Start Your Blog Instantly With Hostinger Blog Theme and AI Content Generator

Start Your Blog Instantly With Hostinger Blog Theme and AI Content Generator

Starting a WordPress blog means getting a theme, but sometimes, it can be challenging to find the perfect one that performs well, caters to your website needs, and is ready to go in a few minutes.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our in-house Hostinger Blog Theme. Available with Business Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting plans, this blog-focused theme is integrated with our website setup wizard for a quick and easy launch. 

Lightweight WordPress Blog Theme From the Get-Go

In a standard site development workflow, you must complete the WordPress installation process before finding and installing a suitable WordPress theme.

There are a couple of problems with this. First, thousands of WordPress themes are available. Finding one that’s fast, mobile-friendly, and fits your niche can be challenging and time-consuming. 

Second, most themes come empty, meaning you must tediously craft the site content and create basic pages from scratch. 

As a result, it will take quite some time until you have your blog ready – not to mention the amount of effort you must put in just to get started.

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This is where Hostinger Blog Theme comes in – we offer our in-house theme as an option when setting up your WordPress website on hPanel. When the setup is finished, you will have all the essential pages like Home, About, Contact, and Blog already made for you.

The theme is also optimized for use with our AI content generation tool. It can craft the website copy and up to six blog posts to ensure you have great content to start with. Plus, the AI tool integrates with Unsplash, so your blog posts will have relevant featured images.

What’s more, this theme is optimized for search engines to ensure maximum visibility and traffic growth for your blog. Its lightweight features guarantee the best loading time and performance, while its responsiveness will keep your website looking great on any device.

Homepage of a sample website using the Hostinger Blog Theme

How to Set Up a WordPress Site With the Hostinger Blog Theme

Hostinger Blog Theme is available with our Business Web Hosting and all Cloud Hosting plans, and can only be installed during the website setup process.

When setting up your hosting plan or creating a new website via hPanel, pick Blog as your website type. Then, opt for the Create a new website option and select WordPress as your platform of choice.

Here, you will find extensive WordPress themes to choose from, including Hostinger Blog Theme.

The theme selection panel on the hPanel setup process, with the Hostinger Blog Theme highlighted

You’ll have the option to select from five distinct styles, each of which will impact the color scheme for the site elements, background, and buttons. You can also see the site preview to check if everything is to your liking, from the header to the footer.

The theme style selection panel on the hPanel setup process

Next up, the setup wizard will take you to the AI content generator. There are two main fields to fill – the brand name and description. The AI will use this information to generate your website content, such as banner copy, the About page text, and blog posts.

The AI Content Generator panel where user can enter their blog name and description

For example, you can define your website as a blog for photography tutorials. Based on this information, our AI tool will produce blog posts like “10 Essential Tips for Landscape Photography” or “A Photography Guide for Capturing the Perfect Shot.”

The AI will then get stock images from Unsplash. It will find relevant pictures based on your prompt, then import the visuals for your blog’s featured images. This significantly streamlines your work, especially if you rely on stock images for your website, since you won’t have to find and import them later.

An example of the blog page using the Hostinger Blog Theme, showing the pre-made content generated by AI and featured images

Once the setup is complete, you will have a fully-functioning, responsive, and engaging website to jumpstart your blog – complete with essential pages, custom AI content, and an appealing homepage with a banner section.

With our brand new WordPress Blog Theme, creating a professional and modern-looking site has never been easier. Get a Business Web Hosting or Cloud Hosting plan now to try it out yourself and leave your readers impressed.

Make sure to stay tuned for future product updates, as we plan to introduce more features to make website creation with WordPress even more seamless.

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