Minecraft From Hostinger Employees’ Point Of View: Imagination Is The Only Limit

Minecraft From Hostinger Employees’ Point Of View: Imagination Is The Only Limit

You can think of Minecraft as a virtual LEGO. But here your white lego block can easily become green, red, blue or any other color in just a second. You can rotate it, flip it according to your needs. And there are no limits to restrict your imagination. 

As this game was released in 2011, its popularity still skyrockets. Hostinger goes hand in hand with the latest gaming trends. Yet, to offer a fully customizable Minecraft server that matches players’ needs, we are thrilled to have true Minecraft enthusiasts as engaged employees. Hostinger’s Developer Tautvydas Dulskis, WorkSpace IT Administrator Eimantas Miežalis, Junior Customer Success Specialist Paulius Naudžiūnas, and UX/UI Designer Ana Jurša share their insights on Minecraft and gaming experience. 

Logic Behind Minecraft and The Way We Play

Tautvydas Dulskis, Developer

Tautvydas describes Minecraft as a game that helps create things with the freedom to infinity – use blocks and make your own computer, build art galleries, program new mods by yourself, or invite friends to explore the Minecraft world together. He has been familiar with Minecraft since 2004-2005 – from the very first Alpha version when there was only block development. Currently, Tautvydas and his wife enjoy building their own Minecraft cities and are sure that their children will join them once they start using computers.

Eimantas Miežalis, WorkSpace IT Administrator

On the other hand, Eimantas sees Minecraft as a canvas in which you can draw with blocks with your imagination as the only limit. Some players here are builders; others – technical enthusiasts. Some people have pursued their careers with the help of Minecraft; others have composed parodies from Minecraft, such as the one on Lady Gaga’s song. However, everyone is invited to use Minecraft for different things, and there are unlimited possibilities to do it. Eimantas started playing Minecraft when he was eight years old. The other Lithuanian player who Eimantas met online taught him to play. As a teenager, he started running various servers that required more technical expertise and got acquainted with the JAVA programming language by creating various plugins, mods, additions, etc. Now Minecraft has vanilla zinc for Eimantas – especially during quarantine, this game still attracts him to play.  

Conquering Its Way to Game Olympics

Minecraft has no age limits; even game developers themselves try to adapt the game to as early-aged players as possible, even for the first graders at school. It teaches students to program, write codes, and think logically by applying Minecraft frameworks with special modifications. Kids start it because there is a vast choice to try something different, socialize. In adolescence, by becoming familiar with the programming itself, teenagers can create mods that become popular among others and share what they discover and build a community. Over the age of 20, players are more prone to the creative process in this game – programming, developing more sophisticated modpacks, or creating art installations. 

Ana Jurša, UX/UI Designer

Hostinger’s UX/UI Designer Ana believes that Minecraft stands out from most computer games – a different graphical interface, unlimited possibilities give it a tremendous advantage. Inexhaustibility leads it to success as well as no single goal and end. Everything depends on the player himself in Minecraft. The goal of the survival mode is to survive, complete missions, take care of materials, raise the level of tools, whereas in creative mode, with unlimited resources, a player can think of and set various goals for himself. Minecraft enthusiasts can use the principle of art to create landscapes, architecture, or even paintings. The game may not appeal to those who want to have a particular goal, but when they break it through, they understand the essence of Minecraft and rediscover it. 

Paulius Naudžiūnas, Junior Customer Success Specialist

Our Junior Customer Success Specialist Paulius, who has been playing Minecraft for almost 10 years, believes that this game is valued due to its expandability and a lot of freedom in what and how you want to play. A player can create his own rules. Additionally, Minecraft is super accessible on all devices and has cross-play. Are you tired of how the game looks? Add extra packs, resource packs, sound packs, shaders, mods, and make it into an entirely new game that you can sink in a bunch of hours again. 

The Minecraft game concept still remains the leading one even if more and more similar games are being released. Tautvydas notices Fortnite or Rodblox being both pretty old games: their capabilities are limited, so competing with Minecraft is just impossible. Minecraft focuses on entirely different game specifics. While Fortnite offers various topics for a first-person shooting experience, Minecraft gives tools you can use, and what you make of it is up to each player. 

Minecraft as a Valuable Addition to Your Career and Personal Life

YouTube is now a channel that could bring financial benefits when an audience emerges. YouTubers help Minecraft enthusiasts keep track of what has changed since the last login, what new modes, innovations, and modpacks are worth trying out later. Numerous content creators focus on family-friendly content. If you are a person who likes to film, edit the content, post it on youtube, you can really make a living out of it. However, increasing competition needs to be mentioned here. 

There are also builders – they create maps for people requesting it, and earn money from it. MineZ Map is a great example. If your work involves art, you can always make an art gallery or display your products through a Minecraft game, whether it is a car design, advertising banner, or architectural building. Especially for developers, Minecraft is a giant canvas to test your dreams in reality. Everything looks in three-dimensional space, shaders are introduced, so even light falls as if in fact. And it is all free. 

Eimantas distinguishes the opportunity to get to know people, discover contacts, and join clubs. A massive community exists here in the Minecraft world. One of the most popular Minecraft community initiatives is now underway – an unimaginably colossal map that matches the natural world in actual size. There is a wish to rebuild a real-world online with the appropriate buildings, and this is a massive project that Hostinger employees wish to be involved in. All landscapes of foreign landmarks (such as the Eiffel Tower, London, Moscow) are made quite accurately – you can enter the buildings and even go inside them. You walk down the street in the virtual world and feel like you are in reality.

Ana finds computer games valuable and entertaining and equates it to a kind of therapy – it forces you to think more creatively, to escape from everyday life. Games of this type help to distract, solve other problems rather than those from your daily routine. Especially during quarantine, when everything is closed, Minecraft helps to survive and socialize from a distance. Here it is – the whole world is on the plate, take it, do it, travel. 

In addition, Paulius also emphasizes the social side of the game – playing Minecraft together with his girlfriend helps them bond! Also, Hostinger employees are invited to join Hostinger’s Minecraft enthusiasts community and play on the Hostinger server. We have a logo existing, and building the company’s office is a short-term plan. 

Running Your Own Minecraft Server

Paulius assures that owning a server is fantastic. Running your own server means making your own rules and installing your own plugins, maps, and mods. Players need their own servers when planning to play only with their friends since this helps protect your buildings from random people and griefers. 

Eimantas adds that the owned server revitalizes the game: it unlocks a large package of extra features, so it is all up to you, not the other server owner. You can invite friends from different parts of the world to play here, namely in your own space. Tautvydas has a dedicated computer in the garage to host his server – he knows that when turning on the computer, he will always come back to the same thing with no need to wait, no threat of someone connecting and ruining everything. Knowing that the risk of someone finding out your IP address is relatively high, and not everyone can put on all security matters, running your own server sounds like a great option. 

Hostinger’s offers are ideal for people who do not necessarily have a technical background but just want everything to work right away after connecting to their computers. Eimantas also emphasizes Hostinger’s customer support service, which you get as an essential feature when buying a hosting deal. Hostinger’s Customer Success team is obsessed with customers and curious to help you out in every situation. We had a case when one client wanted to download a particular game modpack but failed to do so. Hostinger Customer Success agent downloaded exactly that game pack on his own computer, looked for a solution, and overcame the problem. 

Ideally, if you want a medium size server without lag so you could enjoy the game, you would need 4-8GB of RAM dedicated to the server. Yet, the more you have, the better it is for the server. Paperspigot should be used all the time due to heavy optimizations made to the server file. Hostinger provides a value-to-money solution for someone who does not have a good PC, fast connection, and static IP. Owning a server solves all of these issues, and you can enjoy the game lag-free, butter-smooth, and also with your best friends. We invite you to check the Bitcatcha.com overview of Minecraft server hosting providers to get more details.

To show indefinite horizons, Tautvydas, Eimantas, Ana, and Paulius share a few snippets from their Minecraft experience below:

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