Company Culture is the Root of all profits at Hostinger

Company Culture is the Root of all profits at Hostinger

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Our company values are behaviors and skills valued in our fellow colleagues.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is present in every office – no matter startup or corporation. It is something that is formed and maintained by employees and employers. Corporate culture may be profoundly practiced or forgotten, but it will still be there.

Today, people are more focused on the purpose of their job, rather than the pension. They prefer great colleagues rather than a good boss; they shift from 9-5 working hours to whenever, and instead of usual office environment they want to work wherever is comfortable. This means that the results are much more important than the means to get them, therefore, great corporate culture plays a huge role in getting the profits you want. When the right corporate culture code is cultivated, employees feel cared for, valued and motivated. They are happy to go to work and more than 100% is delivered daily.

Why is Company Culture needed?

Tony Hsieh, in his book on the corporate culture of his first company, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose talks about how he failed to cultivate employee wellness and was so unhappy with it that he had to sell it. When Tony later became CEO of Zappos, he swore he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. In the second half of his book, he shares what he did to nurture and develop Zappos company culture. The company now has over 1,400 happy employees.

In short, corporate culture is needed to achieve your company’s goals, increase the profits and develop your business. Happy employees usually equal happy customers and the investment into great company culture is small compared to the benefits you will gain in the future. Increased productivity and decreased employee rotation are only a few perks reaped off of a company culture that works.

The corporate culture at Hostinger has always been a huge deal. It is something that creates the feeling of the company not only to the employees but also to the customers. Happy and productive employees are usually what defines a good corporate culture, and I can say that Company Culture does exactly that. It is something that never stops changing or becomes static.

Company culture

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Before drafting any official documents about our company culture, Arnas Stuopelis, CEO of Hostinger, has started by setting a bold personal Objective – “Inspire and encourage Team to achieve exceptional personal, professional & business growth!” The Key result for this objective was: “In employee anonymous survey 99% of colleagues will say that their work is challenging and they grow as professionals very fast.” More about what is Objective and Key results you can read in Arnas’ previous blog post. According to Arnas, engaged employees are the root cause of all company profit.

On the inside, company culture is most visible when a Customer Success agent takes a laptop to a company trip only to make sure that no tickets are left unanswered and customers are receiving the best possible service. It is clearly visible when the head of people schedules job interviews for 2 a.m. only to have a chat with the most prospective applicants.

“I made a public commitment to all the team that employee engagement and their feel of purpose is a top priority for CEO. I have been focusing on this goal for 3 months to achieve the result.” – Arnas explains when asked about challenges he faces as a CEO of an international company. To achieve the desired key result, he has started with a simple anonymous questionnaire. It allowed him to define the starting point. “In an anonymous survey I have asked only 3 open questions:

  1. Is your job challenging enough?
  2. Tell us how does your work contribute to the company Goals?
  3. Suggestions? Tell us anything. We want to hear you.”

Not only it is an excellent way to understand what possibly needs to be changed in the company or corporate culture, but also it’s a way to see whether or not your employees understand the purpose of the work they are doing.

The survey was anonymous, so everyone had a perfect possibility to express how they truly feel about working at Hostinger. It was also a chance for us to rethink a few of our fundamental processes in order to improve employee engagement rate.

“After evaluating the first portion of the feedback, I started to dig deeper. I had several one-on-one meetings with the fellow colleagues and listened to their opinions and views on the corporate culture topic. I read a lot about the best practices of employee engagement and how other progressive companies are cultivating their company culture code. These are the few which have inspired me the most:

To dig even deeper, Arnas had interacted with other people from progressive companies about their corporate culture.  

“Especially interesting was my meeting and friendly discussion with an old fellow Daniel from Amazon. I met Daniel the first time when I started my career in web hosting industry. At that time Daniel was the salesperson who sold ICANN accreditation services to Hostinger back in 2012.” Arnas remembers the meeting and also elaborates on what Amazon company culture is.

“To sum up our long discussion in one of the Bangalore coffee shops, it was pretty clear to me, that Amazon principles work as hard as their people do. It is not only a statement on their website. All employees are using Amazon company culture every day, whether they’re discussing ideas for new projects or looking for the best solution to solve customer’s problem.”

After the meeting, it was clear to Arnas, that it is time to formalize and draft Hostinger company culture book.

Hostinger Company Culture

How we drafted our corporate culture book?

We have drafted our company examples of values together, discussed in groups and rated them individually. Everyone had to rate the values on a scale from 1 to 10 based on how important these values are for everyone personally. It is essential for us to have a mutual agreement and support from all team members, as every value has to be practically applicable and every decision we make should be based on them.

Additionally, we used Tony Hsieh’s way of engaging with employees regarding the company culture and sent out an email to everyone, asking to describe company culture at Hostinger in a few sentences. We have adopted this email to our need and send it to all employees:

Hi everyone,

We will be putting together a mini-book about the Hostinger’s actual culture for all new hires. Our culture is the real behavior and skills which are valued in the fellow employees, so we would like to include everyone’s thoughts in this book.

Please email me 100–500 words about what the Hostinger culture means to you. Here are some questions for inspiration: what is the Hostinger culture? What’s different about it compared to other company cultures? What do you like about our culture?

We will compile everyone’s contribution to the book. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate so in your response. We will be distributing the Corporate Culture book to all new hires as well as the existing team (and will probably publish it on our website too).

Also, please do not talk to anyone about what you will be writing or what anyone else wrote.

Remember, there are no wrong answers. We want to know what the Hostinger culture means to you specifically at this point in time, and we expect different responses from different people.

We already have some working material here to start with, but feel free to put your own perspective.

We value the things we make together. We’re going to set our values together. And we are going to achieve our goals as a team, too. This is our company. We succeed or fail together.



The feedback we got from the team was remarkable and inspiring. It clearly shows that company culture derives from employees. Here are just a few examples what our employees think about Hostinger culture.

“At Hostinger you will always find someone who will listen to you. The opinions of each and every employee are highly valued, no matter if you work in Kaunas or at home, your opinion always matters.” – Gonzalo Ramirez

“What I like about working at Hostinger, the corporate BS is at a minimum. The flat structure lets you propose an idea. Discuss it with other skilled colleagues and come up with brilliant implementation. Later it is used by millions of people every day.” – Vaidas Lungis

“Hostinger gives you so much FREEdom that you can always contribute your best ideas, no hierarchy, and management bullsh*t, you can FREEly release your inner super-saiyan to work productively showing our contributions to the company, and it never fails to reward.” – Ade Syah Lubis

The answers were put together, analyzed and rounded up. This way, a clear sense of what Hostinger Company Values are was crystallized and put into words.

Hostinger Company Vision

At Hostinger our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of Internet by giving them tools to learn, create and grow online.

Hostinger Company Mission

Our mission is to make life easier for website developers and their customers. Our company idea supports this mission by offering stable, fast and simple website hosting solutions, at a price so low that nobody can beat.

“One of the most important things to me is that your contribution can impact millions of people worldwide.” – Skirmantas Juraska

Here are Hostinger Company Values

Customer is our primary focus.

“Guiding, accompanying, providing solutions to someone who is lost, looking for the best answer to a website or a project problem – a work that makes us stand out from those around us at a competitive level.” – Adriana Pino, Customer Success team

We begin by defining what our customer is and then draft the product or service to it. The most successful businesses have a customer-first mentality ingrained into their company culture.

Understanding your buyers’ behavior is the path to success, therefore, every employee on their first few days at the office spends some time as Customer Success agent. This way everyone gets a real feel of who they are trying to benefit.  No matter which team you’re currently working with, you should always be asking yourself: ‘What did I do today to help our clients succeed online?’

We’re hungry for knowledge.

“Personal growth is highly encouraged which is awesome and probably the best part of being a member of Hostinger family.“ – Justas Palaima, Email Marketing

We understand that nobody is perfect and the path to perfection is based on everyday learning. Hostinger fosters an open minded corporate culture at the office. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes as it’s then we improve the most. Literature, apps, software, conferences and everything else that is needed to increase the productivity and improve our processes is available at hand. You just have to ask. If you’ve decided you already know it all and there’s nothing more for you to learn, Hostinger is not for you.

Hire and Develop the Best.

“We have a team of real pros. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to work with them. Become a sponge and learn from the best!” – Arnas Kazlauskas

Outstanding workplace and remarkable work come from exceptional people. We invest as much money and time as it takes to find and hire the best out there. A huge part of our hiring process is making sure the person is perfect for the position he’s applying to and also fits in with our company culture. It’s the biggest challenge yet. And it is challenging not only for Hostinger but for the Human Resources in general, says Karen Higginbottom in her article on biggest HR challenges in 2017. Our current leaders train up and coming talent and they take this role very seriously.

High Performance

“We are not satisfied with good, we want to always be the best; we do not try, we do!” – Daugirdas Jankus, Head of Acquisition

We loathe comfort zones. Comfort means static in our office. At Hostinger, we always try to push our limits and achieve more. It is important for our Company Culture always to move forward. To increase our productivity, we often move employees around the office, from team to team, working on different projects and constantly obtaining new skills. This way nobody gets too comfortable with where they are and perform to the highest standard.

Freedom & Responsibility

“What I like the most about Hostinger is freedom and flexibility.” – Donatas Abraitis, System Engineer

Freedom to do what you like unleashes great potential and creativity. At Hostinger, we don’t tell anyone to do anything. We hire people who are passionate about what they do and that enables them to move mountains. We are all self-starters. Nobody waits around for tasks to be handed out. Everyone is aware of what is best for the business and how they can contribute. We only provide guidance to our employees.

We are Focused

“We realize that every single person has their own strong sides and the key to reaching full company potential is getting to know each employee personally and combining their strongest sides.” – Linas Levanas, Developer

It’s essential for us all to be on the same page. As long as our objectives and key results are clear, precise, and easy to understand, the company will be moving forward. Everyone here is brilliant in their own unique way, have qualities that nobody else has, therefore, to get the best results it is important to combine our strongest suits and stay focused. Hostinger’s corporate culture is about working united, towards one clear goal. By taking the responsibility to do our best at all times, we identify and contribute where it is needed the most.

Speed matters in business

“We come up with hypotheses, present them to the team, listen to their feedback and then decide what to do. This way we’re always in the action – AGILE!” – Giedrius Zakaitis, Head of Product

With the understanding that all our decisions are reversible, we are not scared to experiment. If you’re not fast, your competitors will be! Technology is something that constantly moves and constant innovation is necessary. The faster you’re able to learn and adapt, the faster the company grows. It’s better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all.

Earn Trust

“While compliments are appreciated, the critique is what turns you from good to great.” – Arnas Kazlauskas, Customer Success Academy

Everyone here is a pro. We value the knowledge in every one of us and understand the importance of feedback. Only with trust and constructive criticism you can move forward as a professional. Everyone’s opinion is important and is encouraged to be said out loud. We foster a “there is no stupid questions” environment, this way building up trust in the company.  

Dig Deep

“Every individual, entry level to executives, need to work effectively as every individual performance is impacting the whole team.” – Ade Syah Lubis, Hostinger Indonesia Director

We dive deep before any decision is made. Everyone at Hostinger is used to doing whatever is needed to succeed, no matter the job description. We are an open source company and all data is available to everyone in order to make the right decision. Here, we base our decisions on facts and if they differ from reality, we dig even deeper.

Discuss, Agree/Disagree, Commit  

“Everyone has their own point of view. Sometimes it’s shared, sometimes it’s individual. The most important thing is to overcome the disagreements, reach a consensus and proceed with the implementation” – Kristina Dailydaite, Marketing Copywriter

Hostinger has over 200 employees world wide. At times, it is hard to keep up with all the changes at the company, but everyone is always welcome to express their opinion towards everything. We disagree in the manner of constructive criticism. We share different views and the eventually commit to one decision. Once we do so, everyone in the company is entirely committed to delivering their best towards one goal.

Deliver on the End Result

“We are thriving at work because we’re competent at what we do and we feel like our colleagues are great at what they do. We value the things we are doing together and connect together in the process. Our ambitions are growing exponentially and we’re autonomous to make sure we achieve them.” – Giedrius Zakaitis, Head of Product

The end result is just as important as the journey. Delivering on our personal and company goals with consistency means our company culture is working and our company is succeeding. It drives us forward and allows us to be the best possible version of us. Great company with properly cultivated Company Culture will always empower their employees so that they will effortlessly deliver on the end result with 100%.

Every corporate culture is different, with different examples of values and codes. Hostinger Company Culture is how we get things done, it’s the vibe everyone feels about Hostinger without having to know our full processes.

“Teams are totally independent and have their own OKRs. They are fast and efficient. No bureaucracy, unnecessary coordination or waiting on other departments to do their segment of the project, they are fully empowered to get it done themselves.” – Arnas Stuopelis, CEO

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Juan Reply

September 27, 2019

Great post. It is very refreshing to see that a big company like this cares so much and sees how important everyone of their employees is.


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Did a really great job on the slides there! It's really interesting to see how other companies work!


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Wow!! Looks like an amazing company to work at!!! How do I get a job there?


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I am so happy to feel home at Hostinger.


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I feel very proud to be part of this amazing company, love to come everyday and work. Every one of my colleagues are really great skilled professionals and we always try to learn from each others to become better. We struggle to reach to the best results always and give the best service to our customers because we care about them. Thank you Hostinger for let me be part of you!


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I'm so glad being part of Hostinger. A big family with the best culture!


Arnas Stuopelis Reply

August 16, 2017

Thank you Hostinger Team! We value the things we make together. We set our values together. And we are going to achieve our goals as a team, too. This is our company! Cheers, Arnas


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A great post on "How to Culture @ Hostinger"! Awesome being part of it! :-)

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