The Future of Work: 20 Career Paths That Will Influence the Upcoming Years

The Future of Work: 20 Career Paths That Will Influence the Upcoming Years

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all economies, online tools indicate new professional paths in our current global context. Many new occupations emerge every day, while others adapt themselves to the digital age. Thus, it is crucial for those who wish to enter the job market to know how new technologies affect future professions.

Hostinger invites you to be attuned to these projections and changes even if you already work in the market.

How the Projections Are Made

When we talk about the future professions, we should pay attention to the fact that they’re projections, not predictions. It is not about a “guessing game” – instead, it is about a practice based on data research and studies. Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work is an example of an institution that undertakes such research projects. The researchers analyze a series of variables in the present, aiming to comprehend how they will pose themselves in the future.

The only “crystal ball” used by futurologists are statistics and numbers, a thorough analysis of the current social and political arrangements, and a careful look towards the world’s tech tendencies. It means that creating future projections involves lots of reading about what is happening around us and building a mind map of various elements regarding technologies and societies.

It is then possible to affirm that generating projections about future professions requires a lot of research, interviews, statistics calculation, and comparative exercises. This is relevant and important work because it allows people to prepare for the occupations of the future.

20 Professions For 2030 According to Futurologists

Mobile technologies and cloud computing are significant elements at the moment. Therefore, most futurologists point out that the future of work will be significantly connected to them. All professions listed require knowledge and skills in technology and online tools. Let’s dive right in.

1. Big Data Analyst

As the trends indicate the amount of data and information flowing daily in our lives will continue to grow, a Big Data Analyst is the typical future professional many companies will request. In this case, the professional will be tasked with collecting and analyzing all types of data. Their goal is to analyze data and information that circulate online, improving the company’s projects and growth. By having someone suitable to explore the massive amount of data on the internet, a company can evaluate new opportunities and establish its business strategies. 

2. Cyber Attack Agent

Nowadays, many daily activities are executed online. People sell and buy goods and services through the internet, pay their bills, manage their bank accounts, and many other things.

That’s why it is fundamental to ensure the internet is a safe environment to do business. Thus, a Cyber Attack Agent will be one of the most wanted professionals in the future. They must have the knowledge to protect online systems and identify hackers.

3. Customer Success Specialist

The main goal of this professional is to provide comprehensive support for customers regarding a particular product or service that has been or is being purchased. A Customer Success Agent is responsible for ensuring clear communication between the business and the customer. The advantages of having these professionals in a company are clear – they ensure qualified customer service, promoting the client’s satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand. Even today, with loads of online stores using diverse communication channels, this professional’s role is vital.

4. Voice UX Designer

As voice devices increasingly dominate the web technology world, the services of Voice UX Designers become very relevant. For this technology to scale, a Voice UX professional must use their knowledge on user experience to develop and improve tech devices based on human voices. This professional must understand how the communication between the system and the user works, adopting the best practices to facilitate interaction.

5. Walker-Talker

Walker-talkers are professionals that work autonomously, interacting with elderly customers through online platforms. Basically, Walker-talkers work as someone who offers support to people who live alone and away from their families.

6. Information Security Analyst 

This professional aims to ensure that a business’ online and digital information is safe, preventing them from being stolen or manipulated. While online technologies develop, we must also pay attention to individuals that might act upon the chance of getting certain advantages by invading and attacking systems to steal data. It is worth mentioning that an Information Security Analyst is responsible for keeping the data safe as well as finding and developing new solutions that might help the company. 

7. Augmented Reality Manager

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) keeps the user in the real world and provides the ability to interact with virtual elements. AR is not only used for creating games, but it also has a place in a more general business context. For instance, businesses such as furniture stores and interior decoration companies can showcase their products with the help of augmented reality technologies. Therefore, it is highly likely that professionals who understand and excel at this kind of technology will gain a lot of space in the job market.

8. Innovation Manager

An Innovation Manager evaluates all strategies of a business. Since innovation is essential to achieving an enterprise’s success and it will be even more in the future, this career will become more and more popular. Due to the ever-growing international competition among companies, the responsibilities of an Innovation Manager include establishing new strategies for a brand so that it can remain relevant. 

9. eCommerce Specialist

Online stores are not a tendency anymore, they are a reality. Each day, millions of people make online transactions and purchases. For that reason, the future is promising for eCommerce specialists. These workers determine the best strategies and most efficient technologies to increase sales and improve an online store’s business experience.

10. Mental Health Professional 

Taking care of your mental health is becoming one of the top priorities of every person living in this rushed day-to-day life. Pressure from work, our personal life, and excess of information usually result in a lot of stress. Consequently, the work of mental health professionals will become more and more necessary in our society. Psychologists and psychiatrists have a fundamental role in our community, and many now also offer their services online.

11. Talent Manager

Managing talents is an indispensable activity for a company’s success strategy, as it helps to keep great collaborators in the team and avoid high employee turnover. Efficient talent management identifies people’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to empower them into becoming even more qualified professionals. Besides all of that, a Talent Manager also recruits new employees. 

12. Internal Sales Representative

It is an occupation that will have more and more space in the market, mainly because customers are demanding more each day. A sales rep is responsible for making the sales process more efficient, which is fundamental towards guaranteeing a high-quality service for clients.

13. Machine Risk Officer

In our current technological environment, where companies use a wide range of machinery, a Machine Risk Office works to decrease or completely eliminate the risks affecting employees interacting with machinery.

14. Data Detective

This new profession is getting more space within corporations by the minute, and it will be a very sought-after job in the near future. The reason is evident: a data detective analyses many types of online data to increase a company’s revenue. The Data Detective investigates and analyses data, which allows them to cross-compare, share, and interpret the available information on social media platforms, websites, databases, and even registration forms.

By examining this data, the professional can detect frauds or failures that could compromise the company. Their work is also fundamental in improving applications installed in software – for example, Siri, and optimizing product sales processes. This future profession requires a great deal of knowledge in informatics, computer science, and areas such as financial mathematics and internet law.

15. IT Facilitator

IT has been long consolidated as a business cornerstone. Its relevance is even more evident in the digital era, meaning that IT Facilitators will be essential for a company’s success in the future. Apart from their core activities, an IT Facilitator helps other employees use workplace technologies and install software and security systems.

16. Ethical Sourcing Officer

This future profession refers to a person who has the objective to investigate, monitor, manage and promote deals for products and services supplies. An Ethical Sourcing Officer ensures that all provisions of a contract or agreement are met, taking into account the moral issues associated with it.

17. Artificial Intelligence Assisted Health Technician 

AI is already part of our daily lives in many ways. Facial recognition is just one of many existing examples. But AI also brings many advantages for the health sector. Those who already work in this area should start getting familiarized with tools based on AI, which help professionals examine and monitor patients remotely.

18. Cybercities Analyst

Nowadays, it is common to hear about the internet of things, which enables an online connection between many objects, creating a network of connected devices inside a household or in an urban scenario. It is in this context that a profession like Cybercity Analyst comes into play. This professional ensures the smooth movement of cars and people by managing data flows in a system. Such a profession of the future requires knowledge in digital engineering and AI.

19. Financial Coach

Coach is a catchy word at the moment. We have sports coaches, relationship coaches, and the one who tries to help a business achieve its goals – the Financial Coach. Companies search for this professional to improve their financial health, make them competitive, and maintain a positive and stable payments balance.

20. Chief Trust Officer

Such specialists work side by side with PR, communication teams, and financial managers. The Chief Trust Officer is fundamental for the company’s negotiation processes and management of cryptocurrencies. It is essential to have a professional with all the knowledge regarding digital currencies as the trends show that they will conquer more and more space in the market. 

Major Changes for the Future Professions

Cloud computing resources, streaming services, and artificial intelligence have been the reason behind the creation of new professions in the last decade. At the beginning of 2020, however, many professionals were caught by surprise by the Coronavirus pandemic. One evidence is the remote work regime adopted by many companies, allowing employees to work from home. Remote work turned out to be a great way to support social distancing, keep companies running, and retain employees. 

Besides that, current circumstances have already facilitated the integration of certain professions of the future into our 2020 job market. Computer Science is definitely a fundamental study and research subject for becoming a future professional.

Discover the Required Skills and Get Ready

For all the professions listed in this article, tech knowledge is a must but not enough. So, it is vital to also improve the following skills:

Complex problem-solving. Problems inside companies are becoming increasingly more complex, involving algorithms, data analysis, and control over specific tools. That is why one of the essential characteristics of a future specialist is mastering this skill.

Decision-making. The professional of the future must be ready to make tough decisions in a fast and forward-thinking way. Businesses typically handle a high volume of data and information, so speed is crucial.

Emotional intelligence. All the professions of the future require professionals who have self-knowledge and can manage their emotions. This ability is called emotional intelligence, an essential skill for making fast and tough decisions. An employee with high emotional intelligence thinks and acts in a well-balanced way without negatively affecting ongoing processes and their overall relationship with other professionals.

Critical thinking. The professional of the future acts with critical thinking, analyzing alternatives, testing hypotheses, and prioritizing issues to solve.

Professions of the Future are Technology-Based

The future is right around the corner. Thus, with technologies such as cloud computing and the internet of things, many new occupations are emerging. Therefore, whoever wants to enter the job market, must be aware of the new professions and the skills required. Stay alert and get ready with our tips!

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