How to Configure a Minecraft Server With Hostinger

Managing your own Minecraft server is a wonderful experience, whether you want to play with your friends or wish to build your own community of creative enthusiasts.

That’s why here at Hostinger we offer dedicated Minecraft hosting services to make this goal a bit more simple and hassle-free.

Minecraft server hosting with Hostinger.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how to purchase one of our plans and how to configure your Minecraft server within minutes.

Which Minecraft Hosting Plan Is for Me?

In order to run a larger server smoothly, you need the resources to do it. Hence why we’re offering five different plans to choose from according to your needs.

IMPORTANT: If you want to build a Minecraft server on your own, we have a full and in-depth guide just for that.

For example, if you want to run a server for up to 100 people without running into any hiccups, you can go for our Villager Plan that offers 3 GB of memory — that’s more than enough to manage a proper Minecraft server for all of your needs and provide your friends with an enjoyable experience.

In general, the more RAM you have for your server, the more people will be able to play at the same time. If there are too many people for a server to handle, you can begin to experience lagging issues that can affect playing the game.

Furthermore, more RAM allows you to install more plugins on your server, which also takes a toll on your server speed.

To top it all off, choosing one of our plans also comes with additional features, such as instant server setup, DDoS protection, automatic off-site backups, and much more. If you’ll ever get stuck, we have a 24/7 customer support team that will answer any questions you might have.

Hostinger's Minecraft hosting plans.

How to Set Up Minecraft Server With Hostinger?

Setting up a Minecraft server is really simple and we’re going to show you how:

  1. Choose a plan that best fits your needs, then select a payment method and proceed with your purchase.
  2. Once the transaction is complete, your server will be set up in a matter of seconds.
    Buying Minecraft server hosting plan.
  3. When everything is in order, you’ll find your server settings under the Settings tab in the upper section of your dashboard.
  4. If it’s not selected already, under the Other settings section select MultiCraft Minecraft panel and press Save changes. Give it a minute or two.
  5. Finally, under the Notes section, you’ll find all of the necessary information on how to connect to your Minecraft Control Manager, such as the Username and Password.

How to Use a Minecraft Control Manager?

Finally, here comes the fun part. First, to access your Minecraft server control settings, enter the Control Panel Link you’ve found in your VPS settings page. It should look similar to this:

From here, type in your Username and Password you’ve found earlier. Once you’ve access to your Minecraft Server Manager, you’ll be ready and set to create your server.

Multicraft login screen.

Welcome to the Minecraft Server Manager. From here, we’ll teach you how to quickly create a new server:

  1. Click on Select Server on the left side of the dashboard.
  2. Type in your server Name and Player Slots to your choosing.
  3. Assign to user option allows you to select which user you want to give permission to manage a given server. If you want to do it yourself, simply type in admin.
  4. Leave IP, Port, Memory, JAR File spaces empty — default values will be generated for you.
  5. Save your settings and once that is done, click Start and your server will go live. Congratulations, your server is now up and running.
    Managing a Minecraft server with Multicraft.

Configuring Your Minecraft Server

Below all the information on your server, you’ll find Resource usage to see how your server is doing and what players are currently online.

From here, you can customize your server however you want. On the left side of your dashboard, all of the various settings for your Minecraft server are kept.

You’ll find the Console here, where you can preview everything that’s happening on your server. Type in help to see all the available commands.

In the Players section, you can see the history of all the people that have logged in to your server. You can set different roles, find player IP addresses, or even ban players for misbehaving.

For a full list of information about all the available settings that you can change around see the official Multicraft documentation page.


Playing Minecraft can be a great and rewarding experience, no matter your age. Owning your dedicated server allows you to enjoy it even more. Create a place where you and your friends can play whenever they want or build a strong community of avid gamers.

If you have any questions or want to brag about how you defeated the ender dragon, let us know in the comments.

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