End of an Era: There Are 19,945 Website Domains Left in the World

End of an Era: There Are 19,945 Website Domains Left in the World

Website domain names are running out. When we entered the website hosting business back in 2004, we knew this day would eventually come. Back then, it seemed like a distant future we chose not to think about, hoping the market would evolve to such a degree we could avoid this problem.

According to Statista, there were over 1.88 billion websites on the internet back in August 2021, with this number growing exponentially since then. With roughly 1 million words in the English dictionary, it’s easy to realize that it won’t take long for single-word and phrase-like domains to run out.

Our data shows that as of today, there are only 19,945 available domains remaining. This indicates the end of the website domain era and we’re both proud and happy to have played an instrumental role in it. 

With the supply of domain names running low, the demand is expected to soar, along with the prices. If you still haven’t secured a domain, make sure to do so before it’s too late.  You can use Hostinger’s Domain Checker to check what’s still available.

What Comes Next? How Will Websites Exist Without Domain Names?

There are advantages to being considered the best website hosting services provider on the market by most review sites and having some of the simplest requirements for registering a new domain. It means we have the data, experience, and intel to know where the hosting industry is headed.

Anticipating the end of the website domain market, we’ve been quietly at work on the next generation of hosting services that will not rely on obsolete technology. Instead of telling you what it is now, we promise an exciting reveal in the nearest future. Make sure to savor the last few months of the “www” era and prepare yourselves for the next phase of website hosting evolution.

Stay tuned for our announcement of what comes next! ?

Disclaimer: This article is part of April Fool’s tradition and holds no truth or validity. There are more than 19,945 website domains in the world and they are not running out any time soon.

Even though the main sentiment of the article is a fallacy, some facts are still true. You can still use Hostinger’s Domain Checker to check what domains are still available and the requirements for registering a new domain are easy and simple.

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