As Requested: Introducing Our Brand New Data Center Location in India

As Requested: Introducing Our Brand New Data Center Location in India

We have recently launched a new data center (DC) location in Mumbai, India since there was a huge demand from our customers to host locally in this region. As of now, we can proudly say that the newly-launched data center is available for everyone. 

With this update, we can serve our local customers in India even better. The new locally-based DC will significantly improve speed and add more reliability for websites serving Indian audiences.

Mumbai Data Center Details

We put a lot of effort into picking the best-matching DC to meet our high-quality standards and client needs. The process took almost half a year and involved thorough research, setup, and testing so that the Tier-3 DC in Mumbai is ready to establish a connection to our global network. 

The India-based DC is fully integrated and functional, like all other locations we offer. Due to the complete integration, our technical team can continuously monitor, test, and upgrade servers and software in Mumbai as they do for our other DCs globally. 

“In short, our DC in India allows local clients to host their websites closer to the visitors. Reduced network round-trip time improves speed, reduces response time, and boosts overall user experience. The difference in speed can be significant (the same website can load up to 2x faster), so if your site traffic is mostly from India, there will be a really noticeable difference. India is one of the fastest emerging regions, and we are glad we can help local businesses and individuals accelerate on the path to success.”

Balys Krikščiūnas, Chief Technology Officer 

Technical hardware solutions of the Indian DC include the following features:

  • Special RAM sticks used to support automatic ECC memory recovery.
  • Full-SSD drives employed to store user databases and home files.
  • RAID10 technology adapted to prevent outages during hard disk failures.
  • Intel® Xeon® processors used to ensure the best hosting experience.
  • Fiber 25G connections between switch and server used internally in our system for better performance.

Improved Performance for Websites Serving Indian Audiences 

GTmetrix tests prove that websites stored in an Indian DC have better performance for end-users based in India and surrounding regions. For instance, we compared separate cases of website visitors trying to connect from the USA, Europe, and Australia to India with a client trying to connect from India to the Indian server. The latter case is shown to achieve better performance results.

To better understand the results, three core measures are taken into consideration regarding loading speed and website optimization.

First Contentful Paint shows how quickly content like text or images is displayed onto your page. Speed Index describes how quickly your page’s content is visibly populated. And Largest Contentful Paint indicates how long it takes for the largest element of content to be displayed on your page. 

Thrilled to see how fast the Indian region is loading from your location? Check a public tool GTmetrix yourself to get a glimpse into the improved performance.

How to Choose the Server Location in India

You can choose your server location during your web hosting account setup. Alternatively, use a new self-transfer feature available on hPanel for our existing users. It’s completely automatic and free. 

We are working on broadening our server network worldwide, so stay tuned for more news on Hostinger’s data center location expansion. 

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