From Across the Globe to Lithuania: Hostinger Employees Gather for the Summerfest Celebration

From Across the Globe to Lithuania: Hostinger Employees Gather for the Summerfest Celebration

The annual Hostinger Summerfest has just taken place. More than 300 people gathered in Trakai, the city of lakes, for this year’s celebration. 

This year, we invited Hostinger team members to embark on a Journey of Growth, symbolizing our collective progress and achievements. Hostinger employees from all over the world came to celebrate: there were people from Brazil, Indonesia, India, Lithuania, and other European countries. 

Akmenos Villas & Bungalow, the venue for the event, was turned into a magical place with people dressed in white, covered in glitter and golden tattoos. Our clients were part of the celebration, with Virtuvės Būrelis taking care of the food and Urban bartenders mixing the cocktails. 

Unforgettable Challenges and Experiences

A spectacular celebration demands a grand opening. After Vilnius Gospel Choir’s outstanding performance of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now“, Hostinger co-CEO Daugirdas Jankus made a speech full of gratitude and inspirational words. 

Leadership and teamwork were tested with the Epic Raft Race challenge. Teams built boats and rafts and competed against one another. While a number of the makeshift floatables successfully reached the finish line, the others, unfortunately, found themselves sinking beneath the waves. In addition, there was an enormous inflatable unicorn and plenty of standup paddleboarding boards in the lake that day.

Later, everyone could find an activity to suit them: leap onto an inflatable trampoline, participate in leatherworking workshops, take DJ lessons, and even walk on glass and nails. Healthy lifestyle practitioner Alanas Dzeranovas was there, too, and he’d brought an ice bath with him. He was teaching breathing exercises and guiding Hostingerians who dared to enter the icy waters of the bath. 

And what’s a summer party without a live musical performance? One of the most famous Lithuanian singers, Vaidas Baumila, graced the stage. Energy-filled dancing and singing was the best way to end the day and mark the beginning of Q3. 

First-Hand Impressions

For most of our colleagues from abroad, it was their first time visiting Lithuania. They were happy to share their thoughts about Summerfest and experiencing a new culture.

Roberta Correa, an Influencer Partnerships Manager, came from Brazil to Summerfest and said she’d never forget it. In addition to enjoying the party, she also had time to explore the Trakai Castle. 

“It felt very good to meet other teams in Lithuania. I had a chance to talk and get to know people personally, and some even recognized me! This kind of networking will help us to work together in the future,” Roberta shares. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

Rebecca Pimenta-Blight, a CS Talent Acquisition Lead, came from France and highlighted that she loved how green and beautiful Lithuania is. She was amazed at how many potato-based dishes Lithuanians have and how delicious they are. 

“I communicated with plenty of foreign colleagues at the party. This cultural exchange is valuable to understanding how to respectfully and effectively engage with people. The visit strengthened my connection to Hostinger and deepened my sense of pride and commitment as a remote contractor,” she says.

Breaking Culture Barriers

Daniela Chan, SEO Outreach Lead, came to the party from Portugal. During her visit, she felt relaxed because of the quiet streets and smaller crowds. It was Daniela’s first time attending Hostinger Summerfest, and she says it was interesting to see how Lithuanians party.

“Nothing beats meeting people face to face. So the highlight was my bonding with the team and meeting new people. This kind of connection helps break down some cultural barriers, and you can more easily appreciate the differences that can’t be transmitted online,” she acknowledges. 

Expectations Exceeded

As always, this year’s Summerfest was the place to combine cultures, discuss various topics, and take part in a number of activities. Most Hostingerians echoed the sentiment that the event had exceeded their expectations. They loved having the unique chance to bond with and meet people they had only interacted with online before. 

They also say that the Summerfest served as a reminder of Hostinger’s appreciation for their hard work and dedication. It was a good reminder that it’s necessary to find the time to relax and enjoy ourselves

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