Zyro Website Builder Joins Forces With Hostinger to Empower Your Online Journey

Zyro Website Builder Joins Forces With Hostinger to Empower Your Online Journey

In a significant move to enhance and expand our web hosting services, we are excited to announce that Zyro and Hostinger are joining forces.

This means that all Zyro services and clients will be migrated to Hostinger. Don’t worry – your Zyro website will remain accessible during this migration process. Should you have any questions, our Customer Success team is ready to help at all times.

After the migration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. That’s it – you will then be able to manage your website through Hostinger’s custom-built hPanel.

Thanks to this change, we can improve and develop our services in both the website hosting and building fields. This means even more benefits to our customers.

Scale Your Online Presence

As we blend Zyro’s user-friendly website-building capabilities with Hostinger’s robust hosting solutions, you can expect:

  • Smoother site management. Manage everything from your up to 100 websites, domains, web hosting plans, and business emails from one dashboard.
  • More innovative AI tools. Use our AI technology to build a brand new website in minutes from scratch. Generate unique and SEO-friendly content, get relevant images, or create a bespoke logo for your brand.
  • Better user experience. Access in-depth tutorials directly from the dashboard, or chat with our responsive Customer Success team any time.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, or a creative individual, we will help you create and maintain your dream website.

AI-Powered and Mobile-Friendly Website Development

With Hostinger’s website-building platform, you will be able to generate a fully functional site by briefly describing your idea. Share your brand name, tell us what it does, and watch as AI creates a website or a landing page.

The best part? You can generate as many websites as you want and customize them using a drag-and-drop editor.

Hostinger Website Builder

With our mobile editor, you will be able to edit your website with just a smartphone – no need to look for a computer once you notice something needs to be fixed.

Top Customer Support

Get access to renowned customer support, no matter your query. With Hostinger, you can expect a response in less than three minutes, expert assistance, and multilingual support.

You can access it all via live chat – no need to submit a ticket or write an email.

Extensive Learning Resources

Get access to a wealth of educational materials, including detailed tutorials, a comprehensive knowledge base, and informative videos from Hostinger Academy.

Besides covering topics like your website maintenance and development, we also share tips on marketing and eCommerce strategies to help you reach the full potential of your online business.

What’s Next?

If you are a Zyro customer, good news – you don’t need to do anything. If we need you to take action, we will be in touch via email in advance. Your existing accounts and projects will integrate smoothly into Hostinger’s ecosystem, maintaining your digital identity while upgrading your toolkit.

For detailed guidance on this transition, please refer to this knowledge base article.

Ready to experience the next chapter of website building? Try Hostinger Website Builder today.

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