WordCamp Asia 2023: The First Flagship WordCamp in Asia

WordCamp Asia 2023: The First Flagship WordCamp in Asia

It’s finally happening – Asia’s first flagship WordCamp.

Hostinger is proud to sponsor WordCamp Asia 2023 and be involved with the worldwide WordPress community.

WordCamps are exciting gatherings of WordPress enthusiasts who share their skills and ideas. The events consist of a mix of scheduled talks, discussions, and informal workshops, all with the idea of fostering collaboration, communication, and the WordPress community.

In 2022, Hostinger participated in several WordCamp events, including WordCamp EU in Porto, Portugal, and WordCamp US in San Diego, USA.

This February, WordCamp is coming to Bangkok, Thailand, from 17-19 February 2023. It’s the first-ever flagship WordCamp to take place in Asia, and we’re looking forward to meeting you all there!

Hostinger and WordPress

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Why We’re Taking Part in Wordcamp Asia 2023

Our main reasons for taking part in WordCamp Asia 2023 are simple:

  • 70% of new Hostinger customers use WordPress for their websites. We want to gather feedback and insights on our service. How can we improve it, and what needs to change?
  • We want to get involved in the community. How can we contribute to developing the ecosystem? What can we offer?
  • We want to learn how to provide the best possible WordPress experience. How are others using WordPress, and what can we learn from them?

That’s why plugging into the global WordPress community and sponsoring an event such as WordCamp Asia 2023 makes total sense to us.

How We’re Contributing to the Community

In addition to sponsoring WordCamp Asia 2023, we’re also planning on volunteering throughout the event. In particular, we will participate in Contributor Day, where we will work on various WordPress projects to help build the ecosystem.

Hostinger is part of WordPress’ Five for the Future program too. That means 27 of our experts collaborate with WordPress development teams weekly to work on various projects. These include back-end development, support, documentation, marketing, and more.

Where Can You Find Us?

Take a look at the map below. As you walk in, you’ll find us on the left – just opposite Google and Jetpack.

WordCamp Asia 2023 floor map

Fancy a Chat?

We’d love to catch up with you over tea or coffee. Simply book a slot on our calendar.

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