Hostinger Is Recommended as the Top Pick for Web Beginners by HostingAdvice Experts

Hostinger Is Recommended as the Top Pick for Web Beginners by HostingAdvice Experts is an authority site created by a team of web experts, full-time programmers, and tech managers striving to inform and educate visitors about the world of web hosting. By spending more than $48,000/year on hosting services and personally operating numerous hosting accounts, the HostingAdvice team gained its popularity with reliable advice, how-to guides, and reviews that users can actually trust. 

We are thrilled to be recognized by as the best web hosting provider for beginners and be listed as one of their top recommendations for the best VPS, WordPress, and most affordable web hosting services.

Best Host for Web Beginners has recently published an in-depth review of our services and rated Hostinger as the best host for those just starting their journey online. The core contributing factors include the uptime guarantee, resource-rich features, affordable pricing, and responsive customer support. 

A champion of affordable hosting, Hostinger is a popular pick for site owners looking for beginner-friendly shared servers. More than 1.2 million customers call Hostinger home as they scale websites through site builder, VPS, and WordPress hosting plans. When searching for a new plan, Hostinger is among the best at balancing high quality with low prices.”

Laura Bernheim, Hosting Expert at


Hostinger’s ultra-affordable domain registrations, intuitive first-rate hosting account control panel, and comprehensive but straightforward email tools are highlighted as distinguishing features, making customers’ online experience fast, intuitive, and smooth. Knowledgeable resources, including accessible and extensive how-to guides, 24/7 global live chat support, and an online ticketing system, are noticed as valuable and helpful additions to take advantage of and improve at no additional cost. 

Ease of Use

Even if cPanel is considered the typical gold standard, does not miss it while testing Hostinger’s services and commends hPanel, our custom-created control panel. The web experts name it their favorite management interface since it puts all necessary hosting services in an accessible and intuitive package. 


A solid balance on price versus performance is a remarkable victory for each company. emphasizes Hostinger’s VPS pricing coming in about 5$/month less than its competitors. They recommend it as an appealing solution to experienced and budget-aware website owners who could benefit from the all-SSD infrastructure for scalability, speed, and reliability. 

Reliability underlines Hostinger’s heavy investments in above-average hardware, which significantly improves the reliability and stability of web hosting services. Our fast infrastructure, including virtual servers and quality maintenance, ensures prime availability and always-on websites. Also, easy access to SSL certificates and daily backups is a must for the highest standard security measurements.  

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