ideas for 2024. Perhaps you’ll find something here to get inspired by.

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The 29 Best Blog Ideas to Help You Get Started

While there are potentially hundreds of ideas you can try out, picking one closest to your interests will be much easier to get into.

These are some of the blog ideas to get you inspired by. However, feel free to blend some of the topics together to make your own unique niche.

1. Teaching Music 

Mastering an instrument or understanding music theory takes a lot of practice and time. Music is a skill that can seem like a massive challenge to beginners.

This is an opportunity for experienced musicians or music teachers to share their knowledge. You can create a blog with interactive lessons and attract people that want to learn more about this skill. 

A great educational music website to draw inspiration from is Teoria. It features musical exercises to help readers understand music theory’s fundamentals. 

If you’re still unsure how to go about this particular blog topic, here are a few blog post ideas to help you get started:

  • Basic tutorials for beginners.
  • Practical tips to learn an instrument fast.
  • Simple explanations of complex musical concepts.

To produce engaging music lessons, consider following these suggestions:

  • Use different content types, such as videos, images, infographics, and animated flipbooks.
  • Include mini-quizzes in the blog posts.
  • Utilize tools like Flippity to provide interactive activities like matching games and bingo cards.
Flashcards, Quiz Shows, Randomizers and more examples of Google Sheets with Flippity

Make sure to use a comment feature on your music blog so readers can ask questions and provide feedback.

Once a wider audience recognizes your blog, try monetizing it by giving exclusive content for members only. You can also offer paid private lessons, like LessonsOnTheWeb.

2. Music Review Blogs

Starting a music review blog is an excellent option for music enthusiasts or those who work in the music industry. There are many ways to make money in this niche, from writing sponsored posts or product reviews to selling music merchandise.

Many blogs like Pitchfork and Tiny Mix Tapes cover multiple music genres to cater to different kinds of music lovers. Other sites like Popjustice have a narrower focus, drawing in visitors with specific music interests only.  

Pop Justice New Music Monday featured article

Besides providing albums and songs reviews, many music review blogs offer these types of content as well:

  • Music release news.
  • Fun facts about your favorite artists.
  • Interviews with local musicians.
  • Latest music events.
  • Articles on music history.

Starting a music review blog doesn’t require you to write a new blog post each day. Still, it’s crucial to be consistent when delivering content to your readers. 

3. Games Blogs  

If you’re an avid gamer and always following the latest games or consoles news, consider starting a game reviews blog. The gaming industry grew exponentially over the years, and 75% of people in the United States had at least one video enthusiast in their household.

With many video game genres and gaming platforms available, it’s better to pick a particular gaming topic to focus on. For instance, Video Chums focuses on positive gaming reviews only and leaves more controversial topics, like console wars, out. 

Video Chums page featuring reviews of Moose Life and Asdivine Cross

Here are several gaming topics to consider:

  • Gaming walkthroughs.
  • Specific consoles and gaming systems.
  • Gaming equipment.
  • Mobile games.
  • Virtual gaming.

A game reviews blog usually offers news about upcoming game releases and updates. It also provides listicles of the year’s top gaming roundups and interviews with professionals within the gaming industry.  

One of the best ways to start getting income from game reviews blogging is by joining affiliate marketing programs offered by companies like Logitech, Big Fish Games, and Leprestore. You’ll earn a commission when people click on your affiliate link or purchase certain products or services. 

4. Let’s Play Blogs

If you’re a video game fan, chances are you already know what Let’s Play is. Many popular YouTubers feature this genre in their gaming videos, including PewDiePie and Markiplier

Though Let’s Play comes mainly in the video format, it’s also possible to create a Let’s Play in a written form. One example is InvertY – a game diary blog that shows the snapshots of what the writer plays each day. 

Besides simply reciting what’s going on when you play a game, sharing helpful gaming tips or hacks can also be a great blog for a Let’s Play blog.  

Here are other content ideas to get started:

  • Most favorite game of the month or year.
  • The ultimate guide to game strategies.
  • Life stories as a gamer.

When creating a Let’s Play blog, it’s important to include visual content like videos or images. For example, ECTMMO uses screenshots to show the writer’s adventures in MMO games.

Screenshots of MMO games on ECTMMO website

One of the ways for Let’s Plays bloggers to earn money is by selling ad space. There are many ad network alternatives for the gaming industry to consider, such as Rubicon Project, Select Media, and Ad4Game.

5. eSports Blogs

If you’re passionate about competitive online games or eSports like League of Legends and CS:GO, then this blog idea is for you. With over 400 million eSports viewers in 2019, there are many potential readers to reach in this industry.

Several top eSports blogs are eSportsJunkie, ESC, and eSports Heaven. These websites offer various topics, ranging from interviews with team coaches and players to tournament statistics.

A Decade of Doublelift on eSports heaven

Here are some blog ideas for an eSports site:

  • Videos of online matches and play highlights.
  • eSports watching guides.
  • Articles about eSports teams.
  • The marketing and business side of eSports.

An excellent way to attract traffic to an eSports blog is to contribute to popular websites like The Esports Observer and Esports Insider. Doing so can help you get instant exposure and build relationships with peers in the professional online gaming industry. 

Also, once you hone down your blogging skills, you can be hired as a guest writer for sports news websites and online sports magazines for additional monetary gain.

6. Book Blogs  

Starting a book blog is a great way for avid readers to share their passion for books and connect with like-minded people. Not to mention, many book bloggers have been lucky enough to secure free books from authors and publishers in exchange for exposure on their site.

Some blogs like The Books Across focus on multiple genres, allowing the site to reach a wide variety of audiences. There are also sites like Sci-Fi and Scary that limit their scope and establish the blog as a go-to resource for genre-specific content.

Homepage and Testimonies of The Books Across

Generally, book bloggers create reviews about their latest reads. If you don’t have any experience with this blog topic, you can follow this guide to writing book reviews.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to include a book review policy page on your blog. This page can help authors and publishers decide whether your site is the right place to feature their work.

Other common types of content found on book blogs include: 

  • Top book roundups of the month or year.
  • Listicles of upcoming publications.
  • Reading challenges.
  • Author interviews.
  • Favorite reading lists.
  • Tips for better reading.

Since book blogs are quite popular, consider getting creative with your content to make your website stand out. For instance, Reader Voracious holds an annual award for readers to vote on their favorite books, which is a great way to encourage visitor engagement.

7. Fitness Blogs

Talking about health and fitness is one of the best blog ideas for a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or person with a passion for a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides helping people on their wellness journey, many fitness bloggers use their sites to generate passive income and increase their exposure to a larger audience.

Love Sweat Fitness and Kayla Itsines are excellent examples of fitness blogs that provide helpful fitness advice and free workouts for women. This type of blogging business plan is ideal for growing traffic, which leads to successful affiliate marketing and merchandise sales.

A featured workout on Kayla Itsines websites

Instead of talking about fitness in general, try to pick a specific fitness category and only create content related to that topic.

Here are some of the most popular fitness blog categories:

  • Workout ideas.
  • Personal fitness stories and journeys.
  • Fitness product reviews.
  • Fitness advice.
  • Inspiration and motivation.

For your first fitness posts, consider choosing any of the following content types:

  • Myth-debunking articles.
  • Beginner guides.
  • Pros and cons articles.

Aside from affiliate marketing, there are many ways for a fitness blogger to make money. You can offer premium exercise plans, sell eBooks, or start online personal training.

8. Sports Blogs

If you’re a sports enthusiast or work in the sports industry, starting a blog can be an excellent way to share your passion and expertise. 

Choosing a particular sport to focus on can further increase your chances of getting high-quality traffic, making it easier to monetize your blog. 

For example, 101 Great Goals and Who Ate All the Pies provide only soccer-based content, attracting fans who keep coming back to these sites. 

Featured articles and highlights on Who Ate All The Pies website

Here are some of the most popular sports in the world, and each one can be used as your primary blog topic:

  • Football.
  • Cricket.
  • Hockey.
  • Tennis.
  • Volleyball.

A sports blog usually features news stories about the major leagues and the latest trends and insights within the sports industry. 

Other than that, here are common types of content found on a sports blog:

  • Interviews with famous players.
  • Game previews.
  • Lists of best-ever players.
  • Sports gear reviews.
  • News related to the major league.

As a sports blogger, it’s essential to spend time interacting with your readers and answering questions from visitors. That’s how you can develop an active community that will bring steady traffic to your site. 

9. Art Blogs

Starting an art blog can be a great way for artists, art lovers, and art critics to share their knowledge and passion for art and design. Moreover, artists who have artworks to sell can use a blog to increase their sales.

One of the excellent art blog examples is Lines and Colors, which has a rich collection of articles about various art forms such as painting, sketching, and illustration. 

Another blog that aims to inspire artists is Booooooom!. This site contains news, trends, artists’ profiles, and art critiques. 

Booooom! art blog home page

Besides showcasing and talking about their artwork, art bloggers usually offer advice on finding inspiration and getting into the art-making process.

Here are other blog post suggestions for an art blog:

  • Tools to create arts.
  • Favorite art teachers.
  • Interviews with other artists.
  • DIY art projects for newbies.
  • Favorite art museums.

To make it easier for potential clients to reach out to you quickly, make sure to add a contact page to your blog that shows your name, email address, and phone number. 

Another tip for art bloggers is to use Pinterest as their marketing tool. This social media site can link images with blog pages, allowing potential readers to find art they love and go directly to the artist’s blog.

10. Pet Care and Wellness Blogs

Nearly half of American pet owners spend the same amount of money on their pets’ health care as they do on themselves. 

If you’re an animal expert or a veterinarian, creating a blog about pet care can be the best way to provide free education to people who want to learn more about their animals without having to go to the vet.

Depending on the writer’s expertise, a pet care blog can concentrate on a specific animal or a wide range of pets. 

Pawsitively Pet is an example of a blog that focuses on different animals, from cats to exotic creatures. On the other hand, blogs like Angel Dog Diary choose to cater to a particular audience – dog owners. 

Angel Dog Diary is a blog focused on dog owners

To start a pet blog, consider using some of these content ideas below:

  • Health, safety, and training methods.
  • Fun games to play with pets.
  • Pet food trends.
  • Advice on pet insurance.
  • Ways to keep pets comfortable during winter.
  • Pet product or service recommendations.

Ensure to add high-quality pictures to your pet blog posts. Besides helping draw in more readers, using stunning photos can also improve a site’s ranking on search results.

11. Travel Blogs

Travel bloggers can earn up to $10,000 per month, making this niche one of the most profitable blog ideas. If you’re a traveler or a person whose dream job is to get money from traveling, then this blog idea can be worth serious consideration. 

Traveling is a broad topic, so it’s essential to pick a specific niche or audience before starting a travel blog. A good example is Be My Travel Muse – a blog that focuses on tips and tricks dedicated to solo female travelers. 

Be My Travel Muse offers advice for solo female travellers

Here is a quick list of best travel blog topic ideas:

  • Ecotourism destinations.
  • Road trip travel.
  • Traveling with kids.
  • Solo travel.

A common blog post for a travel blog is to share insights with readers who want to learn how to turn their dream trip into reality.

Here are other common types of content in a travel blog to try:

  • Latest travel experience.
  • Interviews with other travel experts.
  • List of tools that you can’t live without when traveling.
  • Detailed cost breakdowns for trip budgeting.
  • Best festivals to attend.
  • Tips for packing with just a carry-on suitcase.
  • Travel bucket list ideas.

One of the income sources for a travel blogger is freelance writing. If you start writing for other sites, ensure to create a portfolio page like Alex in Wanderland to show the list of all your publications. 

12. Food Blogs

Starting a food blog is an excellent opportunity for chefs, self-taught cooks, and anyone who has a passion for food and cooking to share their knowledge with other food lovers. 

There are various topics to write about when choosing this blog niche. For instance, A Couple Cooks and Downshiftology focus on providing recipes for home cooks, while other sites like Behind the Food Carts choose to publish food review blog posts.

Homepage of Downshiftology featuring a barbacoa recipe

If you’re interested in starting a food blog, here are some of the best blog post ideas to try:

  • Share seasonal recipes.
  • Create a list of favorite cookbooks.
  • Recreate recipes and share the results.
  • Share your meals of the week.
  • Talk about your culinary journey. 

One thing that’s also important is to make your food blog easy to navigate, helping readers find the content they’re looking for quickly.

The following suggestions can help to improve a food blog’s usability:

  • Use a picture gallery to make it easy for people to understand what kind of meal a recipe is for.
  • Create food blog categories based on recipes you create most.
  • Feature a recipe index to let readers search through past recipes and archives easily.

13. Restaurant Guides

Travelers usually use a restaurant guide blog to find eateries when visiting a new city or country. If you’re a food critic or love to try different restaurants in town, blogging about this topic can be a way to share your discoveries and ideas. 

Some restaurant guide blog examples that contain hundreds of well-written restaurant reviews are The Picky Glutton and Paris by Mouth

Paris by Mouth home page featuring a story about restaurants opening in Paris with Covid-19 regulations

A restaurant guide blogger usually uses a few criteria when writing a review, such as the food quality, service, decor, and ambiance, as well as prices. 

Additionally, there are other common elements that a restaurant review blog post includes, such as:

  • Directions and opening hours of an eatery.
  • Ratings of individual meals.
  • Pros and cons comparison.
  • Other great alternatives to the place.

Besides providing reviews, a restaurant guide blog can also feature other types of content like interviews with chefs and restaurant owners, best eateries of the month or year, and new restaurant openings.

To create a successful restaurant guide blog, try these suggestions:

  • Use sites like Yelp and Allmenus to find trending eateries and dishes that people love in your area.
  • Learn and research the places and dishes you want to write about.
  • Promote your food blog via social media and food forums.

14. Food on a Budget Blogs

If you know how to cut grocery budgets and spend less on meals, you can help other people save money on groceries through your blog. 

Some budget food blogs to learn from are 5 Dollar Dinners, Good Cheap Eats, and Budget Bytes. These blogs offer various types of content, ranging from recipes to meal plans.

Budget Bytes blog featuring a Spinach pie recipe

Here are several blog posts for a budget food blog niche:

  • A list of digital coupons and deals.
  • Slow cooker meals.
  • Meatless meal recipes.
  • Instant pot dishes.

An excellent method to keep readers coming back to a food blog is by building an email list. Doing so will ensure your readers will get notified when new content gets published, increasing the chances of them returning to your site.

15. Desserts Blogs

Blogging about desserts is an excellent idea for dessert lovers, self-taught bakers, pastry chefs, and other baking industry professionals to share their expertise. Not to mention, many dessert bloggers even publish cookbooks after blogging for several years.

Call Me Cupcake, Butter and Brioche, and Hint of Vanilla are examples of successful dessert blogs within this niche. One factor that they have in common is they feature eye-catching photos, making their content look more appealing to the readers.

Butter and Brioche home page with a big picture of a pastry

Besides offering dessert recipes, here are other blog post options:

  • Best dessert spots in town.
  • Baking supply organizing ideas.
  • Top cake decorating trends of the year.
  • Baking terms 101.

The following suggestions can help to build a successful dessert blog:

  • Show appreciation by answering reader questions and replying to their comments.
  • Consider learning basic food photography techniques.
  • Promote your blog content using social media like Pinterest and Instagram.  

16. Nutrition Blogs

If you’re a nutrition expert, a certified dietitian, or wellness coach, starting a nutrition blog is an opportunity to educate and inspire people to eat healthily. Besides, it’s an excellent method to attract potential clients to use your services.

The Gut Health Doctor, Edwina Clark, and Vicky Newbold Nutrition are nutrition blog examples that offer various informative articles, ranging from wellness strategies to easy-to-digest meal recipes.

Vicky Newbold blog featuring an article about performance nutrition

Since nutrition is a broad market, it’s better to stick to a narrower focus. Some popular topics to choose from are:

  • Diet-specific food.
  • Weight management.
  • Disordered eating.
  • Sports nutrition.

Consider using any of the following topic suggestions as your first blog post:

  • Tips to improve human immune system with food and lifestyle habits
  • Ways to stay healthy when working from home.
  • Healthy eating habits.
  • Methods to solve health issues through proper nutrition.
  • Best times to eat a particular food.
  • Beginner guides in eating healthy.

Make sure you also promote your nutrition blog to gain more visibility and traffic. The more people visit and share your site, the bigger the chance of monetization.

Pro Tip

The first step towards setting up a blog is registering a domain. Right domain name can make your website stand out. If you’re starting a lifestyle blog, .life domain would be your perfect choice.

17. Beverage Blogs

Beverage blogging is the best choice for those who work in the beverage industry, like a barista, craft brewer, and bartender. This blog niche is also great for people who want to share their exciting recipes and help readers find new ways of preparing their favorite drinks. 

For beverage business owners, starting a blog is a great practice to promote their products. For example, Brew Dr. Kombucha ensures to mention its product in almost all of its blog posts. 

When starting a beverages blog, you can talk about a variety of different drinks like The Spruce Eats or focus on a specific audience. For example, Manual Coffee Brewing and The Way to Coffee only cater to coffee enthusiasts, providing basic manual coffee techniques and coffee shop reviews. 

Way To Coffee offers an opportunity to find specialty coffee shops in your area

Here is a list of several blog posts for beverage blogs:

  • Seasonal beverage recipes.
  • Beverage product reviews.
  • Homebrewing techniques.
  • Upcoming beverage events.
  • The ultimate guide to wine tasting.
  • Best food and beverage pairing.
  • Fastest coffee makers of the year.

18. Teaching a Language

If you’re a language educator or fluent in a specific sought-after language, starting a blog can be an excellent way to share your knowledge and connect with like-minded people in your profession. Moreover, a blog is a good way to gain more exposure and reach more potential students.

One of the best language learning blog examples is Tofugu, which features well-written posts illustrated with various photographs, videos, and animations.

Tofugu language learning blog

A language learning blog usually contains vocabulary tips, reading guides, and conversation lessons.

Here are other content ideas for a language learning blog:

  • Listening exercises.
  • Self-learning materials.
  • Beginner guides on grammar.
  • Video tutorials on pronunciation.

One of the methods to monetize a language learning blog is by providing an online course

Create a successful online course by following these suggestions:

  • Structure a course by grouping together similar themes, ideas, and tips.
  • Use engaging and compelling content like videos and images.
  • Encourage people to enroll by running discount promotions.

Suggested Reading

Find out more teacher website examples for your reference.

19. Gardening Blogs

Creating a gardening blog is an excellent idea for gardeners and plant geeks who want to share their knowledge about plants. 

It’s also a great way for people to learn and discover something new about gardening and have their questions answered by the writers in the blog’s comment section. 

Garden Betty is a gardening blog example that provides tips and tricks based on her experience. This blog comes with inspiring photos, helping to boost readers’ understanding and retention.

Garden Betty Blog

There are many gardening topics to choose from, such as:

  • DIY gardening.
  • Square foot gardening.
  • Vegetable garden.
  • Herb gardening.
  • Container gardening.
  • House plants.
  • Flower garden.

A gardening blog usually covers the ideas, tools, and resources to help readers reach the next level in gardening. 

This blog niche can also educate and help the readers figure out what may be wrong with their current plants and provide a guide on how to fix them.

Other post ideas for a gardening blog are:

  • Beginner guides in gardening.
  • Best plants to grow.
  • The pros and cons of growing a specific plant.
  • A list of favorite plants.
  • Guides on how to look after a garden or greenhouse.

For more inspiration, check popular posts of other gardening blogs online. 

20. News Blogs 

If you’re an aspiring journalist or simply passionate about writing about newsworthy topics, consider starting a news blog.

Although many news blogs provide worldwide news updates, it’s better to concentrate on a specific country, locality, or community. Doing so can help your blog become an authority in the area more quickly since it’s easier to optimize local SEO with less competitive search terms.

One particular trait of many news blogs like BuzzFeed and HuffPost is that they publish articles every day and on a consistent basis. 

Huffpost featured post about Joe Biden

To find blog posts for each day, try to follow these suggestions:

  • Follow the social media accounts of politicians and companies.
  • Visit websites like BuzzSumo to find ideas on the latest news.
  • Subscribe to some press releases like PRLog, PR-Inside, and Newswire.

21. Movies Blogs

Blogging about movies is a great way for movie lovers to express their opinions on films or television shows they care about. With hundreds of films released each year, there is always something new to write about in this niche.

There are many ways to run a movies blog, from talking about movie recommendations to discussing movies of a specific genre. For example, Dread Central is devoted to only horror and thriller movies. 

Move trailers and reviews onDread Central

Writing reviews is a typical post idea used by many movie blogs. A movie review usually includes a summary of a film and the writer’s perspective about it. 

Besides that, here are other common types of content in a movies blog:

  • The best and worst sequels or remakes.
  • Movie critics.
  • Awards show predictions.
  • Book-to-screen adaptations.
  • Reviews of film streaming services.

22. Teach a Programming Language 

Learning a new programming language can be difficult for people who don’t know where to start or what to practice. If you’re a developer or have strong programming skills, creating a programming blog can be an excellent way to teach and make complex concepts easy to understand for beginners.

A programming language blog can feature one or more programming languages. David Walsh Blog and Reactgo are examples of sites that cover different languages, ranging from JavaScript to Python. 

However, running a blog that focuses on a single programming language like Emmanuel Hayford can be a great way to cover the topic in greater detail.

David Walsh Blog featuring article about importance of cybersecurity

Besides offering tutorials and beginner’s guides, a programming language blog usually provides these kinds of topics:

  • Project ideas for beginners.
  • Best laptops for programming. 
  • Top online developer communities.
  • Tips for working as a freelance developer.
  • Commonly asked coding interview questions.

23. Business Management Blogs

If you have experience managing businesses, starting a business management blog can be an opportunity to help other business managers or small business owners develop their leadership skills. 

Great Leadership and Mark Sanborn are some blog examples that share valuable sources to guide and inspire business managers. Another great one is Ask a Manager, which provides answers to common questions in management. 

Ask a Manager answers a lot of questions common to management

A business management blog mainly deals with leadership strategies, tips on working more efficiently, and practical hiring methods. 

Here are some other ideas for a business management blog:

  • Day-to-day responsibilities as a business manager.
  • Methods of communication with different types of employees and customers.
  • Ways to be a better listener.
  • Learning about and getting rid of bad management habits. 

24. Marketing Blogs

Another popular business blog idea that’s worth a try is marketing. Blogging about this topic is an excellent way for marketing experts to share their advice, guides, and marketing and sales practice methods.

If you decide to become a part of the marketing blogging community, you can focus on a specific marketing method or cover several promotion types like Marketing Land.

Marketing Land home page with featured articles

One idea to get started with is to share the latest marketing trends and showing readers what promotion strategies they should be focusing on.

Besides that, there are other marketing post suggestions to consider:

  • Laptop for blogging
  • Guides to media planning.
  • Marketing statistics that every marketer should know.
  • Best free marketing tools. 
  • Interviews with other marketing experts.
  • Debunking marketing myths.

25. Entrepreneurship Blogs

Blogging about entrepreneurship is an excellent way for business owners or people with an entrepreneurship degree to share tactical tips and motivational quotes to those who want to start a business. 

An example of this blog niche is Yaro Starak, which mainly deals with advice and valuable insights on starting and growing a new business.

Yaro Stark featured articles, focused on how to sell online

Here are several common topics in an entrepreneurs blog to get started with:

  • Ways to stand out from the competition. 
  • A challenging part of being an entrepreneur that no one talks about.
  • Tips to get funding.
  • Success stories of other entrepreneurs.

Should you want to build relationships with other writers and establish authority in your niche, consider trying guest posting

The following suggestions can help you create a high-quality guest post:  

26. Photography Blogs

If you’re working as a photographer or love to take beautiful pictures, then creating a blog can be an excellent way to educate others about photography. It’s also a great chance to showcase your recent work, attracting more clients to work with you.  

A photography blog has many different categories to choose from, such as weddings, sports, and lifestyle. Richard Bernabe is an example of an adventure travel photography blog that offers tips on capturing great pictures in nature.

Richard Bernabe featuring photography tips

Photography blogs also usually provide professional advice, such as equipment to get started with and standard camera settings for newcomers. 

Here are other topics for a photography blog:

  • Gear reviews.
  • Editing tools tutorials.
  • Answers to FAQs.
  • Most interesting projects.

When choosing a photography blog theme, it’s better to pick a clean and minimalist design. Besides highlighting the visual content, a simple template can load faster, therefore, enhancing user experience.  

27. Environmental Blogs

This blog idea is best for environmental journalists, people who work in non-profit organizations, or want to raise awareness about environmental issues and share insights about eco-friendly life.

Some “green blogs” that share content across various ecological and sustainability issues are The Skylark and The Environment Show. CarbonBrief and ClientEarth are other blog examples that focus on a specific environmental topic.

Client Earth blog focuses on advice about environmentally friendly lifestyle

Here are several popular environmental blog topics to choose from:

  • Climate change.
  • Depletion of natural resources.
  • Ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle. 
  • Global warming.
  • Wildlife conservation.

Besides providing information about environmental problems, many blogs of this niche also contain articles that show readers how to tackle those issues and protect the environment. 

Other common topics in environmental blogs include:

  • Reasons why forests are important.
  • Main types of pollution. 
  • Examples of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • An open letter to businesses about sustainability.
  • A list of factors that cause an environmental issue.

Aside from blogging, consider starting an environmental podcast like The Ethical Hour. It helps generate more traffic to a blog and makes it easy for visitors to consume your content anytime and anywhere.

28. Interior Design Blogs

If you’re an interior designer or have a business in this industry, starting a blog is one of the best ways to showcase your work and share your design knowledge.

All Sorts Of, Old Brand New, and Coco + Kelley are a few of many inspiring interior design blogs that feature well-written content and stunning images of their designs.

Coco Kelley blog for interior design inspiration

To make your blog stand out, ensure to pick an interior design sub-niche that suits your interest and knowledge. 

Here are some popular interior design topic suggestions:

  • Luxury design.
  • Minimalism.
  • Small living.
  • DIY decor.
  • Wallcovering. 
  • Kitchen design.

Generally, interior design blogs offer ideas and how-to guides for those who want to decorate their house or rooms.

Besides that, here are other examples of typical interior design blog posts:

  • Comparison between two types of designs.
  • Curated lists of products.
  • Colour schemes and combination ideas.
  • Interior design trends of the month or year.
  • Interior design FAQ.

29. Automotive Blogs

For people who run a business or work in the car industry, starting an automotive blog can attract new leads and be seen as experts in their field. 

Blogging about cars is also an excellent way for car enthusiasts to share their passion and connect with other like-minded people.

Some blog examples within this niche are Jalopnik and The Truth About Cars. Besides sharing the latest auto news, these sites also provide reviews, advice for questions about cars, and road trip stories.

The Truth About cars home page featuring a new car from Hyundai

A common blog topic found in many automotive blogs is tips for buying and maintaining a car. 

Additionally, there are other common topics in an automotive blog, such as:

  • DIY repair methods.
  • Best cars for specific personalities of drivers.
  • Specific car brand or model reviews.
  • The ultimate accident checklist.
  • A part of a vehicle and its functions.

Pick a Niche and Have a Target Audience You Are Trying to Reach

Your first step to starting a blog is picking a niche that will help you stay focused when writing content. A niche will also help you define your target readers and figure out how to stand out from the competition. 

To find your niche, create a list of blog topics that you see yourself writing about. Then narrow the list down to around five options that you feel the most passionate or have the most knowledge about.

Here are a few suggestions on how to come up with niche ideas for your list:

  • Consider your hobbies, passions, and general interests.
  • Look for specific topics you’re knowledgeable in.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner to find the most popular terms.

Expert Tip

Pick a niche that could be big enough. What I mean by that is digital marketing is continually growing, so that’s a niche that is going to continually expand. Space exploration is a niche that’s going to just get even bigger and bigger in the future.

You don’t want to pick a niche that’s going to stay flat or go down – you want to pick something that’s going to go up over time.


Neil Patel

Digital Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur

Once you have your list ready, it’s time to narrow it down. Ask yourself these questions for each of the topics: 

  • Am I interested enough in this blog niche?
  • Do I know enough about this blog topic to teach others?
  • Is this blog topic likely to be around for years?
  • Does this blog topic have the potential to be profitable?
  • Would I be happy to be associated with this niche?

If you answer the above questions honestly, your list should now be much shorter than before. Pick a subject you feel the most comfortable with and try to define your target audience

Begin by checking out the blogs of other writers, discussion forums, and social media groups relating to your niche. Analyze who the audience is, what kinds of questions they ask, and see if you can write a post providing information they would find beneficial and unique.

If you are successful, it means this is a feasible blogging niche for you.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Make Your Blog Successful

So far, we have discussed different types of blogging niches and what kind of target audience they’re for. However, it takes more than merely writing articles about a topic to run an active and successful blog.

Here is a list of tips and tools that can help you grow your blog:

  • Create a publication schedule. Set a specific goal on how many blog posts you will publish each week. To increase traffic and improve SEO, aim for at least 11 posts a month
  • Make sure your blog is responsive. Since half of the web traffic worldwide comes from mobile users, make sure to use a responsive blog theme to cater to every visitor.
  • Publish the right kind of content. To get plenty of backlinks and receive organic traffic over time, try to create evergreen articles. Aside from bringing new readers for years to come, it also takes less time to update this content type.
  • Produce only relevant content. To monitor trends and find exciting topics in your industry to write about, use Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, and News Map.
  • Headlines are just as important. When writing blog posts, make sure to use compelling headlines to attract visitors to read and share your articles. If you’re struggling to come up with a good headline, try using tools such as Impact Blog Title Generator and SEOPressor.
  • Don’t forget the blog SEO. Make sure every blog post you publish is fully optimized for search engines. Doing so will help you grow organic traffic and increase conversion rates. 
  • Share your content. To expose your site to a broader audience, submit your blog post to popular bookmarking sites such as Flipboard, Pocket, and Reddit. If enough people love and bookmark your article, there is a chance that your blog post can become viral on a bookmarking site.
  • Have an active comment section. Having a comment section on your blog allows you to answer any questions your readers may have. Doing so does not only show your expertise on a subject but also makes your blog more engaging.
  • Choose suitable monetization methods. Look into affiliate marketing and ad placement to decide which method will work best for your blog. 
  • Social media marketing. To let readers share content with ease and send more traffic to your blog, try using social media sharing tools like Novashare and Monarch.
  • Email marketing. To manage email campaigns and format professional email newsletters, use an email marketing tool like Constant Contact and Mailchimp.


We hope you found some inspiration from the list of our favorite fresh blog ideas. If you’re still having trouble choosing your niche, create a list of topics you are interested in and narrow them down depending on your knowledge and skill level.

Remember that choosing a blog idea is the first step of a blogging journey. To attract readers to your blog and start making money blogging, you need to publish high-quality content regularly, follow best SEO practices, and create a marketing plan.  

Keep in mind that planning your content in advance helps you produce and publish high-quality blog posts consistently. A blog with high-quality articles will also rank higher on search results, leading more readers to the site. 

If you’re ready to kick-start your blogging journey but need a platform to get started, consider using a blog maker. These beginner-friendly tools streamline the process of creating and managing your blog, allowing you to focus on crafting engaging content.

Overall, we hope this article helps you start your own blog and grow it to success. Ensure you follow the advice and tools mentioned above and share your experience of starting a blog in the comments below.

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