Paubrasil: A Stylish Way to Fight Deforestation

Paubrasil: A Stylish Way to Fight Deforestation

If there’s one company going all-in for sustainability, then it’s Paubrasil. A small group of Brazilian creators, named after a tree that almost went extinct, who repurpose pre-loved wood into unique accessories. But while style is important, Paubrasil’s ultimate goal is to spread knowledge on eco-friendly living and garner attention on Brazil’s rapid deforestation. Bia, one of Paubrasil’s co-founders, is here to tell us more.

7 years ago, when Bia and Cayo started Paubrasil, the world was a different place regarding sustainability. It was more of a niche concern fostered by eco-enthusiasts. Paubrasil believed that recycled materials can be reshaped in style, stressing that one person’s junk can become another’s signature piece.

“We had several challenges. The first was to make people understand the concept of the brand. Today people are very concerned with sustainability, with companies that are more careful with the environment, with the materials that are used. So, today the environment is much more favorable for business.”

Bia, the co-founder of Paubrasil
Bia and Benvenuto – founders of Paubrasil in the studio

The concept seemed odd at first. Customers needed time to warm up to the idea of construction debris crafted into accessories such as phone cases, luminaires, or bottle openers. But in time, the concept grew on them as people understood that every accessory is one of a kind, crafted from unique pieces of wood, and shaped into an object of admiration.

Every item has a unique story as the material used to craft it comes from forests, construction sites, or even beaches. Paubrasil’s accessories already have a past, so people naturally feel attracted to them. The idea was to respect the building materials as they are, adding personality, passion, and identity to the products while emphasizing the need to prevent deforestation. Even the company name has environmental roots since pau-brasil is Brazil’s national tree that once almost went extinct.

“We try to get away from more traditional materials like plastic. Things that are already saturated in the market, so we always try to work with more unusual materials, such as wood. Not even our packaging uses plastic. It’s all made of paper and created within the company”

Paubrasil website view

She’s clear on one thing: Paubrasil strives to be different by avoiding chemicals and pollutants, even simple things like glue. They’re on a mission to promote handcrafted beauty without hurting the environment.

Although the team is small – just over 10 people – they’ve managed to garner a following on social media, with over 53k subscribers on Instagram. Bia knows that for many people social media is the go-to place for making purchases. That said, Paubrasil’s long-running website remains the most relevant part of doing business, and having Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting plan sweetens the deal. She even went on to say that “having a website is essential for the growth of any company.”

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