Key Takeaways From An Exclusive Webinar With Neil Patel: Learn How To Monetize Your Blog

Key Takeaways From An Exclusive Webinar With Neil Patel: Learn How To Monetize Your Blog

Neil Patel is a New York Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and top web influencer, recognized as one of the top 10 marketers by Forbes. By helping businesses with innovative strategies, Neil Patel has gained immense popularity with his entrepreneurial and digital marketing skills.

This time, we were thrilled to have him as our webinar speaker sharing expertise on how to make money blogging. Explaining the whole concept in detail, Neil Patel discussed the hands-on proficiency and knowledge acquired over his career course and provided helpful tips on starting your own online business. Thus, whether you’re a beginner without a website or a professional eCommerce business owner, this event had something valuable for everyone. 

We are excited to share our post-webinar key takeaways with you:

Choosing a blog post topic. First and foremost, pick something you are passionate about. Secondly, quick research that is trending upwards, something people are progressively more interested in overtime. What’s important to note is to not worry about the saturation of a specific topic. Simply because a keyword is mentioned often, it doesn’t mean it is adequately covered. 

Content creation and publication. Whether you’re an expert from the get-go or become an expert along the way, the only way for your content to be successful is if it’s informative and jam-packed with valuable, actionable information. Fake news and inaccuracies are picked up by search engine algorithms and will significantly hurt your domain authority. 

Neil Patel states that 3 times a week is a good starting point regarding publishing frequency, but in an ideal world, you would be writing and posting once a day. Word count should be enough to get the message across, so don’t get fixated on the number of words but the quality of your content. 

Ways to make money, monetization of traffic. Before thinking of monetization, you need to build a steady audience. Once you do that, start with a lead magnet to gather emails so you can begin promoting the content you will charge for. It sounds like an elementary method, but it does work. If people find your content valuable, they will be willing to buy from you. Another way of doing it is affiliate products, AdSense, and banner apps. Test and see which ones work better for you and your niche. 

When it comes to growing your traffic, Neil Patel mentions a few ways to get more people to see the content. Informing people about the new content on social media is one way, while doing the same via email blast is another. Additionally, he reaches out to other publications with backlinks to competitors and pitches content pieces to get a quality backlink as well. Lastly, interlinking between the content pieces written by the same owner leads people to stay within the content ecosystem and ultimately increase traffic. 

How to tell if your blog post is successful. As far as “going viral”, Neil Panel notices that there is no secret sauce. Asking people is the most honest and direct way of finding out what they think of your content. Tools like SurveyMonkey can quickly help you with feedback forms and surveys. It’s all a matter of timing, audience reaction, and chance. What is shared amongst all viral content pieces is the quality of content, so all you have to do is keep producing, and your viral moment will come. 

Can you make money from YouTube? Yes. While the most popular belief about YouTube monetization is views and ads, Neil Patel suggests utilizing the famous video platform better. Using YouTube content to send viewers to a landing page or an event has worked better. He even alluded to famous YouTube star Logan Paul who turned his YouTube following into paying customers of his most recent fight with boxing royalty, Floyd Mayweather. 

Is using algorithms and artificial intelligence to create content penalized by search engines? Using these tools to create content won’t necessarily penalize you, but it will affect the quality of content designed as they are far from perfect. These tools help speed up the process, but it does take a hit on the quality of your content. 

Is Facebook ads or Google Ads better? Both channels are good, and the way to decipher which one is better for you is by testing them out. The goal of using them is to make money, and different channels work better for different niched and types of content. Test, adjust, and modify your approach accordingly. 

Best 3 plugins for WordPress. Neil Patel suggests Yoast or RankMath for SEO, Polylang for translations, and Akismet for spamming. 

Even though it is a very brief recap of what transpired on the webinar, there are a lot more questions and answers by Neil Patel himself. These are real jewels that can really help you get discovered by search engines fast.

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