Meeting Our Clients: Trying Their Services and Celebrating Success Stories

Meeting Our Clients: Trying Their Services and Celebrating Success Stories

This Christmas period, we brought the festive spirit into our offices and teams by meeting our clients. From board games to puppy yoga and wine tasting, these experiences struck the perfect balance between celebrating and getting to know our clients. 

Join us as we share these memorable experiences and our clients’ success stories. 

From Friends to Company Parties

First, we had a board game party hosted by Offline Game Club. Besides having fun, playing board games also strengthens skills like reaction, strategic thinking, communication, and even bluffing.

The founders of Offline Game Club have been passionate about board games for over two decades. They’ve explored numerous games, attended international exhibitions, and grown their personal game collections. What began as a hobby and casual game nights for friends evolved into an actual job. 

“We now organize team-building events featuring various board games for both small gatherings and large festivals. Our unique collection of exclusive games ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy,” shares Andrius Pilypaitis, one of the company’s founders. 

Offline Game Club

Website Is a Must for Scaling 

Starting this business was challenging due to the various misconceptions surrounding it. This is where their website played a crucial role. Through images and videos, they could effectively convey the excitement and diversity of their games. Additionally, customer testimonials on their website have been instrumental in finding new clients.

“We chose Hostinger for its reliability and good customer service. We got what we expected – a very easy-to-set-up and manage website. The era of needing a friend-of-a-friend to build your website is over. Nowadays, website creation and editing are so user-friendly that most people can do it themselves,” he highlights. 

Introducing the New Way of Yoga

One of our clients, Woof Yoga, combines relaxation with playful puppies. It is an excellent team-building exercise, allowing colleagues to connect in a fun and adorable setting. 

The creators of Woof Yoga, David Erenburg, Dovydas Daščioras, and Gabrielė Zdanavičiūtė, come from different fields – logistics, construction, and marketing. United by their love for animals and sports, they decided to introduce pet yoga to Lithuania.

“Initially, it wasn’t about business. We started by making calls and collecting people through social networks. Seeing the joy and repeated attendance of participants, we decided to move further,” David explains. 

Woof Yoga

Quality Comes First

The Woof Yoga team prioritizes high-quality classes by limiting participant numbers and varying the puppy breeds. They’ve found that their sessions appeal to a diverse range of people, offering various benefits from emotional to physical wellness. Starting with just five sessions per month, the business now hosts multiple sessions per day.

“As soon as we came up with the idea, we knew we wanted a website here and now. It’s been pivotal in simplifying session bookings and management, freeing up our time for other important aspects, like communicating with the kennels, advertising, and improving yoga. The website maintenance is convenient and easy, and the support team’s work is exceptional!” – shares David.

Pursuing the Dream

Just before Christmas, our team was inspired by another client who drastically changed her career to pursue her dream. Ieva Elvyra Kazakevičiūtė and her wine-tasting event business, Gliu Gliu, offered a delightful blend of education and enjoyment, perfect for spending quality time and learning.

Ieva’s journey is diverse, from children’s radio hosting to creating internationally renowned albums and magazines, writing for prime-time TV, and working in fintech. She says she finally found her passion – wine-tasting events, which are getting popular on various occasions, from birthdays to corporate celebrations. 

“I began studying to be a sommelier to learn something new and have fun after work. I always look to simplify things and convey them in a way that’s relatable to my audience. That’s what I felt was missing in the local wine scene. It felt like many people around me would be able to appreciate wine a lot more if it was presented to them in a simple way,“ she says. 

Ieva Elvyra Kazakevičiūtė

As Ieva Elvyra Kazakevičiūtė highlights, her goal is to create a safe space for her audience, with no concept of stupid questions. During her events, she tries to teach people a quick checklist about wine – how do you taste it? What do you look for in it? What questions do you ask to find a wine for the occasion? 

Embracing a Website as a Key Business Tool

Ieva initially hesitated to create a website, thinking it was a big deal she still had to grow into. However, a friend’s suggested viewing it as an online business card and recommended Hostinger – she ended up creating a website in a day. To her, it’s a vital platform for promoting natural winemaking and attracting new clients. 

Gliu Gliu event

“The user experience on Hostinger Website Builder made me feel like a world-class web creator. It’s all about arranging elements, playing with some colors, and voilà! Learning to promote my site and increase traffic has been fascinating. While word-of-mouth advertising is crucial in my field, people often research before reaching out. With the website, I show my personality and vibe fairly accurately for people to decide,” she explains. 

All the clients we’ve met agree that having a website is a pivotal part of growing a business. These websites serve as platforms for booking and raising your brand awareness to attract more clients. These stories show that a well-crafted website is necessary for connecting with audiences and achieving success. 

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