hPanel vs. cPanel: Everything You Need to Know

hPanel vs. cPanel: Everything You Need to Know

Control panel is a popular tool used to manage your hosting package. It allows users to manage domain names, install applications, create and manage email accounts, upload website files, and more. Of course, while all of this can be done directly simply by logging into the server, that requires some development knowledge, as a single mistake could lead to the whole site becoming broken. 

Thus, control panels serve as intuitive, user-friendly, and straightforward tools that can save your time, energy, and resources. While cPanel still remains the most popular control panel, Hostinger has developed a custom control panel of its own in order to lower the fixed costs and prices and provide more efficient services to our customers. We do believe that cPanel is not as user-friendly as it could be, therefore, hPanel provides customers with a more aesthetically pleasing dashboard, menu, and icons so they can more easily browse through their settings. 

This article compares cPanel and hPanel, and provides a detailed presentation of major hPanel features.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts, which still remains the industry standard for most web developers. Its intuitive interface allows users to manage web hosting accounts with maximum efficiency. The same as with other well-known hosting control panels, cPanel has its advantages and disadvantages:

cPanel advantagescPanel disadvantages
Easy to learnThe number of features can be overwhelming
Easy to useRelatively easy to accidentally change important settings
Saves time and moneySome hosts run outdated software
Tried and tested, acquainted by most web developers Can cost more and is rarely offered with free hosting
Includes software auto-installersLack of flexibility
Plenty of tutorials/support available onlineRisk of losing data during major updates

What is hPanel? 

hPanel is a custom-built hosting control panel designed by Hostinger that empowers users to access and make the most of such primary functions as domain, email, file and database management, and more. It is available with all web hosting plans

hPanel stands out from the alternatives due to its ease of use, advanced features, and UI/UX. It’s a convenient tool that allows you to utilize the file manager, manage web hosting accounts, FTP users, email accounts, monitor bandwidth, disk space, sub-domains, park domains, install software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and much more.

If you’re curious to see how it looks, there’s a live demo of the newest version available. Also, we suggest checking out the comprehensive hPanel guide

Differentiating hPanel

From the easy-to-follow auto installations to MySQL databases, hPanel might appear very similar to cPanel. In essence, the main differentiator between the two is the developer – hPanel is Hostinger’s own product, developed in-house, striving to make the online experience as smooth as possible. 

hPanel’s main differences compared to cPanel or other web-based admin tools:

  • The customer-facing part of hPanel is Cloud-Based and Highly Available (HA). This includes the visual aspect of the panel, the action queues, and the UI/UX, all of which make the hPanel interface better organized and visually more appealing.
  • Each server only has API end-points, which connect to the front-side of hPanel (cPanel is fully hosted on each server individually). This means the panel itself does not use much of the server’s resources in order to have a better scaling economy (more users per server without performance loss as hPanel is not using any).
  • cPanel mainly uses APACHE or LiteSpeed. We, in comparison, have the freedom to choose any web server. Currently, we use OpenResty (nGinx+LUA and Redis) to handle initial web requests that are then routed to APACHE. The benefit of this architecture is a much faster response time due to multiple layers of caching, also allowing to host more accounts in a single server, reducing the fixed costs. 

Ready to dive right into hPanel features and explore them in more detail? 


After logging into hPanel, a few menu options appear at the top. Clicking on the Hosting tab directs you to the Hosting section, where a clear list of your websites under their relevant hosting plan is displayed.

From this point on, you can add additional websites or renew/upgrade your hosting plan. The CTAs are appropriately marked with the different options to make your life easier. 


Moving on to the emails section, you get a clear overview of your active email accounts, their expiration date as well as the option of ordering a New Email Plan. 


The domain segment of the hPanel contains all Hostinger-registered domains. A few of the available options for you in this space are acquiring new domains, transferring existing domains, and changing nameservers and contact details. 


The Servers section allows users to compare and contrast pricing, benefits, and features amongst different VPS plans and find the most suitable one. On the same page, you can manage your virtual private servers, install one of many offered operating systems and control panels, and track the usage of the server.

SSL Security

Security is taken seriously at Hostinger, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it gets its own tab in hPanel. To give you a quick intro to the SSL security layer, it is a protective cloak that helps your website’s credibility, ranking, and overall security. All trustworthy and high-performing websites you visit daily have SSL installed, and it goes without saying that you should too. 

In the SSL section, you can manage and set up SSL certificates for your web pages in a matter of seconds. 


As far as admin and operational organization, you don’t need to go through emails looking for answers. The billing section keeps you updated on the plan status and payment history, and allows you to renew domains and manage payment methods. 

Customer Support

One of the most valuable parts of the hPanel is the help section. It offers access to the Hostinger Knowledge Base and Tutorials, as well as allows users to directly contact our Customer Success team for answers. Here at Hostinger, we seek to leave no questions unanswered, and the help section is specifically designed to assist in finding the solution to your online challenges. 


Hostinger’s Power Store provides you with the opportunity to elevate your website’s performance, practicality, and appearance. This could be achieved by applying features, add-ons, and upgrades such as Cloudflare Protection, Daily Backups, Business Email, and more. The Store is a great way to take your website to the next level, make it stand out from the competition, and give it the best chance to rank higher and attract more traffic. 

hPanel Possibilities

Let’s get some more details about the hPanel and the possibilities it offers. To access it, navigate back to the first tab, the Hosting section, and click Manage near the relevant web page. Once you do so, the entire hPanel dashboard will appear. On the left side, you will see your hosting plan quick overview info. The Search bar is on the top right corner, and in the middle are your controls.

WordPress. The WordPress section allows users to control WordPress installations, manage WordPress site plugins, enable a secure website connection, turn on/off maintenance mode, and oversee WordPress automatic updates.

Order. The Order section allows for the daily tracking of website performance statistics, plan usage, and website data. From processing power and memory to processes and website errors, you get access to every single detail you need to monitor and understand. You can also quickly renew or upgrade your current hosting plan.

Accounts. The accounts icon leads you to all of your hosting technical information such as nameservers, IP addresses, FTP details, and more. If needed, change the FTP or SSH passwords of a hosting plan from here.

Emails. The Hostinger Email service could be employed to create and customize email accounts, dealing with details such as setting up forwarders, catch-all emails, and auto-responders.

Domains. The hPanel Domains part gives you greater access and control over details. It includes managing subdomains, parked domains, add-on domains (add additional websites to your hosting plan), or even redirecting your websites and installing CloudFlare for improved security and loading times.

Website. This part of the hPanel has multiple options that give control over various aspects of your website. For example, use Auto Installer to install over 50+ different applications, including WordPress, automatically. 

Additionally, importing from file or migrating your website from other providers to Hostinger is also an automated process, free of charge, and super fast. You can customize error pages,  help your page rank higher with the SEO Toolkit, or delve into the coding world with Fiverr

Fiver is an online marketplace for freelance services with low-cost providers worldwide. There you can easily hire people to do all sorts of services, starting with WordPress and logo design, programming or even voiceover tasks. Digital Marketing is the main service offered by Fiverr, while Business Service is a premium service made for larger teams and businesses. Be sure to check this article for more information. 

Files. The File Manager gives you direct access to website files and allows users to edit, delete, extract, move within folders, or import files directly to the server. Also, it calculates directory sizes and finds out which ones are using the most space.

Use the powerful backup feature to reserve and restore websites or see your detailed Backup History. Access FTP details, change the account password, or create a new FTP account according to individual needs.

Databases. Create, import, and edit your databases using the most popular administration tool, PHPMyAdmin. Connect to your databases remotely and implement changes on the go. What previously seemed like a highly technical process is now a matter of a few clicks. You don’t need to be a developer or a website expert to deal with the more technical aspects of your website. 

Advanced. The advanced section is dedicated to those who are not afraid to step further! Edit your hosting DNS zone records and change the hosting PHP configuration settings, whether it be choosing the PHP version, turning on/off different PHP extensions, managing the host timezone, or clearing Cache. 

It also allows cron jobs to automatically run scripts, connecting via SSH to transfer, edit, rename, extract files, install new softwares remotely, and deploying your applications directly from the Git repository. Also, you can install and manage SSL certificates for that crucial security as well.

Other. Additional features of the hPanel include allowing or blocking IP addresses from accessing your site, protecting your website or page with a password, blocking direct access to specific file types of your website, as well as seeing under the hood of folder indexing. 

Here, you will find an activity log that keeps track of actions taken on your websites. Reset your account, wipe all the files and information from the account, and go back to default or You can even deactivate your account entirely and cancel files, emails, and all related websites without the possibility to restore. Everything is smooth, easily accessible, and user-friendly.

Recent hPanel updates

Have a look at the latest hPanel updates to improve the customer experience:

Upgrade Options. We understand that clients may not check the resource analytics of their hosting service often, thus not noticing the exact time their websites become popular and start using more server resources. For this reason, we’ve implemented the Upgrade feature.

When the plan resources limits are reached, we point them out and identify how long they lasted in the Order Usage section in hPanel. We suggest customers to upgrade to the next plan in a ladder based on a limit that was hit. We don’t recommend upgrading if there is a minimum threshold and limits were hit for a short time.

There are two options to upgrade: 1) upgrade without paying additional fees – by reducing the renewal date; 2) usual upgrade flow by paying and extending expiration date.

File Manager. Based on users’ feedback and requests, recent File Manager updates increased file upload size and introduced a Trash folder, inodes and size indicators for files and folders. Additionally, it improved Files/Folders Download functionality so that users can select required download types.

Self-transfer (Data Center Change). As Hostinger has data centers in all regions globally, clients often ask our Customer Success agents to change the Data Center location. It is no longer needed – a new Self-transfer service is introduced so that clients can initiate the transfer independently at the convenient time. It’s completely automatic and free.

This feature is most efficiently used with Access Logs (see the detailed description below) by checking where most of your visitors are coming from and transferring your hosting plan to the nearest data center location by yourself. 
Soon, we will automatically analyze website visitors’ traffic and recommend transfer to the nearest location to benefit from this and always have the fastest response time due to the short distance to the data center.

Hosting Activity Logs / Changes History. Activity log is a useful feature if you wish to see every action that you make on your account in one place. 

Website Access Logs. Access Logs is a convenient tool to see all important information about your website visits: which countries your websites get the most views from, which devices your visitors use, and many more. An updated feature allows users to take a closer look at the type/number of the requests your websites are getting including the data by hour, day, week. 

It can also be used to detect unwanted traffic and help mitigate security issues by identifying if users’ websites are under DDoS attack.

To summarize, hPanel is the place where you, as a user, can find anything you want regarding your domain, website, and plan. Hostinger continuously focuses on hPanel improvements by releasing updates and new features constantly. This allows for the custom-tailoring of the user experience based on actual user feedback. Additionally, no license fees are incorporated, which results in even better prices for our customers. 

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