Hostingerians Are Creepin’ It Real With Spooky Halloween Websites

Hostingerians Are Creepin’ It Real With Spooky Halloween Websites

Halloween is all about the thrills & chills, challenging our creativity to play with darker, spookier, and more mysterious undertones. This time, Hostingerians decided to dig deeper and, together with a team of designers, created something fa-boo-lous.

Forget what you knew about Hostinger programmers, Customer Success specialists, operation managers, and innovation experts. Trick your minds and treat yourselves to an October-mist fantasy of how the websites of vampires, witches, and other mythical creatures would look like if they were our real-life clients.

#1 We will never leave you high and dry

At Draculica’s Winery, we never run out of juice. Our drinks are made from fruits so fresh, you just want to sink your teeth into them. Guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s thirst, pump your body with energy, and drain all negativity. Order today (we promise we don’t suck).

Gytis, Senior Payments Operations Specialist @ Hostinger

#2 Feel and look as new

Do you often feel like you have two left feet? Have you recently made decisions that costed you an arm and a leg? It’s time to stick your neck out and trust our clinic – my assistant and I will piece you together into the best version of yourself. You will never be the same.

Lukas, Workspace IT Administrator, and Ignas, Operations Manager @ Hostinger

#3 Ready for some Broom-ance?

When was the last time you let your heart go Broom Broom? With this wicked dating service, you’ll be flying down the aisle in no time. Register today and find the person you wand in the blink of an eye. Magical experience – guaranteed.

Mingaile, Customer Success Team Lead @ Hostinger

#4 Make them HOWL for you

You don’t have to be the Wolf of Wall Street to look good. Sometimes it’s enough to be a wolf. A wolf aware of its appearance. Aware wolf. A werewolf. Grooming, cutting, trimming & styling – we do it all.  Open every day, except on Moondays.

Kestutis, Video Content Creator @ Hostinger

#5 Don’t let your emotions tangle you

All wrapped up in your problems? Unable to deal with your mummy issues? Let’s discuss it layer by layer. Register today and have the first three sessions charge-free. No strings attached.

Ugne, YouTube Community Manager @ Hostinger

#6 Your hands were made for this

Imagine the perfect world. You’re smart. You’re confident. You’re fast. So fast. The wind is in your hair. It’s wild. Powerful. YOU are the wind. No one will ever call you slow again. Just put your hands on the handlebars and go…

Arnas, Junior UX Researcher @ Hostinger

Did these websites lift your spirits? Hostinger teams have put a monstrous amount of effort to add enough (pumpkin) spice, spooky & nice. We’re dying to hear what you think – don’t be shy to scribble a comment or two.

P.S. Halloween will be great – we can feel it in our bones.

The author

Monika K.

Employer Branding Specialist @ Hostinger. Creating custom experiences and challenging imagination through storytelling.