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Ratna is a web hosting expert and content writer at Hostinger. With her experience with all things tech and SEO, she is ever-ready to share. In her spare time, Ratna likes to read a good book or resume her cross-stitch project.

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24 Nov • eCommerce

How to Start a T-Shirt Business Online: From Zero to Profit in 7 Steps

The market for T-shirts is on the rise and is not going to slow down any time soon, which makes for a great business opportunity. Keep reading as we ...

By Ratna Siti N.

28 Apr • Marketing

How to Create a Landing Page that Is Effective in 2021

As a business owner, you need to create good landing pages for your website. It’s an online marketing strategy to attract new customers and traffic ...

By Ratna Siti N.

27 Mar • Marketing

19 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Remote Work

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, several countries are either in nationwide lockdown or shutting down their borders. This situation makes it more importa ...

By Ratna Siti N.

04 Sep • WordPress

How to Customize the Excerpt Length in WordPress

If you’re a WordPress user, you already know that the theme and WordPress core automates a lot of the features that dictate how your content is disp ...

By Ratna Siti N.

21 May • GIT

Best Git GUI Clients of 2021: All Platforms Included

Almost every development and software projects, commercial or personal, are now using Git for version control. In this article, we will explain what G ...

By Ratna Siti N.

26 Apr • WordPress

Best 7 WordPress Audio Players

If you’re a podcast creator, a musician, or a music lover, you probably want to have an audio player integrated into your WordPress site. In this ar ...

By Ratna Siti N.

23 Apr • WordPress

How to Launch a WordPress Site

Websites are becoming a necessity for every business, organization, or even personal projects. In starting a website, WordPress has become one of the ...

By Ratna Siti N.

12 Apr • WordPress

15 Best WordPress Donation Plugins in 2021

Online donations alone accounted for 26% of total one-off donations being done in 2019. This large number proves the effectiveness of online fundraisi ...

By Ratna Siti N.

26 Mar • Website

10 Ways on How to Monetize a Website

Want to make money online, but don’t know where to start? No need to worry – throughout the course of this article,  you will learn how to mo ...

By Ratna Siti N.

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