Meet Hostinger at WordCamp Asia 2024

Meet Hostinger at WordCamp Asia 2024

For WordPress enthusiasts, especially those in Asia, the beginning of the year is a period of excitement – it’s time for WordCamp Asia! This year, the event will take place in Taipei, Taiwan, from March 7th to 9th.

WordCamp is a vibrant conference dedicated to the world’s favorite open-source content management system, WordPress. Beginners, seasoned developers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between come together to learn, network, and contribute to the future of WordPress. Think of it as a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and inspiration fueled by the power of community effort.

WordCamp Asia 2023 was the first one in the region. The electrifying event was attended by 1,299 people worldwide, and more than 3,000 people watched the livestream. This year, around 2,000 people are expected to attend WordCamp Asia 2024. Over 50 speakers will deliver insightful talks, interactive discussions, and workshops on all things WordPress.

And of course, you’ll find Hostinger right in the heart of the action. We’ll be there to connect with you and share our passion for WordPress.

Connecting With the WordPress Community

We’re thrilled to be at WordCamp Asia 2024 as a Jade Mountain Sponsor. “It’s our commitment to giving back to the WordPress community,” says Domantas Gudeliauskas, our WordPress Marketing Manager. More than 60% of websites hosted with us are based on WordPress, so it’s important for us to support the community that forms the backbone of this open-source project.

Domantas also emphasizes that Hostinger attends WordCamps because we’re keen to meet and connect with our clients in person. By gathering direct feedback and insights from them, we can deliver the best possible hosting experience.

Saulius Lazaravičius, our Head of Product, echoes this sentiment. “I’m a strong believer that the success of our products starts from two of Hostinger’s principles – Customer Obsession and Bias Towards Action. Every WordCamp we attend is a chance to learn from our clients in person. That way, our products can continuously evolve alongside them, fueled by their needs and aspirations,” he explains.

So, if you’re attending this year’s WordCamp Asia, we invite you to swing by our vibrant black-and-violet booth. You can chat with us, consult with our experts, ask burning questions, and discover how Hostinger’s solutions can drive your online dreams forward. Our team members from across departments will be there, including Product, Customer Success, and Marketing, so feel free to have a chat with the folks relevant to your inquiry.

Hostinger team member

Experience our products firsthand, such as the user-friendly hPanel and visit our Roadmap to see the latest features we deployed and the ones that will come your way soon. You can also find inspiration from real-life success stories shared by our clients. Their journeys are a testament to the power of our platform and its community.

But that’s not all. Justina Bučinskaitė, our Creative Campaign Lead, encourages you to visit our booth to bring home some lively swag. “Continuing from our latest WordCamps, we’ll bring exclusive, sustainable merchandise that celebrates the love for WordPress. Also, don’t miss the chance to enter our exciting raffle for amazing prizes that will elevate your online journey to new heights.”

Check out the map below to find our booth! We’ll be located in the corner of the second floor of the sponsors’ hall, right across Omnisend.

Our Contribution to WordPress

Sponsoring WordCamp Asia 2024 is our way of showing support, but our commitment goes beyond financial backing. Our team members actively engage with the WordPress community through volunteerism and participation in key projects.

Volunteering With Passion

This year, two of our team members are dedicating their expertise to WordPress by volunteering.

Leonardus Nugraha, our WordPress Content Specialist, will return to the AV Team as a photographer. “Last year was my first time volunteering and participating in a flagship WordCamp. It was truly an amazing experience to collaborate and connect with fellow WordPressers, and contribute to the event,” he says.

Leo highlights the value of learning within the WordPress community and plans to be more involved during the conference days. “This year, I’m looking forward to collaborating with more new people. I will try to find a balance between learning from others in the volunteering team as well as the conference in general, and making more connections in the WordPress community,” he explains.

Joining him is Emma Young, our Head of Content. Emma will volunteer in the AV team as well, reprising her WordCamp Asia 2023 role as an interviewer.

Contributing to the Open Source Project

Besides volunteering, Leo and Emma will also join Contributor Day – a dedicated day during WordCamps where contributors across teams work together on a project.

“Contributor Day is one of my favorite parts of WordCamp. I usually try to volunteer on conference days and contribute on Contributor Day. I like to sign up for multiple tables, and then join the ones that I haven’t been to before,” Emma says.

For Emma, the collaborative energy and connections forged during this event are invaluable. “I look forward to the collaboration the most because it will be in person. You can finally see and talk to people who you usually talk to online. You get so much more done in a little amount of time. The energy is high, and it’s just fun,” she explains.

Leo agrees with Emma about the thrill of joining Contributor Day. Also, this year will be even more exciting for him as he will get to co-lead the Documentation table for the first time.

Hostinger team members in Hostinger booth in WordCamp Asia 2023

Not only Emma and Leo, other Hostinger team members will also join Contributor’s Day. Some will join tables that are directly related to their work. Our CMO, Kristina Strimaitė, will join the Marketing table, and our Customer Experience Manager, Ričardas Kudirka, will contribute to the Support table. Some will move around between tables to get a broader perspective on WordPress. For example, Emma will split her time between Marketing and Docs.

On top of joining Contributor’s Day, one of our team members is also leading the ongoing WordPress development. Leo is currently participating in the WordPress 6.5 release squad as a Docs co-lead. His task is to ensure smooth documentation for the upcoming release. This release will be in the development phase during WordCamp Asia 2024.

Organizing WordCamp Europe Torino 2024

Looking beyond WordCamp Asia, Emma and Marco Chiesi, our Head of WordPress, are also taking part in organizing the next flagship WordCamp – WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino, Italy.

Emma participates in the Content Team. “Right now, we are going through almost 500 speaker applicants and are starting the vetting process,” she says, sharing a glimpse of the process.

Meanwhile, Marco is in the Local Team, leveraging his knowledge of the city and the country. He’s responsible for securing patronage from local institutions, such as the Municipality.

“It may sound a bit of a paradox, as I live 600 km away from Torino while the other team members live there or nearby. However, we have weekly team meetings, and we share the to-do list and the progress,” says Marco.

Enjoy WordCamp Asia 2024, Enjoy Taiwan

So, are you ready to join the festivities at WordCamp Asia? Visit the WordCamp Asia 2024 official website to get your tickets, check the schedule, and learn about Visa applications.

Just like its tagline, “Celebrate WordPress, Experience Asia”, the organizers go the extra mile by providing various supporting information on the website. There are dedicated pages for local cuisines, hotel options, useful apps, free tours in Taipei, and the Muslim prayer rooms directory. They even created a special page for the beloved bubble tea!

For the schedule, the current version is still subject to change. There will be an announcement when it is fully confirmed, so keep an eye on it in the coming days.

Similar to all flagship WordCamps, there will be a handful of side events you can join. These events are great opportunities to network and have fun with fellow WordPress enthusiasts. Our team loves to hop around multiple events, as there are usually a couple of events or parties happening simultaneously.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all in Taipei! Don’t hesitate to say hi, and let’s geek out over the WordPress ecosystem together.

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