It’s All About the Human Touch: Hostinger GIFs

It’s All About the Human Touch: Hostinger GIFs

Our customers are at the epicenter of what we do. We always strive to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and reverse-engineer their experiences to add as much value as possible. Understanding that this is a never-ending process, we keep trying new initiatives designed to benefit our clients. 

This article explores the importance of personal touch in the digital market and presents our solution to increasing personalization, empathy, and emotion while putting a smile on your face – Hostinger’s branded GIFs!

The Human Behind the Screen

Yes, to create a unique website, you have to commit yourself. Plus, you need quality support and clarification to keep you motivated. Therefore, we aim to do everything possible to let customers find solutions before contacting the support team – Hostinger Tutorials, Hostinger Academy, Knowledge Base. If there is still a need to reach Hostinger specialists, we are 100% customer-obsessed and ready to help 24/7. 

Behind the scenes, there is always a real person pinging other technical teams within Hostinger or externally, trying to solve customers’ inquiries as efficiently as possible. Naming the support team Customer Success is not an accident or the product of a marketing brainstorming session. A personalized approach, extra care, and proactive communication are what we strive for. We want our customers to succeed in whatever they put their minds to, and our live chat will get them all the answers they’ll need. 

We don’t want to keep you hanging, waiting for someone to answer the phone. That’s why Hostinger relies on live chat and other means of online communication to solve customers’ problems efficiently. Initially, it might seem that digitalization complicates meaningful interpersonal connections. However, we use technology to establish a human touch. 

The Reasons, Explained

An internal survey was conducted targeting 2,283 Hostinger users who contacted English-speaking customer support within the last six months. User satisfaction with Hostinger’s live chat support was compared with overall expectations for web hosting providers.

The six following dimensions were considered for comparison – waiting time to start a conversation, time to solve the issue, precision in solving the case, emotional warmth of conversation, fluency of conversation, and overall satisfaction vs experience.

Statistically significant results revealed that actual emotional warmth and fluency of conversation with Hostinger’s Customer Success agents were higher than users’ expectations. Thus, the psychological and emotional needs of customers are addressed by online communication methods to ensure smooth customer support. 

Branded Hostinger GIFs As a Way to Personalize Customer Experience

Building online connections with our customers contribute to building trust. Following a creative approach lets us maximize positive interactions with our audience. Therefore, branded Hostinger GIFs of actual Hostinger team members were introduced to add some additional spark!

The GIFs were first created for Hostinger live chat conversations to express emotions and make the experience fun and relatable for customers. After receiving positive feedback, they are now live on GIPHY to share with the world. We’re thrilled to see people using them and invite you to join the fun! 

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Ievas' powerful leadership skills enhance the strong brand name and image here at Hostinger. As Brand Communication Manager, she leads the team and continually monitors the delivery of brand direction as well as recommends areas of improvement so ensure we always stay on our A-game.